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Luggage Storage and Delivery at Khao San Road Bangkok

Khao San Road is located in the Banglumpoo district on the west side of Bangkok. It was once a center for trading rice and later became known as “Religious Road” because of several shops that catered to the needs of monks. A tiny guesthouse opened in the early 1980s, and from there the street exploded into one of the major backpacking hubs of South East Asia. It is jam-packed with raucous bars and restaurants, as well as budget hostels. 

The best time to visit Khao San Road is between November and March when the weather is perfect and one can have a smooth journey by exploring everything easily with perfect weather. However, if you are one who loves to shop on their holiday escapades, then the best time to visit Khao San Road would effectively be from 6 P.M. to 8 P.M.

Khao San Road is a popular tourist destination in Bangkok, Thailand. It is known for its vibrant street life and lively atmosphere. There are many activities to do in Khao San Road such as shopping, eating street food, and enjoying the nightlife. You can also find many budget hostels and guesthouses in the area.

Here are some of the best budget hostels in Khao San Road, Bangkok:

Terminal 21 Asok Luggage Storage

In this place, Tourists are struggling with carrying heavy luggage to travel, so we provide luggage storage & delivery services for the convenience of tourists. We Open at 10:00 am. – 10:00 pm. and Luggage storage service price are as follows :

Luggage Storage

  • 30,60 (small/big) THB/piece/hours
  • 150  THB/piece/day
  • 750  THB/piece/week
  • 3,000 THB/piece/month

Special Luggage

  • 40,80 (small/big) THB/piece/hours
  • 200 THB/piece/day
  • 1000 THB/piece/week
  • 4,000 THB/piece/month

It’s not just a simple luggage storage that you know, AIRPORTELs adds on more benefit to our customers. We understand that sometimes it wastes your time on going back to collect your left luggage. Therefore, we provide Luggage Delivery service to your desired place.


If you want delivery luggage. We recommend checking it out in Luggage Delivery because if you write it down, it will be very long.

How to go to AIRPORTELs Terminal 21 Counter

The floor that is connected to BTS is under Paris theme. Taking an escalator (not the long one) to 1Floor which is under Tokyo theme, the newest AIRPORTELs counter is on this floor. Next to the elevator, AIRPORTELs counter is here.

In this counter, we introduce luggage storage with the exclusive offer.

For luggage storage in Terminal 21, it’s free for first three hours. For extra hours, it will be counted under one day price. 

AIRPORTELs Terminal 21 Asok
AIRPORTELs Terminal 21 Asok


AIRPORTELs will be your luggage secretary, carrying your luggage between Department Store, Airport and Hotels in Bangkok. We will be a 50,000 baht compensation for damages on all luggage and a 100% guarantee that all luggage will reach its destination.

We have 5 branches in Thailand :


Why choose AIRPORTELs?

AIRPORTELs is willing to take care of electronic devices as well. We understand how hard customers need to find a trustable place to leave them and if you can’t find a place to store, you need to carry them.

We offer for example, laptop storage. AIRPORTELs can take care of sport equipment as well. Golf bags full of golf clubs or any types of bicycle, AIRPORTELs accepts all. Your belongings are covered with insurance up to 50,000 THB.   


If you are looking to leave something other than a bag, we think checking this detail first will be very helpful to you.

You may plan your shopping on your last day of trip since you can spend as much as you want because you are going back soon. How can you enjoy shopping when your hands are full?

The problem is you may have your luggage with you and you don’t leave it at the hotels you stay because it wastes your time on going back and forth.

Therefore, you are asking your best helper, and you find this article. You are on the right place.

AIRPORTELs is a luggage solution company. You can leave your luggage to us. AIRPORTELs recommends AIRPORTELs counter at Terminal 21 for your convenience.


  • Terminal 21 Asok Counter open 10:00 am. – 10:00 pm.
  • Price start 30 Bath/hours
  • Insurance up to 50,000 THB and 100% guarantee that all luggage will reach its destination
  • Customers can check the status of their luggage.
  • AIRPORTELs have 5 branches in Thailand.
  • AIRPORTELs can take care big items.
  • Long term luggage storage
  • Luggage delivery between Suvarnabhumi Airport and hotels, condominiums, or guesthouses in Bangkok and Phuket area

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5 Reasons Why Wrapping Your Luggage Before a Flight Is a Must

These days we notice more and more people wrapping their luggage in plastic before check-in. Actually, you might be one of those who normally do or like doing it.

But if you’re asked to help explain about the necessity of wrapping luggage, or if you want to persuade your friends or relatives to wrap their luggage, you should have convincing reasons so they understand clearly and want to do the same.

However, if you’ve never wrapped your luggage and aren’t sure if you should, you need to get yourself some good reasons for doing so. In fact, luggage wrapping is a must as it gives you an extra layer of protection and sometimes it can even protect “you” from some danger.

The following 5 reasons should be enough to convince you or your friends or relatives:

Traveling suitcase damaged,wrapping

1. Rough handling by baggage handlers can cause some physical damages to your luggage.

You don’t and can’t know who will or won’t be careful with your luggage. But if they don’t handle it with care, either because of their habits or because they need to get things done fast, your luggage can get scratched or scuffed.

The fabric might get torn if it’s fabric luggage. Wrapping your luggage with enough layers of plastic will help minimize these risks.

weather harsh

2. Sometimes the weather can become harsh during loading.

Rain or snow can make your luggage wet or moist. The plastic wrap can keep it dry. So, you don’t need to be worried that some molds might grow on your luggage or clothes.

tornado,weather harsh

3. Carelessness in luggage

handling or a violent vibration due to a harsh environment around the plane such as a tornado can cause some luggage to open.

If its owner doesn’t seal his/her liquid belongings with enough care, they might leak from inside that luggage and leave some stains on yours. So, the plastic wrap can definitely prevent this but only for the area covered by the wrap.

AIRPORTELs Luggage Wrappig

4. Some companies, along with the luggage wrapping service,

give you a sticker you can use to trace your luggage. So, if your luggage doesn’t arrive on the carousel at the baggage claim, you won’t have to be worried that your luggage might be lost as it can be traced on the service provider’s website.

Dog sniffs,wrapping

5. Crime can occur anytime and anywhere.

If you’re unlucky, prohibited items might be inserted into your luggage without you knowing. In that case, you might be thought to get involved with the crime and would get into a serious trouble. By plastic-wrapping your luggage, you’re safe from this to some extent.

Security check,wrapping

Although it doesn’t guarantee the plastic wrap won’t be cut so that the criminal can insert some illicit items into your luggage, at least plastic-wrapping helps reduce this kind of risk, because it would take some time for the criminal to finish such insertion and normally he/she wouldn’t choose to waste his/her time.

You’re encouraged to prevent, not to cure. Plastic-wrapping your luggage is relatively good for you. If you think you don’t want to pay extra money for the wrapping service because you’ve paid too much for the trip, you can wrap your luggage by yourself.

The plastic wrap is also available at a grocery store or a department store near you. However, everything, including wrapping your luggage, has two sides.

You can go to the Is It Worth Wrapping Your Luggage? The Pros and Cons of Wrapping Your Luggage Before You Fly article where we discuss some advantages and disadvantages of luggage wrapping that will help you make a better decision. Have a safe trip!

AIRPORTELs Luggage Wrapping

AIRPORTELs offers a free bag wrap service for sending luggage to different provinces, to prevent damage during transport. This wrap service helps increase the safety of your luggage by using a material to cover any potential damage or tampering that may occur during transport. You can be confident that your luggage will arrive safely and without any damage. Additionally, using AIRPORTELs’ wrap service is convenient and fast, as the bag wrap is prepared for you every time you use their luggage delivery service.

Navigating Bangkok with the BTS Skytrain: A Comprehensive Guide

I. Introduction

Bangkok, the bustling capital of Thailand, is known for its vibrant street life, ornate shrines, and heavy traffic congestion. One of the most efficient and convenient ways to explore this dynamic city is by using the BTS Skytrain system. Serving both tourists and locals, the BTS Skytrain offers a hassle-free transportation option that connects various parts of Bangkok. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about using the BTS Skytrain system, including purchasing tickets, reading maps, and understanding the different lines and stations.

II. Understanding the BTS Skytrain Lines and Stations

The BTS Skytrain consists of two main lines: the Sukhumvit Line (Light Green) and the Silom Line (Dark Green). These lines cover a vast area of Bangkok and connect major tourist attractions, shopping centers, and business districts.

A. Sukhumvit Line (Light Green)

The Sukhumvit Line runs from Mo Chit Station in the north to Kheha Station in the east, passing through popular areas like Siam, Asok, and Thong Lo. Some of the must-visit tourist attractions along this line include Chatuchak Weekend Market, Terminal 21, and EmQuartier.

B. Silom Line (Dark Green)

The Silom Line extends from the National Stadium Station in the city center to Bang Wa Station in the west. Key stops along this line include Siam (for shopping malls like Siam Paragon and CentralWorld), Sala Daeng (for the bustling nightlife of Silom), and Saphan Taksin (for access to the Chao Phraya River and Asiatique).

C. Interchange Stations

Two crucial interchange stations connect the Sukhumvit and Silom Lines: Siam and Asok. Siam Station serves as the main shopping hub, while Asok Station provides access to Terminal 21 and the MRT (underground train) at Sukhumvit Station.

III. How to Purchase Tickets

A. Types of tickets available

  1. Single journey tickets: Ideal for one-time rides, these tokens are available at ticket vending machines or station counters. Fares depend on the distance traveled, ranging from 16 to 59 baht.
  2. Stored value cards (Rabbit Card): These refillable cards offer convenience for multiple trips. You can top up the card with credit ranging from 100 to 4,000 baht, and they can be purchased at any BTS station.
  3. Tourist passes: One-day, three-day, and five-day passes are available for tourists, offering unlimited rides during the validity period. These can be purchased at any BTS station counter.

B. Ticket vending machines

  1. Choose your destination and the number of tokens needed.
  2. Insert the appropriate amount of cash.
  3. Collect your tokens and change, if any.

C. Buying tickets at the station counters

Simply inform the staff at the counter of your destination, and they’ll assist you with the ticket purchase. Cash is the primary payment method accepted at these counters.

IV. Reading the BTS Skytrain Map

A. Understanding the map layout and design

The BTS Skytrain map is designed with simplicity in mind, using different colors to represent each line. Station names and numbers are clearly marked.

B. Identifying station names and numbers

Each station has a unique name and number (e.g., Siam – S1). The Sukhumvit Line stations start with “E” (e.g., E1), while Silom Line stations start with “S” (e.g., S1).

C. Locating interchange stations and connecting transportation options

Interchange stations are highlighted on the map,

allowing passengers to switch between lines easily. Connecting transportation options, such as the MRT, Airport Rail Link, and Chao Phraya River boats, are also indicated on the map.

V. Navigating the BTS Skytrain Stations

A. Station facilities and amenities

  1. Elevators and escalators: All BTS stations are equipped with elevators and escalators for passengers’ convenience.
  2. Restrooms: Public restrooms are available at most stations, though some may require a small fee for usage.
  3. Information counters: For assistance, directions, or inquiries, visit the information counters located at every BTS station.

B. Safety and security measures

The BTS Skytrain is known for its safe and secure environment, with security guards present at all stations. CCTV cameras are also installed throughout the system to ensure passenger safety.

C. Accessibility options for disabled passengers

All BTS stations have wheelchair ramps and elevators, making the system accessible for disabled passengers. Priority seating is also available on the trains.

VI. Tips for a Smooth BTS Skytrain Experience

A. Peak and off-peak hours

During peak hours (7-9 am and 5-7 pm on weekdays), the BTS Skytrain can be crowded. To avoid the rush, plan your trips during off-peak hours.

B. Etiquette while on the train and at the stations

While using the BTS Skytrain, be mindful of local customs and etiquette. Keep your voice low during conversations, avoid blocking doorways or aisles, and give up your seat for elderly, disabled, or pregnant passengers.

C. Using mobile apps and online resources for route planning

Several mobile apps and websites can help you plan your BTS Skytrain journey. Some popular options include Google Maps, Transit Bangkok, and the official BTS website.

VII. Conclusion

The BTS Skytrain is an essential part of Bangkok’s transportation system, offering a fast and efficient way to explore the city. By understanding the lines, stations, ticketing options, and etiquette, you can enjoy a smooth and convenient travel experience. With this comprehensive guide in hand, you’re now well-equipped to make the most of the BTS Skytrain while discovering the vibrant sights and sounds of Bangkok.

more information about the BTS Skytrain in Bangkok:

  1. BTS Skytrain official website:
  2. Transit Bangkok (unofficial guide):
  3. Bangkok Mass Transit Authority:
  4. Bangkok Tourism Division:

Free luggage storage in bangkok by AIRPORTELs

 AIRPORTELs is available in many areas in Bangkok. After the first step you walk out of the aircraft, you can meet AIRPORTELs at Suvarnbhumi Airport by taking the escalator to B Floor which is the same level as the Airport Rail Link. You will find AIRPORTELs on the right hand side. You can leave your luggage with us. AIRPORTELs has proper rooms to store your luggage, not behind the counter for sure. It is a big secure room where can store more than 2,000 luggage! At Suvarmbhumi Airport counter, the price for luggage storage is 100 THB.

Luggage Storage Counter and Free Bag deposit by AIRPORTELs


  • AIRPORTELs presents 5 counters providing Luggage Storage in Bangkok.
  • Luggage storage at Don mueang Airport is only 100 THB a day.
  • Luggage storage at Suvarnbhumi Airport is only 100 THB a day.
  • Free luggage storage at MBK center for 2 hours
  • luggage storage at Terminal 21 Asok is only 150 THB a day.
  • luggage storage at Central World is only 150 THB a day.
  • No restriction on size, dimension or weight.
  • Bicycle storage and other sport equipment
  • Long term luggage storage
  • Compensation up to 50,000 THB

             Beyond luggage, AIRPORTELs offers storage for many things. For sport fans, AIRPORTELs represents sport equipment storage. We understand how hard you need to find a place to store this equipment since it is expensive and needs proper place to store. AIRPORTELs welcomes bicycles and golf bags. AIRPORTELs offers Oversize storage or sport equipment in every counter in Bangkok. We ensure that there will not be any physical damaged or privacy invasion.

            If you plan your last day on shopping at famous shopping destination like Siam, AIRPORTELs is there to serve you as well. You can stop at BTS Siam station and go to Siam Discovery and walk through the sky walk to MBK center. Other choice is you go to BTS National Stadium station which is Siam’s next station. It is the direct station to MBK. AIRPORTELs is on 6 Floor, B Zone. Exclusive promotion at MBK only, you can have free luggage storage for first 2 hour. The  fraction hours costs only 150 THB per day.

           If your hotel is located in downtown Bangkok, you may want to store your luggage at one of our counters located at a major shopping mall. Currently, we offer 3 counters at shopping malls in Bangkok; MBK Center, Terminal 21, and Central World. All of these counters are open from 10:00 – 22:00, and are easily accessed via BTS and MRT rail links. 

         To ensure safety, AIRPORTELs provides insurance for every piece of luggage or item that is stored with us up to 50,000 THB.

3 Things to Try in Sukhumvit

Sukhumvit is one of the most crowded areas in Bangkok. Many tourists tend to stay around Sukhumvit as it’s an area that can cover every type of traveler.

It may be very popular for nightlife, but there are many things to explore in this area. AIRPORTELs lists 3 things for you to try in Sukhumvit.

1. Flight Experience Bangkok

Have you ever dreamt of being a pilot who controls an aircraft and enjoys the view which only pilots can see? You will definitely love this place. Flight Experience Bangkok provides you with a chance to be a pilot with their flight simulation program.

You will experience everything a pilot has to do. For example, take-offs and landings and even varying weather conditions. A real pilot is with you during the simulation.


There is nothing to be afraid of. It’s open every day from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm. It’s located on the 2nd floor of Gateway Ekkamai, a shopping mall connected to BTS Ekkamai.

  • Gateway Ekkamai, 2nd Floor, Sukhumvit Road, Klong Toey, Phra Khanong, Bangkok
  • Tel: +66 (0)2 048 9922, +66 (0)84 614 2694 and +66 (0)92 529 4616
  • Price Range: a 30-minute flight experience costs 4,550 THB; a 60-minute flight experience costs 6,900 THB

More Information:

cycling tour at sukhumvit

2. Cycling Tour of Sukhumvit

On the surface of Sukhumvit, everything seems to be so vivid to tourists. There are shopping malls, clubs, restaurants and many other businesses packed into this area. Cycling tours in Bangkok offer some of the most immersive trips you can do around the city as you get an immediate connection to your surroundings not usually offered by other modes of transport.

Sukhumvit,cycling tour at sukhumvit

Bangkok cycle tours don’t usually require a very high level of fitness and are suitable for most visitors thanks to mostly flat terrain, excellent equipment and early starts in the warm morning breeze. Peddle off the well-beaten tourist track on two wheels on one of these excellent trips.

They will take you to every nook and cranny of Bangkok. A quick internet search will show you a handful of companies offering cycling tours around town. Most trips take half a day.

More information:

3. Sky Bar

Sky View rooftop restaurant

Visit the Sky Bar: If you’re looking for a unique and unforgettable experience, head to one of Sukhumvit’s many rooftop bars, such as the Sky Bar at Lebua. Located on the 63rd floor of the State Tower, the Sky Bar offers stunning views of the city skyline while you enjoy a drink and some delicious snacks. The bar is famous for its signature cocktail, the Hangovertini, which was created for the cast of The Hangover Part II when they filmed scenes at the bar. Just be aware that the dress code is strict (no shorts or flip flops), and prices are on the high side, but it’s definitely worth it for the experience.

4. Pier 21 Food Terminal

This is a food court located in Terminal 21, the main shopping mall in the Asok area, connected directly to the BTS and MRT. This is one of the tastiest and cleanest food courts in Bangkok. Located on the 5th floor of this unique ‘one city, one-floor’ lifestyle mall, Terminal 21 food court has an excellent cross-section of Thai cuisine, with Chinese, Indian and Western options too.


The food court is called Pier 21 as it is designed in the style of a fisherman’s wharf in San Francisco: everything is bright with plenty of trees and plants around to create an aesthetically pleasing environment. It’s cheap, but it’s full of quality.

More information:


If you want to try any of these activities AIRPORTELs have a service counter located inside Terminal 21 (BTS Asok). It is on the 1st floor which can be recognized by the Tokyo theme decorations. It’s near the elevator. You can store your luggage one day price which is only 150 THB.

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5 Things to do in Phuket – 2023

One of the largest and most well-known islands in Thailand’s southern Andaman Sea. Phuket is home to breathtaking white-sand beaches, majestic temples, extreme adventure, and a nature-based lifestyle for all types of travelers.

Nevertheless, you might be asking what Phuket’s top activities are.

5 Things to do in Phuket

Look through the five lists below to see what piques your interest. You can make the most of your trip without being disappointed for the best travel explore in Phuket.

1. Visit The Big Buddha

The Big Buddha or Mingmongkol Buddha image. (its official name) It is the first must-see location that we are proud to recommend to you.

It is located at Nagakerd Mount in Karon Subdistrict on the island and is one of the tallest statues in Thailand at 45 meters (148 feet) tall and 25.45 meters (83.5 feet) wide.

It is visible from anywhere in Phuket or Karon Beach. In addition to its enormous size, it is constructed of concrete and clad in white Burma marble to stand out among the picturesque surroundings.

The purpose of this creation is a symbol of peace as well as the solidarity and hope of people for Thai people and foreigners living in Thailand that have donated until the image completed in 2021.

It is open from 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. without charge. You can go up there by public transportation or hiking if you want, but it takes a little bit of time.

The Big Buddha in Phuket, Thailand
The Big Buddha in Phuket, Thailand

2. Go to an Ethical Elephant Sanctuary

We promise an unforgettable experience with elephant tourism at the Ethical Elephant Sanctuary, which boasts a 600-meter-long and 6-meter-tall canopy walkway with maximum freedom to naturally roam, forage, bathe, and socialize in the jungle with happy and kind elephants.

Elephants are Thailand’s national animal and have played a significant role in its history and cultural development.

This spot serves as a true and heartwarming home for overworked elephants throughout the Khao Phra Thaeo National Park, introducing them to the genuine natural world where they deserve to be happy.

If you are an elephant enthusiast or a nature lover, this is your chance to observe the animals from a respectful distance, let them express their natural habits, feed them food, learn more about them through morning and afternoon programs, and end the day with a delicious vegetarian meal.

Ethical Elephant Sanctuary
Ethical Elephant Sanctuary

3. Zip Line at Hanuman World

Hanuman World is the best and largest zipline rainforest park in Phuket. Do not miss if you are addicted to the extreme adventure mood in the middle of the rainforest.

It has 32 platforms with varying speeds for beginners to intense pleasure, and you can choose from a variety of packages, including solo and combined packages that include round-trip transportation and meals.

The activities include roller coasters, ziplines, abseils, spiral staircases, honeymoon slings, and more.

The Sky Walk, a sky bridge that lets you travel from a great height above the earth to overlook anything you might not have previously considered from the perspective of the monkey as a voyage through history and myth, is another feature aside from the zipline activity.

If you are nervous, the zipline is suitable for all ages (4 to 80 years old with a maximum weight of 180 kg) and has well-trained and friendly staff who will take care of you throughout all steps to ensure 100% comfort and safety for the tourists.

This will provide you with an experience like that of a monkey or Hanuman, white money in Thai literature and Hindu mythology, who had no limits, feared nothing, and could achieve anything he desired as a dedicated adventurer.


If you want to learn more information about Hanuman World, you can click here.

4. Day Trip to Phi Phi Island

With its lime stone hills, turquoise lagoons, and the renowned beach at Maya Bay, Phi Phi Island. (also known as Koh Pee-Pee)

Phi Phi Island is without a doubt one of the finest ideals for you if you are searching for the best one-day vacation without a rush from the island by boat.

The first things that tourists may want to the first are snorkeling and scuba diving, followed by cliff jumping and resting at the beach, are the ways to make the most of their time spent here.

Fill your stomach after a memorable day with Thai food, which has a reputation as one of the world’s most delicious and creative cuisines, from spicy salads, soups, and curries in for lunch.

Yet, since you are already in the area, you don’t miss out on the opportunity to enjoy the freshest and tastiest seafood, including fish, prawns, lobster, and crab, which can be curried, steamed, boiled, barbecued, or fried and served with Thai seafood dipping sauce.

Don’t forget to stop by Phi Phi Market before you leave to get wonderful food from a variety of sellers that are cooking directly on their stands, allowing you to obtain a fresh, prepared meal.

So, for topics and reviews about Phi Phi Island, search the hashtag #PhiPhiIsland on any social media platform.

Phi Phi Island
Phi Phi Island

5. Hike to Freedom Beach

Hiking lovers must like the hidden gem of Freedom Beach. Along the west coast of Phuket, between Patong and Karon beaches.

Even though it may take 10 to 15 minutes and feel difficult to hike to the top of this place by the concrete walkway along the coast. The way down is quite steep, you need hiking shoes to support your legs and feet while traveling.

In any case, you will enjoy the ride with green views of trees on both sides and the wind blowing through your hands. At last, your tiredness will be vanquished by the soft white sand and crystal-clear blue water that reflect the sunshine.

Freedom Beach will allow you to watch the amazing marine life, like schools of fish, and it is a wonderful spot for swimming, snorkeling, sunbathing, and playing sports like volleyball. It is also distinguished from other beaches by its lack of any building or construction.

It is an opportunity for you to immerse yourself in true nature with friendly people who welcome both locals and tourists. You can catch a long-tail boat for a 10-minute ride to the entrance of this beach.

Freedom Beach
Freedom Beach


Now that you know what to do in Phuket, you can plan accordingly. All activities, whether you are a solo, couple, or group will surely satisfy your needs. Whether, you are searching for a beach shack to rest in or an adventure or natural activities to renew yourself with different experience and elevate your travel explore. Just try out!

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Update 2023 : Asiatique The Riverfront in BANGKOK

When we talk about the capital of Thailand. Bangkok has several top sights that we must visit once in our life. Anyway, there is a place we would like to recommend to you that is surrounded by wonderful panoramic views. Whether you are in search of a spot including food markets, dining restaurants, souvenir shops, Entertainment and Shows, or more enjoyable and fun activities in the evening. You can find everything you need all in one place on the Chao Phraya River, at Asiatique The Riverfront. 

Asiatique The Riverfront is well-known as a large night market located at Charoenkrung Road under the concept of “Festival Market and Living Museum.” It was the first and largest international trading port in Asia with warehouse plots. This shows the wealth of the economy in the time of King Chulalongkorn (King Rama V). Then, it became an open-air mall in 2012 after a huge renovation. Even though this location has changed a long time ago. You can still feel the scent of the old civilization, old history, and people’s lifestyle in that time.

When you feel to spend your time in the evening to the late night differently. This place is yours truly choice to go without a doubt and outstanding from other night markets with the spectacular atmosphere and a ton of things to do that you should try out. Almost of warehouse wall is decorated with bricks and comes with Thai tradition and culture on delicate artworks.

Asiatique View

Things You Can Buy at Asiatique & 4 Zones of Asiatique

Asiatique the Riverfront is divided into four zones: The Factory District, Town Square District, Charoenkrung District, and Waterfront District.

Zone at Asiatique

Zone 1 : Factory District

The first place we will mention is the Factory District, the old carpentry factory over 100 years old. It gathers a ton of clothes and accessories as the fashion zone here, such as men’s and women’s, and kid’s clothes like stylish, fancy, and traditional dresses, tops, pants, shoes, bags, and more accessories that will catch your eyes from over 1,000 shopping stalls! More and more, you can spend your enjoyable night life at fantastic pubs and restaurants after a long journey. 

Factory District Asiatirue

Zone 2 : Town Square District

The next zone is the Town Square District. Where you can enjoy walking over 2,000 sq.m. and there is the International Food Circus to find your favorite international dishes and tasty restaurants from all around the world, like traditional Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, etc.

Town Square District Asiatique

Zone 3 : Charoenkrung Diatrict

In Charoenkrung District. You can find some gorgeous home furnishings and traditional eye-catching souvenirs, that you have never seen before in Charoenkrung District, and the types of touristy souvenirs from Asiatique that you should not miss are dried fruit, painted wood stuff, notebooks with Thai fabric cover, plain and painted wooden pieces, colorful keychains, silver jewelry, and more.

When it comes to the perfect time to watch the shows and entertainment. The first program is the highlight of this zone, the Joe Louis Thai Puppet Theatre, which comes with a capacity of 75 seats, and every actor makes these puppets come alive. The stories of this theater belong to Thai literature, and the place also has a restaurant to make your stay more enjoyable with the shows and delicious dining. Furthermore, Calypso Cabaret is a lip-sync live cabaret performance that we are proud to represent. It is full of talented transgender and performers to show you the richness of traditional Thai culture together with dazzling light and amazing sound to make you thrill with every minute of a magical night.

Charoenkrung District Asiatique

Zone 4 : Waterfront District

The last zone that you cannot miss here is Waterfront District, the breathtaking panoramic sight is everyone’s favorite tourist spot. Even in the late afternoon or late night, you can both see the sunset from this point or river view you need.

Waterfront District Asiatique

Asiatique Sky

From far away, the thing that you can see is Asiatique Sky. The iconic Ferris wheel with a 60-meter height, and you can reach another level of sightseeing to see both sides of the Chao Phraya River above with a chillax ride.

Asiatique Sky

Restaurants at Asiatique

If you are starving from chaotic traffic. We have must-eat restaurant lists, or if you desire to chill around with a glass of wine or tipsy drink, WINE I LOVE YOU or drink some cool beer and eat some flavorful dishes at Happy Fish with music shows from Thai artists. If you are a seafood lover, do not forget to try out Checkmate Bar & Bistro, offering a variety of fresh seafood dishes and fusion cuisine. Want some Thai taste? Baan Khanitha by the River is your choice, and the signature menus of this restaurant are sacred lotus petals with pomelo, roast coconut, and herbs with roast coconut caramelized sauce, mango & shrimp spicy dip-crispy catfish, Acasia pennata omelette, shrimp spicy tamarind soup, and more.

If you prefer to taste some street to rare food, Krua Khun Toi, food markets at Warehouse 7, is here for you because there are 30 food stalls with over 200 Thai, Chinese, and Japanese several of mouthwatering dishes ranging from main dishes, snacks, desserts, and drinks.

Thai Seafood

Sirimahannop Exciting Dining on the Chao Phraya River

To upgrade your dining experience beyond the river. Sirimahannop on The Chao Phraya River is an amazing dining and event venue inspired by the Three Masted Sailing Ship with two floors : upper deck and lower deck. It is designed in gold and wooden style with classical and luxury furniture to bring us back to the former age when watching the sunset. The spectacular dishes are Fine De Claire and Beef Flank Steak from Java and Mango, the full-bodied cocktails of this restaurant.

Sirimahannop Asiatique

How to Get to Asiatique by BTS and Boat

You can travel to the Asiatique the Riverfront by BTS to Saphan Taksin and take a boat to Asiatique Pier or by car. Because there are 700 parking lots. Leave the crowded city behind and come to enjoy the river view with a bunch of things that you can find in one place here, and do not forget to take some beautiful pictures before going home to collect the great memories.

Boat Bangkok

New update 2023

Carousel Asiatique

It’s a shame if you’re not a child because it’s only up to kids. An activity suitable for adults is to take photos with the carousel, so it looks great. But if you go with your family, you can go up to the carousel to take care of your child’s safety.

The price of playing a carousel is 100 baht per person.

Carousel Asiatique

Durianism Cafe

Thailand’s famous Durian fruit isn’t available year-round, but the Durianism café is open year-round. Therefore, if you are visiting here, you must try it.

Open Time : 3:00 pm. – 10:00 pm.
Tel. : 064 993 7784
Map : GoogleMap/Durianismcafe

durianism cafe

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Best Nightlife in Nana (Bangkok)

If you are looking for a perfect and hot spot to hang out at night in Bangkok, Thailand, you are on the right track!. For the guide, NaNa is a never-sleep intersection at Sukhumvit Road to enjoy the coolest and naughtiest nightlife, such as Nana Plaza and The Cowboy Street, from abundance of chilled and quirky drinking spots, crazy dance clubs and go-go shows, and best restaurants, you are sure to meet anything you need here. And we are happy to help to get the Best Nightlife in NaNa. Let’s get started on the tour!

NaNa Plaza

To begin, we would like to recommend NaNa Plaza, a three-story entertainment complex, as an adult playground. It is far from BTS Skytrain’s Nana Station—only 300 meters away—and you can easily find it by the excited neon lights and signs everywhere at this U-shaped central atrium, even from a distance. It was formerly a shopping mall center in the late 1970s and it has become an entertainment spot nowadays as the world’s largest adult playground because of the higher rate of tourists and the opening of over 30 bars.

Nana Plaza

From the ground to the upper floor, you may see that most of the beer bars are open-air with balconies, with endless options and vibes to visit, and this place is well known for inviting girls and hot lady and ladyboy shows as go-go bars for both single and group performances.

Pad Thai

Also, some bars provide spa services to make you feel more relaxed after a long day, or you can enjoy the shows there while drinking some cool beers or cocktails you’re thirsty for. The price for all activities, drinks, and food is quite cheap, and you can find a variety of food there, including Thai, Indian, and American food, as well as Thai street foods like Pad Thai (Thai stir-fried noodles), Som Tum (green papaya salad), fried insects, and more.

Nana Plaza

Bars in Nana Plaza (Bangkok)

If you have a question that which bars you should visit?

  • Rainbow 1
  • Rainbow 2
  • Rainbow 4
  • Angelwitch
  • Angelwitch 2
  • Spellbound
  • Blondie Bangkok
  • Playskool
  • Lollipop
  • Spanky’s Gogo Bar
  • Billboard
  • Butterflies Bangkok
  • Whiskey & GoGo
  • Tycoonagogo
  • mandarinagogo

These are just a few of the bars in Nana Plaza that are ready to allow you to spend time traveling freely. Here ready to steal the girl show scene from each other, while Casanova and Temptations are popular with ladyboys.

If you prefer to avoid the crowds and loud noises, the middle square at the center of this place is a more classy place to lounge, with more chilled surroundings that offer Thai and western music rather than a party atmosphere, Spellbound is on the list. It is open from 7 p.m. to 2.30 a.m. daily.

Soi Cow Boy

Cowboy Street

Next, it is Cowboy Street, or Soi Cowboy, one of the red-light districts in nightlife top lists of Thailand, to catch all your attention to the chaos of light, color, and sound in one stop to light up your night like a meeting point of foreigners.

You may wonder why it is named Cowboy. It came from a person “Edwards”, a retired American pilot who always worn a cowboy hat when visit here a long time ago by Bernard Trink in 1977.

Even though this famous street is approximately 200 meters long, there are over 40 pubs and bars with many activities that you can participate in here, like skillful ladyboy choreography in good fun and also notorious go-go bars with sexy lady dancers on the poles and on the stages, but you also have the choice to sit and chill with your drinks on the patios as well.

If you are a sports lover, some music pubs are a great spot to stay and watch your favorite programs on the TV screens while playing pool. Scruffy Murphys Bangkok and Hooters Nana are placed you can’t miss.

Soi Cowboy is open to welcome guests from 7 p.m. to 2.30 a.m. every day and is located between Sukhumvit Alley 23 and Asoke Road.

Rooftop bars cowboy

Rooftop bars

Aside from the other exciting nightclubs, the amazing rooftop bars are also a highlight here, as you can immerse yourself in the stunning city view while tipping a cocktail. Let’s dance the night away on the rooftop with the wind blowing and the sky above.

For the price range, it is more expensive than NaNa Plaza because the settings and some pubs are more likely to have friendlier surroundings, and it offers a little bit longer happy hours with more things to do than another one, like listening to live music bands and enjoying more shows.

There are many foods and restaurants to satisfy your hunger in any part of the world, like Tony’s Sukhumvit 11, Esaan Nation Kitchen, Spritz Restaurant, The Oasis Soi Cowboy, and more. To make a list of must-go bars, there are Cockatoo Ladyboy Bar, Kiss A-Go-Go, and Doll House.

Nana Plaza,Cowboy Street

Despite the fact that both places are popular for their go-go shows and some of the same types of bars, they have a slightly different atmosphere and a different tourist target audience. Anyway, we would like you to experience both of these places in a day by visiting NaNa Plaza and then Cowboy Street because they are only two kilometers apart.

If you want to enjoy hot and high-energy shows as well as some cool drinks and ladies in bikinis and costumes, Nana Plaza is an excellent choice. In another case, you can enjoy more activities to do at Soi Cowboy, as we mentioned above, with your friends in a fun mood, not a matter of sexuality, and ladies to serve you like sports programs, table pools, dance floors, and more fun activities. It is a new a new experience that you should visit at once in life for both locals and tourists. All you need to do is find out which suits you best.

BTS to Nana Station

3 Way Go to Nana Plaza & Cowboy Street

We hope you got some information as a guide to having some fun the weekend you are in Bangkok from both places, and you can get there by BTS, Tuk Tuk, and Taxi


You can take the BTS to Nana Station and walk for 1.3 KM. arriving immediately at nana plaza.

Tuk Tuk

When you arrive in Thailand, taking a Tuk Tuk trip is another must-try because you can tell the driver where you want to go. The driver will take you immediately.


You can call through the app or wave your hand, but this method suggests you should come to many people.

we recommend that BTS might be the best option with a fair price and walk from the Nana station after arriving there. Anyway, it is necessary to sip safely and enjoy the pretty night as you explore because there are busy and crowded places, so do not take a risk and be aware of anything you will do to stay safe throughout the night without regret. We are sure you will have some memorable experiences to talk about the Best Nightlife in NaNa when you go back home!

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Travel with AIRPORTELs – 5 Must Visit Island Thailand


Money Changers in Bangkok That Offer Best Exchange Rates

Exchanging money is one of the things you have to do before a trip to a foreign country and most of the time exchanging money at a good rate allows you to enjoy your trip as much as you want. So, saying that money exchange is a kind of investment is probably not an exaggeration.

You invest your money in exchange for your happiness in a foreign country. The banks are common places where you can exchange your money into other currency. But there are also other dealers who offer a currency exchange service. You can find many of them in many areas crowded with foreigners, especially those in Bangkok. However, not all of them offer a good rate. In this article, you’ll find 9 most popular dealers in Bangkok with best exchange rates.

Superrich,Money Exchange

1. SuperRich (orange)

This is one of the most popular dealers in Thailand. When talking about money exchange, people, both Thai and foreign, often think of SuperRich with orange shops, compared with the other SuperRich which has green shops. It is the first private company that offers a money exchange service.

Its head office is located at Soi Ratchadamri 2. It has branch offices at Silom, ICONSIAM, Central World, Central Embassy, Central Ladprao, Central Festival Eastville, Central Udonthani, Big C Rajdamri, MBK Center, Viphawadee 22, Seacon Square Srinakarin, Terminal 21 Korat, The mall ngamwongwan, The mall bangkhae, The MArket, Bangkok Hospital, BTS Asok, MRT Sukhumvit, MRT Phra Ram 9, MRT Chatujak, Airport Link Phaya Thai, Airport Link Suvarnabhumi, Khon Kaen, The Mall Korat and Thai Airways branch.

Working Time : Daily 9:00 am. – 6:00 pm.
Tel : 02 057 8888, 02 057 8899
E-mail : [email protected]
Website :

superrichthailand,Money Exchange

2. SuperRich Thailand (green)

Although called SuperRich just like the above, this is a different dealer. Its business is run by other company. Its head office is located at Ratchadamri. It offers a money exchange service at Vibhavadi 22, The Mall Thaphra, Central Rama 2, Gaysorn Centre, The Platinum Fashion Mall, MBK Center, Central World and Central Ramindra

Working Time : Monday – Friday 9:00 am. – 6:00 pm.
Saturday & Public Holidays 9:30 am. – 5:00 pm.
: 02 254 4444
Website :

Twelve Victory,Money Exchange
Image : Market Village Huahin 

3. Twelve Victory

Twelve Victory recognizes the importance of expanding branches to meet the needs of the foreign exchange market. Therefore, it is another good choice managed by the Thai people.

Its branches are in all regions of Thailand. In Bangkok, you can find some at JJ Mall, Ploenchit BTS Station, BTS Ekkamai, Seacon Bangkae, Samyan Midtown, etc. You can also find some other branches at Chainat, Central Plaza Khonkaen, Central Plaza Ubon, Huahin Market Village, etc.

Working Time : Monday – Friday 8:30 am. – 5:30 pm.
Saturday – Sunday 9:00 am. – 5:00 pm.
Tel : 02 618 4663
E-mail : [email protected]
Website :

X-One Exchange,Money Exchange
Image :

4. X ONE Currency

X ONE is also another dealer with a good rate of money exchange. It is located on Surawong Road in the district of Bang Rak nearby BTS Sala Daeng.

Working Time : Monday – Friday : 9:00 am. – 6:00 pm.
Saturday and Public Holiday : 10:00 am. – 5:00 pm.
Tel : 02 166 8888
Website :

Vasu Exchange, Money Exchange

5. Vasu Exchange

Vasu exchanges operate their business legally. Have long experience in currency exchange, Be honest with customers. This money changer is located near Nana BTS Station.

Working Time : Monday – Friday : 9:00 am. – 6:00 pm. Saturday : 9:00 am. – 5:00 pm.
Tel : 02 253 1706 7, 02 251 1651
Email : [email protected]
Website :

K79 Exchange,Money Exchange

6. K79 Exchange

In Bangkok, this dealer can be found at Onnut BTS Station, Exit 1 and Soi Rarm Intra 81

Working Time : Everyday : 8:00 am.-6:00 pm.
Tel : 02 311 3642, 02 331 7672
Website :

Siam Exchange,Money Exchange

7. Siam Exchange

Siam Exchange, a company that has long been providing currency exchange services in Thailand, focuses on providing the best service to Thai and international customers through the best media at the best prices. Therefore, most customers come to use the service regularly.

One of its branch offices can be found near National Stadium BTS Station.

Working Time : Monday – Friday 9:30 am.- 18:00 pm.
Saturday & Public Holidays 9:30 am. – 4:00 pm.
Tel : 02 214 2211
02 215 3297
Email : [email protected]
Website :

Value Plus Currency Exchange,Money Exchange
Image :

8. Value Plus+

The places where you can find its branches In Bangkok at Robinson Bangrak, Si Lom Bangkok, EmQuartier and Seacon Square Srinakarin. You can also find other branches at Central Phuket, Patong Phuket, Novotel Patong Phuket, Sansabai Phuket, Laguna Phuket, Deevana Patong Phuket, Deevana Plaza Phuket, Porto De Phuket and Homepro Chalong

Working Time : Click
Tel : 085 004 9999
Email : [email protected]
Website :

These are the most popular dealers in Bangkok often mentioned by many people. Before choosing a dealer, always compare the exchange rates unless you don’t have many choices. Remember to exchange money before you fly as you might not have a chance to find a dealer with a good exchange rate in the country you’re going to go to.

Discover Amazing Thailand Stories : PADTHAI (ผัดไทย)

“Pad Thai” Story

Thai cuisine “Pad Thai” has been famous since World War II and is easy to cook and healthy.

“Pad Thai” was created during the regime of Field Marshal Plaek Phibunsongkhram, signifying Thai nationalism of the time. “Pad Thai” has been famous since World War II and is easy to cook and healthy. Today, anyone, though with different background, can enjoy the dish.

Named after Chanthaburi province, Thailand, “Chan Noodles” the core of the dish are made from rice. It is the same grain that is used for the other well-known Thai food such as rice with BBQ pork, rice chicken, crispy rice, and chilled rice. Having not only delicious noodles, Chanthaburi is also famous for traditional jewelry, mat products and durian.


An important side dish, bean browses come from green bean. Thais learn how to grow bean browse since childhood. Furthermore, Thai people also learn Thai classical dance, Thai classical music, Thai royal dance, and play Thai tom drum.

The sauce is made from a mixture of tamarind, a fruit originated from Africa. Tamarind can also be found in Phetchabun province in the north of Thailand.

The locals believe tamarind tree is holy and use it to keep evil spirits away, such as flying ghost, hungry ghost, and Dracula. “Pad Thai” will not be completed without dry shrimps. Dry shrimps come from the south of Thailand, where is also known for beautiful coral reef.

Pad Thai

There must have “tofu” in the dish which you can find easily in Chinatown. simply dice, stew, and fry, with swede, radish, and eggs. it is usually served on a plate. But, if you prefer authenticity and local style, try having it on banana leaves with banana blossoms on the side.

Banana tree trunks are also used for “Loi Krathong” festival, feeding pigs, and practicing of “Muay Thai”. You can order anywhere, on the street or in restaurant, and have it on land or on water, everywhere in Thailand.

Street food thai
Pad Thai cooking on the boat in Amphawa floating market

“PAD THAI” Michelin Guide (Bib Gourmand)

Pad Thai Fai Ta Lu

Pad Thai In the style of Mor Lam, the noodles are soft, chewy, and must be remembered. The recommended dish here is Pad Thai with grilled pork. The aroma of grilled pork on Pad Thai will make you want to chew away.

Open : Everyday
Time : 10.00 A.M. – 07.00 P.M.
Location : GoogleMap/faitalu
Contact : 089 811 1888

Pad Thai Faitalu

Baan Phadthai

Baan Phadthai on Charoenkrung 44 in Bangkok! The recommended “Phadthai Poo ” is made from Chanthaburi noodles fried with 18 ingredients of our homemade secret sauce and especially the juicy premium fresh Blue Swimmer Crab! On top. do not miss to eat. If you’re here.

Open : Everyday
Time : 11.00 A.M. – 09.00 P.M.
Location : GoogleMap/baanohadthai
Contact : 063 370 0220

Baan Phad Thai

“PAD THAI” Local Recommends

Pad Thai is another menu that is popular all over the world, but what happens when you visit Thailand? You have also eaten in a restaurant popular with Thai. What are some restaurants?

Wan Pad Thai

wan pad thai

Popularity Rating

Recommended dishes : Prawn Pad Thai
Open : Everyday
Time : 5.00 P.M.- 0.00 A.M.
Location : GoogleMap/wanpadthai
Contact : 081 528 7381

Phat Thai Bai Tong

Pad Thai Baitong

Popularity Rating

Recommended dishes : Prawn Pad Thai
Open : Everyday
Time : Round 1 (11.00 A.M. – 2.00 P.M.), Round 2 (5.00 P.M. – 9.00 P.M. )
Location : GoogleMap/phadthaibaitong
Contact : 02 434 9705

Thip Samai Pad Thai Ghost Gate

Thip Samai Pad Thai Ghost Gate

Popularity Rating

Recommended dishes : Pad Thai Chanthaburi Noodle Mankung Fresh sea prawns wrapped in eggs
Open : Monday, Wednesday – Sunday
Time : 09.00 A.M. – 00.00 A.M.
Location : GoogleMap/thipsamai
Contact : 02 226 6666

Pad Thai Rotdet Wongwian Yai

Pad Thai Rotdet Wongwian Yai

Popularity Rating

Recommended dishes : Pad Thai double egg and fried dried shrimp
Open : Monday – Saturday
Time : 10.00 A.M. – 07.30 P.M.
Location : GoolgeMap/padthairotdet
Contact : 02 438 8388

Pad Thai Kikuya

Pad Thai Kikuya

Popularity Rating

Recommended dishes : Pad Thai
Open : Tuesday – Saturday
Time : 06.30 P.M. – 10.00 P.M.
Location : GoogleMap/kikuya
Contact : 02 434 9705


There are thousands of other stories you can find. Discover your amazing story in amazing Thailand.

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