I Need to Get My Luggage Wrapped!! Where Can I Do That?


Sometimes you will definitely need to get your luggage wrapped. The plane landed around forty-five minutes ago. Now you’re at Suvarnabhumi Airport waiting for your luggage so you can finally leave the airport and head for your company. All passengers’ luggage is being transported on a carousel at the baggage claim.

Once your luggage has arrived, you find that one of the corners of your travel bag is broken and the front part has a few noticeable scratches. Luckily, none of the items you put in the bag aren’t affected. But you can’t deny the truth: you’ve lost that bag! You bought it for 2,500 baht. That’s quite expensive for a travel bag. This means, for your next trip, you’ll have to buy a new one. You feel upset and want to complain about this to the airline. But you don’t have enough time as you need to reach your office as soon as possible.

While getting to the exit, you notice some travelers towing their luggage firmly wrapped with plastic. Actually, you’ve seen plastic-wrapped luggage many times, but you’ve never thought the plastic wrap would be necessary for you. Now you come up with an idea that you’ll get your luggage wrapped next time so you can use it for as long as possible. But you’ve never done this before. You wonder where you can get the wrapping done.


Luggage wrapping service at Suvarnabhumi International Airport

Actually, the luggage wrapping service is available at an area so close to you. If you’ve been to Suvarnabhumi International Airport many times, you should have noticed some spots with a reddish box. Those are where this service is provided. But if you’re hardly an air traveler and/or you’ve never used the service before, find this kind of spot. The staff will wrap your luggage firmly.

Most of the main airports in Thailand has this kind of service. At Suvarnabhumi International Airport, the wrapping service can be found on the 4th floor. That’s the international departures area. Don Mueang International Airport has this service on the 1st floor of the T1 (International Departures) building. At Chiang Mai International Airport, you can get your luggage wrapped on the 1st floor of both domestic and international terminals. And if your flight departs from Phuket International Airport, you can use the wrapping service at the international terminal.


Wrap your luggage by yourself

However, do you know you can also wrap your luggage by yourself? The plastic wrap is sold at a lot cheaper price at some grocery or stationery stores or some home improvement retailers such as HomePro. That’s right. It’s cheaper. One plastic roll can wrap several bags.

By doing it by yourself, you can save your money for your trip. Besides, this seems to be an inevitable option for those who depart from an airport without this kind of service provided. Be that as it may, don’t forget to wrap your luggage firmly. Make sure the plastic is thick enough to prevent your luggage from getting damaged.

Now you know where you can get your luggage wrapped or where to buy the plastic wrap. You can then travel with peace of mind. For those who are still making decisions, read the article entitled 5 Reasons Why Wrapping Your Luggage Before a Flight Is a Must to give yourself some ideas of what might happen if you don’t wrap your luggage.

FAQs About BTS

BTS,Bts bangkok

BTS is a kind of transport system that has recently been used in Bangkok. With it, the lives of many people in Bangkok have become much easier. Obviously, you don’t have to get yourself stuck in a traffic jam on a street. Why? Because the BTS railways are elevated above the street level.

It’s convenient and can take you to your workplace within an hour or two. For a traveler like you, BTS is one of the best ways to travel within and around the central part of Bangkok. So, having some knowledge of BTS will definitely be very useful to you. This article presents all necessary information you need to know about BTS in the form of FAQs.

What does BTS stand for?

BTS stands for Bangkok Mass Transit System which is the title of the company that operates it.

How many lines are there?

There are currently 2 lines in total: Sukhumvit Line and Silom Line. The former runs from Ha Yaek Lad Prao to Kheha. The latter runs from the National Stadium and to Bang Wa.

Where do both lines connect?

They connect at Siam.

BTS,Bts bangkok

How many stations are there?

There are currently 44 stations in total. 36 are along the Sukhumvit Line and 13 are along the Silom Line. The stations along the Sukhumvit Line are Ha Yaek Lad Prao, Mochit, Saphan Khwai, Ari, Sanam Pao, Victory Monument, Phayathai, Ratchathewee, Siam, Chidlom, Ploenchit, Nana, Asok, Phrom Phong, Thonglor, Ekkamai, Phra Khanong, Onnut, Bang Chak, Punnawithi, Udomsuk, Bangna, Bearing, Samrong, Puchao, Chang Erawan, Royal Thai Navy Academy, Pak Nam, Srinagarindra, Phraek Sa, Sai Luat and Kheha. The stations along the Silom Line are National Stadium, Siam, Ratchadamri, Sala Daeng, Chong Nonsi, Surasak, Saphan Taksin, Krung Thonburi, Wongwian Yai, Pho Nimit, Talat Phlu, Wutthakat and Bang Wa.

For how long can we stay inside BTS?

We can stay inside BTS for 120 minutes. You’ll be fined if you stay longer than that.

Are there any toilets in each station?

Yes, there are but they aren’t easily noticeable and are meant for passengers who really need to use them.

Does BTS connect to MRT?

Yes, it does. The former connects to the latter at Ha Yaek Lad Prao, Mochit and Asok.

Does BTS connect to the Airport Rail Link?

Yes, it does. They connect at Phayathai.

BTS,Bts bangkok

Does BTS provide a stored value card?

Yes, it does. This card is called “Rabbit”. Any value you add to this card lasts 30 days.

What is the lifetime of a Rabbit card?

A Rabbit card is valid for 7 years after the issuance date.

If we change our destination, do we have to pay an extra fee?

You have to pay an extra fee only when the price for the station where you get off is more than your original destination.

Who can we contact in case of any problem?

The security guards and staff people in the ticket rooms can help you.

BTS,Bts bangkok

What are the operating hours of BTS?

BTS operates from 6am to 12am every day.

Are pets allowed in BTS?

No, they aren’t unless they come with the blind.

Does BTS have an elevator?

Yes, it does. An elevator is available at all stations except Saphan Taksin.

What should we do if we drop our belongings on the railway track?

Never pick up the fallen belongings. You should ask the security guard for help. This is for your own safety.

Are Luggage Lockers Useful for You ? Some Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Luggage Lockers

Luggage Lockers,Lockers

A luggage locker, sometimes called a luggage storage, is a lockable closet or compartment typically placed in a public area for general use. It gives you small space for storing your bags, books, stationery, documents or other stuff.

We usually see them in schools, gymnasiums and health clubs. But you might also see some on a footpath such as the yellow lockers placed on the skywalk near Phaholyothin Station or the pink ones on the pathway connecting Phayathai Station to the Airport Rail Link.

These are cash-operated lockers meant mainly for travelers who don’t want to tow or carry their luggage all the time. Their space is generally bigger than general lockers.

They’re available at a reasonable price and you don’t need a key to open them as they’re controlled by a computer. To use them, in general, you need to insert coins or notes in the amount specified by the computer, depending on the size of the locker you choose. Sounds good, right? But are they really useful?

Here are some advantages and disadvantages for you to consider:

Luggage Lockers,Lockers Bangkok

The luggage lockers are useful when you have a lot of luggage and want to travel without having to take the luggage with you. So, you can just deposit it in one of these lockers and go anywhere “with freedom” enjoying your shopping as much as you want.

Besides, the luggage lockers are available with flexible pricing. The price depends on the size you choose. So, if you have only a few bags, you’ll pay less than those who deposit more than you do. The price also depends on how long you deposit your luggage. The longer you do it, the more you pay.

By using the luggage lockers, you don’t have to be worried that your luggage might be affected by harsh weather such as heavy rain.

Also, imagine you arrive in Bangkok during the Songkran festival. Your hotel is close to Sala Daeng Station but you want to join Songkran before check-in because it’s the right time to do so.

People are having fun on the road and you don’t want to waste your time because Songkran is the reason why you come to Bangkok. If you don’t deposit your bags, you won’t be able to play Songkran.

Luggage Lockers,Lockers

Disadvantages of Using Luggage Lockers

However, there are some drawbacks. Each locker has limited space. One locker might not be enough for all your bags. So, if all can’t be put in one locker, you’ll have to pay for more. Otherwise, you’d have to take the rest of the luggage with you.

Also, the minimum price is the rate for 2 hours. So, although you want to deposit your bag for only 30 minutes, you still have to pay for 2 hours. This can sometimes be expensive.

If you realize you left something important inside one of your bags, you can’t come back and temporarily open the locker. That means you’d have to repay for the deposit service again. So, you need to make sure you take important stuff with you before closing the lockers.

In short, depositing your stuff in luggage lockers is useful but you should also be aware of the cons of this kind of service so it won’t make you feel upset for the rest of your trip. For a detailed instruction on how to use a luggage locker, go to A Guide to Using a Luggage Locker.

A Guide to Using a Luggage Locker

luggage lockers,locker

Cash-operated luggage lockers are luggage-storing tools that have been made available in many countries for some time. In Thailand, however, their availability has just started. They are becoming more and more popular as they are quite convenient and allow travelers to go anywhere freely, not having to carry or tow their luggage with them.

However, the luggage lockers have both advantages and disadvantages. You’re encouraged to read Are Luggage Lockers Useful for You? first so you can decide if you should use them. This article provides you with the steps in using the luggage lockers. Two brands of the luggage lockers will be mentioned here: B-Locker and Lock Box.

luggage lockers,B-locker

How to use the luggage lockers B-Locker

The luggage lockers of B-Locker are placed on the pathway connecting Phayathai BTS Station and the Airport Rail Link. They are pink. Two options are available for this service: depositing and retriever luggage.

Depositing your luggage

1. Before using the luggage lockers of B-Locker, a staff person will scan your luggage for security reasons.

2. Walk to the computer screen and choose “Deposit”. While you’re using the screen, your face will be recorded. In that area, there are CCTV cameras. This is also for security reasons.

3. Then, choose your space. The space you can put your luggage in is shown in green. Any spaces that are already occupied are shown in red. Before choosing your space, check to see which space has a size that suits the size of your luggage. Two sizes are available: M and L.

4. After choosing the space you want, set your password. It must be easy for you to remember and must not be easy to guess.

5. The computer will let you fill in your citizen ID number if you’re a Thai or the phone number you use as you stay in Thailand if you’re a foreigner.

6. Then, pay the service fee. You can choose to deposit your luggage on an hourly or a daily basis. The fee starts from 50 baht which is the rate for 3 hours. That is, if you want to deposit your luggage for only 2 hours, you still have to pay the fee for 3 hours.

After 3 hours, you’ll be charged 20 baht per hours. If you want to deposit your luggage on a daily basis, the fee is 400 baht per day. Then, insert your money. The machine accepts both coins and notes.

7. Once the entire amount has been paid, the lid of your chosen space will be unlocked automatically.

8. Keep your luggage in that space. Make sure you take all your necessary stuff out and take it with you.

9. Close the lid.

Retrieving your luggage

1. On the computer screen, choose “Retrieve”.

2. Then, fill in the number of your space.

3. Fill in the password you set earlier. If you come after 2 hours, you have to pay an extra fee. After that, the lid of your space will be unlocked automatically.

4. Take out all your luggage and close the lid.


– The luggage lockers of B-Locker operate between 8am and 10pm. After 10pm, you won’t be able to unlock your space.

– Don’t put food with a strong smell in the lockers.

– In case of any problem, contact a staff person. Behind the lockers is a control room where the staff person stays. From there, the staff person will observe the locker but he/she won’t be able to take your belongings.

luggage lockers,lock box

How to use the luggage lockers of Lock Box

The luggage lockers of Lock Box are yellow. They’re placed in 3 locations: inside Chatuchak MRT Station, inside Makkasan ARL Station and on the pathway that connects Silom MRT Station and Sala Daeng BTS Station.

Depositing your luggage

1. First, walk to the computer screen. While you’re using the screen, your face will be recorded. In that area, there are CCTV cameras. This is for security reasons.

2. Then, choose the space you want. Before that, check to see which space has a size that suits the size of your luggage. Four sizes are available: S, M, L and ML.

3. Choose whether you want to deposit your luggage on an hourly or a daily basis.

4. The machine will let you set your password. You’re encouraged to choose one that you can remember. It must not be too easy to guess.

5. Then, pay the service fee. The fee starts from 20 baht per day and 160 baht per day. Insert your money. The machine accepts both coins and notes.

6. After paying the fee, your chosen space will be unlocked automatically.

7. Keep your luggage in that space. Make sure you take all your necessary stuff out and take it with you.

8. Close the rid.

Retrieving your luggage

1. Walk to the computer. Choose “Retrieve”.

2. Choose the space you want to unlock on the screen.

3. Fill in the correct password. If you come after 3 hours, you have to pay an extra fee. After that, the lid of your space will be unlocked automatically.

4. Take out all your luggage and close the lid.


– The luggage lockers of Lock Box at Chatuchak MRT Station and Makkasan ARL Station operate during the operating hours of MRT and ARL, but the lockers on the pathway connecting Silom MRT Station and Sala Daeng BTS Station operates 24 hours.

– Don’t put food with a strong smell in the lockers.

9 Money Changers in Bangkok That Offer Best Exchange Rates

Exchanging money is one of the things you have to do before a trip to a foreign country and most of the time exchanging money at a good rate allows you to enjoy your trip as much as you want. So, saying that money exchange is a kind of investment is probably not an exaggeration.

You invest your money in exchange for your happiness in a foreign country. The banks are common places where you can exchange your money into other currency. But there are also other dealers who offer a currency exchange service. You can find many of them in many areas crowded with foreigners, especially those in Bangkok. However, not all of them offer a good rate. In this article, you’ll find 9 most popular dealers in Bangkok with best exchange rates.

1. SuperRich (orange)

This is one of the most popular dealers in Thailand. When talking about money exchange, people, both Thai and foreign, often think of SuperRich with orange shops, compared with the other SuperRich which has green shops. It is the first private company that offers a money exchange

Its head office is located at Soi Ratchadamri 2. It has branch offices at Soi Wipawadee 22, Silom, Silom Complex, Pantip Plaza Pratunam, MBK Center, Bangkok Hospital, The Mall Bang Krapi, Central Ladprao, Central Bangna and some other places. SuperRich (orange) also offers a money exchange service at Siam Square BTS Station, Chidlom BTS Station, Nana BTS Station, Asok BTS Station, Onnut BTS Station, Mochit BTS Station, Sukhumvit MRT Station, Phra Ram 9 MRT Station, Suvarnabhumi ARL Station and Phayathai ARL Station.

2. SuperRich (green)

Although called SuperRich just like the above, this is a different dealer. Its business is run by other company. Its head office is located at Ratchadamri. It offers a money exchange service at major places including Siam Paragon, Emporium, Future Park, Suvarnabhumi International Airport and Central Pinklao.

3. Twelve Victory

Another good choice managed by Thai people. Its branches are in all regions of Thailand. In Bangkok, you can find some at Soi Pradiphat 2, JJ Mall, Soi Thonglor, Siam Paragon, Central Chidlom, Central Westgate, Future Park, The Street Ratchada etc. You can also find some other branches at Phrom Pong BTS Station, Ploenchit BTS Station, Phayathai BTS Station, Ekkamai BTS Station etc.

Exchange,X one

4. X ONE Currency

X ONE is also another dealer with a good rate of money exchange. It is located on Surawong Road in the district of Bang Rak.

5. Vasu Exchange

This money changer is located near Nana BTS Station.


6. K79 Exchange

In Bangkok, this dealer can be found at Onnut BTS Station.

Exchange,esol money Exchange

7. ESOL Money

The shop of this money changer is located close to the Huai Khwang District Office.

Exchange,siam Exchange

8. Siam Exchange

One of its branch offices can be found near National Stadium BTS Station.

Exchange,value plus

9. Value Plus+

The places where you can find its branches include Suvarnabhumi International Airport, Siam Paragon, Central Ladprao and Thaniya Silom.

These are the most popular dealers in Bangkok often mentioned by many people. Before choosing a dealer, always compare the exchange rates unless you don’t have many choices. Remember to exchange money before you fly as you might not have a chance to find a dealer with a good exchange rate in the country you’re going to go to.

5 Reasons Why Wrapping Your Luggage Before a Flight Is a Must


These days we notice more and more people wrapping their luggage in plastic before check-in. Actually, you might be one of those who normally do or like doing it.

But if you’re asked to help explain about the necessity of wrapping luggage, or if you want to persuade your friends or relatives to wrap their luggage or pay for the luggage wrapping service available at an airport or some companies, you should have convincing reasons so they understand clearly and want to do the same.

However, if you’ve never wrapped your luggage and aren’t sure if you should, you need to get yourself some good reasons for doing so. In fact, luggage wrapping is a must as it gives you an extra layer of protection and sometimes it can even protect “you” from some danger.

The following 5 reasons should be enough to convince you or your friends or relatives:

wrapping,Rough handling

1. Rough handling by baggage handlers can cause some physical damages to your luggage.

You don’t and can’t know who will or won’t be careful with your luggage. But if they don’t handle it with care, either because of their habits or because they need to get things done fast, your luggage can get scratched or scuffed.

The fabric might get torn if it’s fabric luggage. Wrapping your luggage with enough layers of plastic will help minimize these risks.

2. Sometimes the weather can become harsh during loading.

Rain or snow can make your luggage wet or moist. The plastic wrap can keep it dry. So, you don’t need to be worried that some molds might grow on your luggage or clothes.

3. Carelessness in luggage

handling or a violent vibration due to a harsh environment around the plane such as a tornado can cause some luggage to open.

If its owner doesn’t seal his/her liquid belongings with enough care, they might leak from inside that luggage and leave some stains on yours. So, the plastic wrap can definitely prevent this but only for the area covered by the wrap.

4. Some companies, along with the luggage wrapping service,

give you a sticker you can use to trace your luggage. So, if your luggage doesn’t arrive on the carousel at the baggage claim, you won’t have to be worried that your luggage might be lost as it can be traced on the service provider’s website.

wrapping,dog crime

5. Crime can occur anytime and anywhere.

If you’re unlucky, prohibited items might be inserted into your luggage without you knowing. In that case, you might be thought to get involved with the crime and would get into a serious trouble. By plastic-wrapping your luggage, you’re safe from this to some extent.

Although it doesn’t guarantee the plastic wrap won’t be cut so that the criminal can insert some illicit items into your luggage, at least plastic-wrapping helps reduce this kind of risk, because it would take some time for the criminal to finish such insertion and normally he/she wouldn’t choose to waste his/her time.

You’re encouraged to prevent, not to cure. Plastic-wrapping your luggage is relatively good for you. If you think you don’t want to pay extra money for the wrapping service because you’ve paid too much for the trip, you can wrap your luggage by yourself.

The plastic wrap is also available at a grocery store or a department store near you. However, everything, including wrapping your luggage, has two sides.

You can go to the Is It Worth Wrapping Your Luggage? The Pros and Cons of Wrapping Your Luggage Before You Fly article where we discuss some advantages and disadvantages of luggage wrapping that will help you make a better decision. Have a safe trip!

5 Must Visit Island Destinations in Thailand

Thailand has many beautiful and picturesque islands that travelers can’t miss. Next time you come to Thailand, why not plan for a few-day trip to one of them instead of staying only in the capital city? You won’t regret visiting that place. For those who haven’t gotten an idea of where to go yet, this article presents 5 islands a traveler like you must visit once in his/her life. Let’s see if you like any of them.

Koh Chang (Elephant Island)

This island is located in Laem Ngob (Ngob Cape) in the province of Trad. It’s the largest of all that are located in the Gulf of Thailand and the second largest island of the country. The sea water is clear. One of the characteristics of this island is that, even when it’s summer, the weather won’t get extremely hot there, because most of the area of the island is covered by a tropical rain forest. The activities available here include swimming in the sea, visiting a waterfall, trekking through the forest, riding an elephant, cruising, fishing and diving to enjoy watching coral reefs. You can visit, to mention some, Khlong Prao Beach, Kai Bae Beach, Than Mayom Waterfall and Baan Chang Thai.

Koh Chang is more than 300 kilometers away from the province of Trad. There’s more than one way you can get there. One is to drive a car. Pass through the districts of Pattaya and Sattahip in the province of Chon Buri and the district of Klaeng in the province of Rayong. Then, change to Highway No.3 passing through the province of Chanthaburi to the town of the Trad province. There are ferry piers at Natural Bay and Center Point. Another way is to use a bus which is available at both Mochit Transport Station and Ekkamai Transport Station. The bus will arrive at Trad Transport Station. Then, to get to the pier at Natural Bay, you have to get on a two-row bus (called “song thaew” by Thai people). After that, you can get on a ferry to Koh Chang. Besides, you can also fly from Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport to Trad Airport. Only one airline is available in this case: Bangkok Airways. There you can get to your hotel on Koh Chang by van.

Mu Koh Lanta (Lanta Archipelago)

Mu Koh Lanta is a large archipelago located in a district with the same name in the province of Krabi. It consists of Koh Lanta Yai (Big Lanta Island), Koh Lanta Noi (Small Lanta Island) and some other small islands. Most tourist attractions are on Koh Lanta Yai. On Mu Koh Lanta, you can enjoy the scenery, swimming in the sea or view the nature. Mu Koh Lanta National Park is one of the most popular places you should visit. Koh Ngai (Ngai Island) in the southeast is one of the places where you can enjoy watching coral reefs in shallow water. Koh Ha (Ha Island) gives you the chance to dive to enjoy watching some manta rays. However, the Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation declares that Koh Ha be closed from July 1 to November 30 of every year.

Mu Koh Lanta is about 70 kilometers away from the province of Krabi. To get there, you can drive to Baan Hua Hin Pier where you can get on a ferry to Koh LantaYai. Besides, you can catch a bus from the Southern Bus Terminal on Borommaratchachonnani Road. Once you’ve arrived at Krabi Transport Station, you can then get on a van which can take you to your accommodation. Alternatively, you can catch a plane to Krabi Airport. From there, you’re encouraged to hire a car and drive to your accommodation.

Koh Lipe (Lipe Island)

This island is located in the southernmost area of Thailand. It’s in the province of Satun. The island is adjacent to the Malaysian territorial waters. The sea water is clear and it’s full of colorful coral reefs. It’s regarded as one of the most beautiful diving areas of Thailand. Some people call this island “Thailand’s Maldives”. You can enjoy some great views on Pha Chado (Chado Cliff) on Koh Adang (Adang Island),north of Koh Lipe. The Walking Street is one of the major attractions on Koh Lipe where you can buy food of various types. It’s located in the center of the island.

Koh Lipe has three beaches called Pattaya, Sunrise and Sunset. To get there, you can take a plane to Hat Yai. From there, take a van to Pak Bara Pier. From this pier, you can then take a ferry to Koh Lipe. You can also use a bus from the Southern Bus Terminal on Borommaratchachonnani Road to the district of La-gnu in the province of Satun. Then take a two-row bus to Pak Bara Pier and get on a ferry to Koh Lipe.

Mu Koh Similan (Similan Archipelago)

One of the world-famous places, this archipelago is located in the district of Khura Buri in the province of Phang-nga. The sea water is as clear as a mirror. The scenery here is fantastic. You can enjoy both diving and kayaking. Coral reefs can be watched in both shallow and deep water. Manta rays, whales and dolphins are some of the creatures you might see here. Koh Hu Yong (Hu Yong Island) is the longest of the nine islands of Mu Koh Similan. Turtles usually come to lay their eggs here at some time between November and February. To go to Mu Koh Similan, you have to take a ferry from Khura Buri Pier in the district of Khura Buri or from Hat Patong Pier in the province of Phuket. Mu Koh Similan is about 70 kilometers away from both piers.

Koh Tao (Turtle Island)

Koh Tao is located in the district of Koh Pha-ngan in the province of SuratThani. Because this island is located so far from the main land, in the past a number of turtles came to lay their eggs on this island. It was peaceful and had no inhabitants. Besides, Koh Tao is the world’s second largest diving area after Australia. In the history of Thailand, Koh Tao used to be where a prison was built. One of the most common activities here is diving to enjoy watching coral reefs both in shallow and deep water. You can get to Koh Nangyuan (Nangyuan Island) which is located in the north west to enjoy the scenery and peace.

To go to Koh Tao, you have to get to Thayang Pier or Rom Lom Phraya Pier in the province of Chumphon and get on a ferry. Alternatively, you can catch a ferry from Don Sak Pier in the province of Surat Thani.

5 Kinds of Things That Need Plastic-Wrapped Before You Fly

Plastic-wrapping your belongings before a flight gives them some level of protection. Travelling can take a long time and, while we’re aboard the plane, usually we don’t have a chance to take care of them. An incident can happen, resulting in damage to our property or us getting into a real big trouble. You can read more information on some reasons for wrapping your luggage in plastic in our article entitled 5 Reasons Why Wrapping Your Luggage Before a Flight Is a Must. Although that article only discusses the case of luggage, it gives you some ideas of how the protection by plastic wrap works which can be applied to the case of things inside your luggage. Here we’ll talk about what needs plastic-wrapped before you put it in your luggage.

Things that you need to wrap can be divided into the following 5 groups:

wrap,item you love

1. Items you love so much

They are things you love so much that you don’t want them scratched, wet, moist or wrinkled. These include your favorite fictions and non-fictions; souvenirs received from some people in your family, close friends or someone you’re in love with; and things that remind you of your beloved ones who passed away. Wrap them or you’d be sad for the rest of your life.

wrap,sports equipment

2. Items that will affect your skills if damaged

These include your sports equipment such as balls, a bat, a racket, clubs ,gloves, masks, soccer shoes, and a helmet; musical instruments such as a flute, a windpipe, a ukulele, a guitar, a harmonica and a violin; and flashcards.


3. Items that will affect your career if damaged

If you have some career-related items that need special protection, you should definitely wrap them. These include your important documents such as those which give details of the products you’re going to sell to your clients; and recording media that contain important files. If these items get damaged, your company can lose a great amount of income.


4. Easily broken items

These include items that are made of glass or ceramic. Well, you aren’t encouraged to bring this kind of items on board but sometimes you find it necessary to bring them for some reason. Other fragile items include some electrical devices
such as an iPad and a laptop. Although you normally won’t have these devices loaded into the plane, it’s you yourself who might break them if you don’t carry them with enough care.

wrap,strong smell

5. Food or seasonings with a strong smell

Sometimes you want to bring some convenience food in case of emergency or for the purpose of saving your money, such as canned fish and soup, or seasonings such as a fish sauce and an oyster sauce that can help you deal with some tasteless food you aren’t familiar with. But, unfortunately, they have bad packaging or an incident causes the packaging to get torn or open. In that case, if this food or these seasonings have strong smells, their smells would spread throughout your luggage and stick to other items. So, you should wrap them well to make sure you won’t get into a trouble later.

Although you have to pay extra money for the plastic wrap, it’s worth doing so. With the wrap, your belongings will be protected from some potential damages. Without it, however, your life can get a lot more complicated.

Leave your luggage and go explore Hat Yai city

hat yai city

All luggage storage locations in Hat Yai are ready! Airport – Bus station – Train station

Luggage storage in Hat Yai city

If you’ve just come back from an island you might be interested to drop your luggage off somewhere and go walking through Hat Yai city. Therefore, we are proud to present to you all of our luggage storage locations in Hat Yai.

Hat Yai is known as the gateway to Southern Thailand; a city of Songkhla which is also an important area for trading and transportation too. Accordingly, many people arrive here to take a bus, train, or plane to the other areas of the country. This is another city that has great attractions, good air and, of course, good food to please any visitors.

But, before you go to explore Hat Yai’s good stuff, let’s take a look at some places that will allow you to release your shoulders from that heavy backpack.

1. Hat Yai International Airport

Luggage storage locations in Hat Yai

As shown above, there is a storage counter on the 1st floor, near the information counter.

Service time: 06:00 – 23:00

Price: 100 THB / Piece / Day

2. Hat Yai Train Station

Luggage storage locations in Hat Yai

The storage counter is outside the main building.

Service time: from 05:00

Price: 100 THB / Piece / Day

3. Hat Yai Bus Station

Hat Yai station
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The storage counter is close to the north building toilet.

Service time: until 21:00

Price: 100 THB / Piece / Day

Moreover, we would like to recommend our delivery service that will carry your bag directly from Hat Yai to Bangkok or Bangkok to Hat Yai.

Prices and Terms of service

700 THB per piece, weight not exceeding 25 kg

Add 50 THB per kilogram when the weight exceeds 25 kg, 100 THB per item when transporting on Saturday, and 100 THB per item if going to pick up at the hotel.

Send the bag before 12:00; pick up the bag the next day

* This price does not include sports equipment.

* Only available on business days

  • This is a good way to organize and can help you manage your business and travel plans more efficiently.
  • Easy to use through online booking and other forms.
  • 100% guarantee that your luggage will reach your destination safely.
  • Maximum damage insurance of 100,000 THB.
  • Checking status or inquiries 24 hours a day via Facebook, Line, or WeChat with notifications, status updates via E-mail.
  • Bag transport service between Suvarnabhumi Airport and condominium, hotels, or guest houses in Bangkok and Phuket areas.

How to use Airportels service

For the most part, the most convenient way is to book online at https://app.airportels.asia/book

By selecting the Nationwide Delivery service, then select the delivery point (A) and destination (B)

After your booking has been completed, there will be staff to pick up the luggage at the point (A). As easy as that.

Luggage storage locations in Hat Yai

Additionally, for more information about AIRPORTELs luggage service, please contact us at:

  • Suvarnabhumi counter at the basement at the airport station
  • Don Mueang Airport Terminal 2
  • MBK Center Counter, 6th Floor, Zone B
  • Terminal 21, Asoke, 1st floor, Japan zone
  • Central World, 1st Floor, Groove Zone (opposite Bangkok Bank)
  • Central Phuket Flores, G floor, (opposite Tourist Lounge)
  • Terminal 21, Pattaya 2nd floor, (Japan zone)
  • Central Patong, Phuket, 1st Floor, (Service Zone)
  • Phuket Airport

Tel: +66 6321-666-99

Website: Luggage Delivery Bangkok

  • E-mail: [email protected]
  • Line: @AIRPORTELs
  • WeChat: AIRPORTELs
  • Kakao Talk: AIRPORTELs
  • Facebook: www.facebook.com/airportel

The best sim cards for tourist’s in Thailand

SIM cards in Thailand

Getting a local sim card when you travel to Thailand is highly recommended. The Internet is very important to most of us these days and it can improve your travel quality if you have access to the local networks. You can search for directions, look up the most popular attractions or update your social media accounts all while you are abroad.

best sim in thai,sim

However, the problem is that you might not be familiar with the local service providers, so AIRPORTELs has gathered all the information you need to help you get connected while you are in Thailand. There are 3 big companies who provide signal service in Thailand. There is AIS (the green one), True (the red one), and DTAC (the blue one). As a result, the most common problem is knowing which company you should choose. Therefore, AIRPORTELs will explain some of the main benefits of each company and package clearly for you.

best sim in thai,sim

Get the best deals

The package that we will elaborate on is the package for 299 THB from each of the three companies. All packages offer unlimited internet with a maximum speed of up to 2.5 GB for 8 days except for AIS who offer only 7 days. You will get 100 THB call credit. It costs 0.99 THB per minute for DTAC and True while it costs 1 THB per minute for AIS.

Since there is only a slight difference in the packages from each company, there is one more thing to consider which the internet speed is. According to speedtest.net, AIS ranked first in THAILAND’S FASTEST MOBILE NETWORKS 2016 AWARD. It’s followed by True and then DTAC. AIS won with the upload speed and download speed of 21.36 and 12.41 Mbps while True just lost out with 20.79 and 11.15 Mbps. DTAC came in at speeds of 17.98 and 9.35Mbps.


Finally, the last thing you want to consider is the privileges that come with using a particular company. We have listed below some of the affiliated companies who offer promotions to customers of each sim card provider.

Promotions from SIM card providers


  • Madame Tussauds Bangkok
  • SEA LIFE Bangkok
  • Central Department Stores
  • Grab services


  • Insurance
  • BTS
  • McDonald’s
  • Dairy Queen
  • Dean & Deluca
  • Take Me Tour
  • Cookly
  • Ran Tai

If your internet quota is finished or you haven’t bought a sim card, many of the main airports and shopping malls in Thailand have free Wi-Fi services. For those who travel through Suvarnabhumi International Airport, you can connect to the free Wi-Fi after you fill out a short online form which is quick and easy.

luggage delivery at suvarnabhumi,storage

At Suvarnabhumi airport, AIRPORTELs are located on B Floor which is the same floor as the Airport Rail Link to Bangkok city centre. For Luggage Storage, AIRPORTELs guarantees the best price at Suvarnabhumi Airport.

No matter the size or weight of your luggage, we offer the same price: 100 THB per day!

luggage delivery at suvarnabhumi,storage

Customers can entrust leaving their luggage with AIRPORTELs as we consider safety and customer satisfaction our highest priorities. Your luggage will be kept in a proper storage room with 24-hour security.

Finally, AIRPORTELs is willing to take care of electronic devices such as laptops or sports equipment such as bicycles. Our service provides insurance of up to 100,000 THB on all items, available for both short term and long term storage.

Luggage Storage at Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK) – AIRPORTELs Thailand

Price and Promotion 2018 | AIRPORTELs Luggage Storage Service

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