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How to deliver luggage and suitcase from hotel to airport in Bangkok?

After you check out at the hotel, your luggage and suitcases will drag you back from exploring further in the city.

You may simply BOOK AIRPORTELs luggage delivery service online, drop the luggage at the front desk or concierge, and are ready to enjoy your hands-free travel.

Let’s see how does it work when you’re at the hotel after booking the service online.

  • Check your belongings and go to hotel lobby

pack your luggage and go to hotel lobby

Check all your belongings when you pack your luggage. To be more careful, you may refer to our Packing Checklist to follow up all your gears. After all, make sure your luggage is packed properly and locked up. In addition, don’t forget to close the door after your leave the room! For the reasons, you may take a look on the Tourist Scams.

  • Drop your luggage at hotel concierge or reception

Drop luggage at hotel reception

After your wonderful time in the hotel, it’s time to move on and enjoy more before you go back home.

  • Notice the concierge that AIRPORTELs will come to pick up your luggage or show the Yellow Picture

AIRPORTELs will come to collect luggage

Though most of the hotels have known AIRPORTELs already, some of them may haven’t been updated. To save your time, you can simply show them the Yellow Picture or Contact us. After you drop your luggage at the appointed time, you’re ready to start your hands-free travel. Don’t worry. AIRPORTELs WILL be there, collect your luggage safely, and deliver to the destination on time! During your fun time, you may check your email to get updated with your delivery status or simply message us with your order number via our Messenger Accounts.

  • Receive your luggage at the airport or your destination

Receive luggage at the airport

After a long day journey, we still have to say goodbye… Hope you will enjoy your time and have fun with the hands-free experience. If you’re going to catch the flight, Find us at Suvarnahbumi airport (BKK) or Don Mueang airport (DMK). Our cute staff will give you a warm greeting. You may simply show your passport to pick up your luggage. Later on, don’t forget to get VAT refund, visit duty-free shops and collect more souvenirs before taking the flight. Here are the facilities and services at Suvarnabhumi airport and Don Mueang airport. AIRPORTELs wish you a pleasant, memorable journey with us. Bon Voyage and see you next time in Bangkok, Thailand.


Frequently asked questions, FAQs

  • Q: Will AIRPORTELs really come to collect my luggage?
    A: Absolutely YES! Once we confirm the order, your reservation is on our schedule. Your luggage will be collected at least 3 hours before your collecting time and delivered to the airport at least 3 hours before your flight departures. You may message us via Facebook, Line, WeChat, Whatsapp or e-mail to check it. For further information please Contact us.
  • Q: What should I prepare to deliver my luggage?
    A: After you book the service online, you only need to pack and lock your luggage properly. After all, you just drop at the reception and you’re ready to go!
  • Q: Do I need to wait for the deliverer?
    A: NO, you don’t. AIRPORTELs service is as convenient as ever! You only have to drop your luggage at the reception and start your hands-free travel. We will update you delivery status via e-mail. You can also check by sending us your order no. via instant messenger apps, Facebook, Line, WeChat or Whatsapp.
  • Q: Where do I collect my luggage at the airport?
    A: AIRPORTELs Suvarnabhumi (BKK) counter is at Airport Rail Link area, B floor. You may follow the red sign “Express Line” to walk down the slope with the escalator.  After passing several stalls of currency exchange and pocket wifi, you will find our counter on the right. Check Find us to learn the journey.
  • Q: What do I need to collect my luggage?
    A: You only have to show your passport to collect your luggage. Please make sure the collector has the same information on the booking receipt.
  • Q: How can I contact the deliverer?
    A: Please Contact us.
  • Q: What AIRPORTELs will do if my luggage is delivered late?
    A: AIRPORTELs will always be on time. In case that an unfortunate event happens, AIRPORTELs will be fully responsible, arrange a specific agent to help your, and deliver your belongings to your ultimate destination by air express.
  • Q: What AIRPORTELs guarantees?
    A: Each luggage is insured up to 100,000 THB with the contents inside. The suitcase, or container, is insured up to 10,000 THB.
  • Q: How can I change the order information after reservation, if I change the hotel or my flight?
    A: Please e-mail your booking no., name, passport no., and the updated information. We’ll proceed it and get back to you as soon as possible.
  • Q: How late can I collect my luggage?
    A: AIRPORTELs current opening hours is 08:00 – 23:00. Please collect your luggage no later than 23:00. However, we will extend our service hours later!

Korean travelers’ shopping list in Bangkok, Thailand

Numerous choices for the taste of shopping and relative cheap expense for traveling have attracted hundreds of thousands of Koran travelers visiting Bangkok, Thailand. Let’s take a look at Korean travelers’ shopping list in Bangkok.

  • Shopping list at Gourmet Market

gourmet market, shopping list, Bangkok, Thailand

Gourmet Market is grocery-focused shopping mall that is spotted in many locations in Bangkok (The other favorable choice is the wholesaler – Big C). This is MUST-Go places for Korean travelers where offers a variety of items you could buy at affordable price. Among all branches, it is highly recommended to go ‘Siam Paragon Branch’, where you could get an advantage of discount with tourist card. Tourist card is issued on ‘M floor of Siam Paragon shopping mall’ to travelers who demonstrates passport at Information center. The tourist card will grant you 5% discount at Gourmet market as well as various ranges of discount for your shopping in Siam Paragon shopping mall. Here below are some ‘hot items’ for Koreans to get from Gourmet Market. Where is Gourmet Market?

  • Glendee Coconut Chip

In Bangkok, foreign travelers are looking for a different taste and the uniqueness of the destination. At here, you can buy Southeast Asian snacks that are not available in the north! Among those, the most popular one is definitely ‘Glendee Coconut chop’. At Gourmet Market, you could try the sample first before buying them! Do check its taste and be sure it is the one you would like to buy for your friends and family! The price is around 20~ 30 THB per one pack!

glendee coconut chips

  • Darlie Toothpaste

Darlie toothpaste is very popular to Koreans that are available in East Asia (Hong Kong, Vietnam, Thailand and etc). Its high portion of fluorine and variety of taste is easy for everyone to find his/her favorite choice. The price at Gourmet market is around 2 USD, while it would be around 7~8 USD if purchased on-line in Korea. darlie-toothpaste

  • YaDom

This is a perfect gift for your friends suffering from nasal congestion! You feel your nose refreshing once you breathe with ‘Yadom’ in your nose. You could purchase it at around 20 THB per piece in the pharmacy at Gourmet Market.

yadom, nasal inhaler, poy

Credit: ThinkofThai

  • Handcrafted bags and Elephant wallet

Elephant wallet is definitely the most ‘economic’ item that you could buy for the gift to your friends. It is highly recommended to buy this around the entrance of Chatuchak Market rather than the other places in Bangkok. This store offers you elephant wallet at the cheapest price (10 for 100 THB) with the quality equal to other places in the city if not better so.

JJ market, Wallet, Bag, Purse, Thai style

  • Naraya

Items at Naraya has always been one of the most popular goods among Korean travelers and all the other visitors. It is recommended to have the shopping at ‘Phrom Pong branches’ or ‘Siam Paragon branches’ since these are equipped with largest store space and the most variety of goods among all branches in BKK. To be gifts for ladies, Naraya’s pouch will never disappoint you!

Naraya Bangkok

  • Jim Thompson

If you look for high-quality or high-end products for your gifts from Bangkok, silk products at Jim Thompson will be a perfect choice! Jim Thompson is the most well-known Thai handmade silk company that is the pioneer of silk industry in Thailand! It will offer you a variety of items for silk-based products from pouches for ladies to necktie for men. The price range is slightly higher compared to Naraya, but don’t you ever worry! If you visit Jim Thompson outlet mall (Near to BTS Bang Chak station), you could purchase Jim Thompson’s product at very reasonable prices. Do shop at Jim Thompson outlet mall after visiting ‘Jim Thompson House (around ‘National stadium’ station) for sightseeing and a nice meal!

jim-thompson bangkok thailand

So, we have learned what Koreans like to visit and buy in Bangkok. Next time, don’t worry about what you can buy for your Korean friends from Thailand anymore. You may find the tastes of travelers from different countries are so varied. Isn’t it interesting? What’s your favorite choices and shopping list in Bangkok?

AIRPORTELs have served thousands of travelers in the first year

We’ve been helping thousands of travelers enjoy their journey and vacation in Bangkok, Thailand. It has been a year since AIRPORTELs served Baggage Delivery to travelers from airbnb in Bangkok, Thailand. Thank you for your great support. We are glad that all of our kind guests are benefited from this easy, convenient and reliable service.

Many of you might not know how we come up with it and why? Here’s the AIRPORTELs story! It starts from a discussion with a friend doing airbnb in 2014. While he’s hosting guests and tenants, most of them will have problems about their baggage for early check-in or late check-out.  After looking for proper solutions, we noticed that there’s no coin lockers nor deposit service available at public transfers.

airbnb, AIRPORTELs, Luggage Delivery, Luggage Deposit, Luggage Storage, Bangkok, Thailand, Hotel, airport

Months later, our team placed the 1st electronic locker “Lockbox” at airport rail link station, Makkasan Station, successfully. However, this is not enough! Locker service is not the ultimate solution for travelers to enjoy vacation in Bangkok as they still need to carry their bags from hotel to the locker and they need to get back to pick the baggage up from the locker again. Somehow, I’d think that if my baggage could have legs and walk by itself, and that’s the “Aha” moment.

(Note: 3 transit systems, BTS, MRT and ARL, are available in Bangkok. Though some of the stations of each system are adjacent to each other, travelers have to pass through long walkway and stairs to get into the other one. Imagine that you carry your 20 kg, roughly 40 lbs., or even heavier, baggage to climb up several stairways and, probably, many times that make you wanna cry. You might think about taking a taxi. Yes, it could be the solution, but make sure you really realize the notorious traffic jam in the city.)

Lockbox, coinlocker, storage, locker

The idea is really simple, as the pain point comes at airport and hotel. If we can connect the places seamlessly, travelers can enjoy more and spend their time wisely! Think how tough it is when you drag your bags in the heat, or the storm can just come to fall on your head by surprise. Thus, we came up with this new service “AIRPORTELs baggage Delivery” to deliver travelers baggage to and from airports or hotels in Bangkok. Now, you don’t need to worry about your belongings. Think baggage needs, think AIRPORTELs. We’ll take care of your baggage, while you can travel with hands-free.

lovely traveler, baggage delivery, baggage deposit, baggage handling, smiling all the time lovely couple, travel with no problem, smiling trip

Till now, thousands of travelers have used our service, are all satisfied and love our service. We have successfully made every order and served travelers from all around the world. It’s a great gift for us on this meaningful day. Travelers stay at airbnb are available to use the service too. As airbnb hosts usually have no reception or concierge to help, AIRPORTELs baggage delivery service will be the best solution!

travel easily without hassle, solution for luggage handling, happy customers luggage delivery, vacation in Bangkok, Hands-free travel, kind travelers

Thanks again for the great support. To delight your journey with hassle free, BOOK NOW and enjoy your vacation in Bangkok, Thailand.

Bangkok Travel – Tips, things and guide

Experience Bangkok travel without luggage burden. Traveling in Bangkok is convenient and comfortable even for the first timer. Here are some tips, guide and things to do in the Big Mango.

  1. What you will need
  2. Fight tickets
  3. Hotel/Accommodation
  4. Currency Exchange
  5. Internet
  6. Transportation
  7. Applications
  8. Cultural issues
  1. What you will need for entry

While some nationalities may receive 30-day visa exemption on arrival at international airports, such as Suvarnabhumi (BKK) and Don Mueang (DMK) International airport, or 15-day one at land border, the others should apply 60-day tourist visa in residence country or check if they can be granted visa on arrival. Make sure your passport is valid at least for 6 months upon arrival.


  1. Fight tickets

Low cost carriers, such as Thai AirAsia and Nok Air, don’t mean they’re cheap! Full service carriers, such as Bangkok Airways and Thai Airways, however, are good choices for comfortable air travel. Besides Bangkok travel, travelers have various choices for destinations such as beaches, mountains, heritage, natural sights and countryside. Tips for flights involves purchasing suitable weight package and sales channels. Wish you good luck and get a deal!


  1. Hotel/Accommodation

In Bangkok, travelers have various choices, ranging from 10 USD to 1,000 USD per night, from more than 2,000 hotels. Enjoy the holidays with the easiest and most comfortable way. AIRPORTELs serve same-day luggage delivery service at ALL the hotels in Bangkok with booking in advance, while you may easily enjoy the service by staying with AIRPORTELs partners. 



  1. Currency Exchange

Things just don’t go easy for first timer, as there are several recommended dealers for currency exchange in Bangkok. Good news is that some of them are near to the popular attractions! You may visit the place without making a detour.


  1. Internet

No one can really get rid of the internet nowadays! Who doesn’t want to stay connected and show your friends how happy you are. Though hotels and cafés in Bangkok provide free Wi-Fi, it’s better for you to have your own internet source! In the internet guide and tips, local tourist sim card, pocket Wi-Fi, global sim card will be introduced.


  1. Transportation

To make your Bangkok travel more comfortable, you could choose to have limousine or take taxi all the time. However, keep the notorious traffic jam in Bangkok in mind. On the other hand, you can follow the local way to get transferred with the waterway or bus. Take a look at the guide and tips of transportation for Bangkok travel.



  1. Applications and gears

Be smart when you are traveling! Though Thai people are friendly and nice, you may face the awkward moments with miscommunication. I know it could be fun, but it can also be annoying or even dangerous. We select some nice apps and have some tips!


  1. Cultural issues

Thai culture is very unique. As experiencing is one of the topics you shouldn’t miss, you may learn some stories before starting travel. Lead your own journey, and show your friends how smart you are 😉





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Romantic Moon Festival


Enjoy a romantic Moon Festival  
Hold your lover’s hands and make a wish together under the moonlight.
AIRPORTELs wish you staying sweet forever!

Keep hands for your lover and enjoy luggage-free travel in the amazing city.
Enjoy 50%-off for first bag of delivery service.

How does it work?
1. Like and share the post on Facebook or take a photo with us and post on Instagram
2. Show the shared post when deliver or receive luggage
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– Delivering 1 bag is available for the discount too 😉
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15 Sep. – 25 Sep 2016

Book Now:



暢遊曼谷,AIRPORTELs 機場行李托運服務




提供簡單、便利、安全的服務是AIRPORTELs的首要目標,行李速遞服務只以件數計價,每件行李350泰銖,不限重量、大小、運送距離,行李運送服務可以選擇當日配送或是擇日領取,每件行李最高保障10萬泰銖,並交由專業的物流團隊遞送,AIRPORTELs在素萬納普機場(Suvarnabhumi, BKK)擁有佔地150平方公尺的貯存空間,能夠同時處理超過2千件的行李。AIRPORTELs近期將在廊曼國際機場(DMK)開始提供服務。

旅客可以使用任何行動設備、電腦透過AIRPORTELs的網頁訂單系統預訂行李遞送服務。另外,旅客也可以透過e-mail、電話、通信軟體(Line, 微信, WhatsApp, Kakao)和AIRPORTELs聯繫或預訂服務,可使用中、英、泰三種語言。









畅游曼谷,AIRPORTELs 机场行李托运服务




提供简单、便利、安全的服务是AIRPORTELs的首要目标,行李速递服务只以件数计价,每件行李350泰铢,不限重量、大小、运送距离,行李运送服务可以选择当日配送或是择日领取,每件行李最高保障10万泰铢,并交由专业的物流团队递送,AIRPORTELs在素万纳普机场(Suvarnabhumi, BKK)拥有占地150平方公尺的贮存空间,能够同时处理超过2千件的行李。AIRPORTELs近期将在廊曼国际机场(Don Mueang, DMK)开始提供服务 (现已可从酒店托运行李至机场)。

旅客可以使用任何移动通讯设备、电脑通过AIRPORTELs的网页订单系统预订行李递送服务。另外,旅客也可以透过e-mail、电话、通信软件(Line, 微信, WhatsApp, Kakao)和AIRPORTELs联系或预订服务,可使用中、英、泰三种语言。

行李托运服务在Evergreen palace酒店






AIRPORTELs Leads A New Traveling Style In Bangkok

AIRPORTELs, a Thai founded company, has led a new traveling style for holidaymakers to enjoy their time by offering a unique luggage delivery service between airport and hotel in Bangkok, Thailand, since Feb. 2016.

By partnering with hotels, the company offers reliable services, delivers luggage between hotels and airports in the Bangkok metropolis.

The name “AIRPORTELs” brings together two essential elements of modern travel — airports and hotels. By seamlessly connecting these two sites, AIRPORTELs services allow travelers to focus on what really matters to them – be it vacation or business activities.

Bangkok is notorious for its traffic jam, crowded public transportation system and for travelers, lugging bags around greatly reduces the joy of traveling. By using the service, travelers can make the best of their time.

AIRPORTELs understands users worry about their belongings, this is why the company offers up to 100,000 baht insurance on each bag. Furthermore, luggage is delivered by professional logistics personnel who handle each bag with care. AIRPORTELs collects and delivers luggage to and from Suvarnabhumi (BKK) airport with the full service launch at other domestic airports being on the cards.

After landing, users can simply drop off their luggage at Suvarnabhumi airport and pick it up later when they arrive at their hotel, allowing them to start enjoying their holiday immediately upon landing. On the last day of the trip, they can check out from the hotel and also make full use of their last few hours in the bustling city — luggage-free. This is because their belongings will be waiting for them at the airport.

AIRPORTELs believes that removing the burden of luggage, traveling can be more convenient than ever. This is why users have many ways of booking the service, either online at, through the company’s social channels, on the phone or at locations through one of AIRPORTELs counters at the hotel reception.

AIRPORTELs offers simple, transparent and flat pricings. One-way delivery per bag is 350 THB without limit on luggage size, weight and delivery distance.

The company’s Suvarnabhumi airport site is 150 Sq.m and able to handle more than 2,000 bags at one time. The service is also offered in multiple languages including English and Chinese.


Drop luggage at hotel reception

Find out more about the service on AIRPORTELs official website Travel will be more convenient than ever!