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2-Day, 1-Night Phuket Itinerary Without the Baggage Hassle

Discover Phuket in 2 days without luggage hassle. Explore Old Town, beaches, and local cuisine. Enjoy hands-free travel with AIRPORTELs luggage storage and delivery service.

Visit historical sites, savor street food, and experience nightlife. Convenient, memorable, and unburdened adventure awaits in Thailand’s paradise.

Luggage Service

Hello, Phuket explorers! Today, I’m excited to share some top-notch ideas for touring Phuket, complete with must-visit check-in spots.

But how can you wander freely without being bogged down by luggage? Let’s dive in.

Upon Arrival First things first

Phuket Airport

Get to Phuket, preferably by plane for convenience. Opt for an early flight to make the most of your trip. Upon landing, since you can’t check into your hotel just yet, gather all your luggage and head straight for a luggage storage spot.

We recommend using AIRPORTELs services right at Phuket Airport for ease. AIRPORTELs offers luggage storage, delivery to various locations within and outside the province, among other interesting services.

They operate in two spots within Phuket Airport:

  • Location 1: International Terminal
  • Location 2: Domestic Terminal

Consider having AIRPORTELs deliver your luggage directly to your hotel, so you don’t have to circle back to the airport. You can either have your bags sent automatically to your hotel or choose to pick them up later if you prefer.

Day 1: Start your adventure

Phuket Old Town

Start your adventure by hopping on an Airport Bus, renting a motorcycle, or a car, and head into Phuket Old Town. Admire the Sino-Portuguese architecture, grab a coffee at Rush Coffee, and cool down with a treat from the famous O-Aew at Pee Lim’s.

Don’t forget to check into your hotel to drop off your luggage (delivered by AIRPORTELs if you opted for that service), freshen up, and prepare for an afternoon of activities.

Next, explore Phuket’s beautiful beaches, easily accessible by the Phuket Smart Bus, covering 7 key stops:

  • Chalong Bay
  • Kamala
  • Patong
  • Karon
  • Kata
  • Promthep Cape
  • Rawai

Consider saving Patong for last as it comes alive at night. Plan which stops to hit in what order according to your interests.

Day 2: Start with breakfast

Phuket Hotel

at Ee Peng Noodle with pork bone broth, followed by coffee at Apom Amma Sunee and a visit to the Phuket Thai Hua Museum. Enjoy a light lunch at CAFE’ IN and dessert at Torry’s Ice Cream Boutique.

Afterward, check out from your hotel and bid farewell to Phuket on your 2-day, 1-night trip.

If you have spare time before your flight, use AIRPORTELs to store your bags while you shop for souvenirs or explore any missed spots around. It’s a great way to ensure your trip is both time-efficient and fulfilling.

Additional Information:

  • Luggage Storage Service: AIRPORTELs, Phone: 02-026-6927
  • Phuket Tourist Information: Phuket City Municipality Tourist Information Center, Phone: 076 – 214306
Luggage Delivery & Storage

This plan aims to give you a hassle-free and enjoyable exploration of Phuket, making your trip memorable without the burden of luggage.

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Ultimate Guide to Using Luggage Lockers in Bangkok 2024

locker storage,luggage lockers

Cash-operated luggage lockers are luggage-storing tools that have been made available in many countries for some time.

In Thailand, their availability has just started. They are becoming more and more popular as they are quite convenient and allow travelers to go anywhere freely, not having to carry or tow their luggage with them.

However, the luggage lockers have both advantages and disadvantages. You’re encouraged to read Are Luggage Lockers Useful for You? first so you can decide if you should use them.

This article provides you with the steps in using the luggage lockers. Two brands of the luggage lockers will be mentioned here: B-Locker(Close) and Lock Box.

How to use the luggage lockers of Lock Box

locker daily storage,luggage lockers

The luggage lockers of Lock Box are yellow. They’re placed more than 30 locations: inside Chatuchak MRT Station, inside Makkasan ARL Station, Siam Paragon, Siam Discovery, Iconsiam and on the pathway that connects Silom MRT Station and Sala Daeng BTS Station.

Depositing your luggage

  1. First, walk to the computer screen. While you’re using the screen, your face will be recorded. In that area, there are CCTV cameras. This is for security reasons.
  2. Then, choose the space you want. Before that, check to see which space has a size that suits the size of your luggage. Four sizes are available: S, M, L and ML.
  3. Choose whether you want to deposit your luggage on an hourly or a daily basis.
  4. The machine will let you set your password. You’re encouraged to choose one that you can remember. It must not be too easy to guess.
  5. Then, pay the service fee. The fee starts from 20 baht per day and 160 baht per day. Insert your money. The machine accepts both coins and notes.
  6. After paying the fee, your chosen space will be unlocked automatically.
  7. Keep your luggage in that space. Make sure you take all your necessary stuff out and take it with you.
  8. Close the rid.
Lock Box self service storage

Retrieving your luggage

  1. Walk to the computer. Choose “Retrieve”.
  2. Choose the space you want to unlock on the screen.
  3. Fill in the correct password. If you come after 3 hours, you have to pay an extra fee. After that, the lid of your space will be unlocked automatically.
  4. Take out all your luggage and close the lid.


  • The luggage lockers of Lock Box at Chatuchak MRT Station and Makkasan ARL Station operate during the operating hours of MRT and ARL, but the lockers on the pathway connecting Silom MRT Station and Sala Daeng BTS Station operates 24 hours.
  • Don’t put food with a strong smell in the lockers.

How to use the luggage lockers B-Locker (Close)

luggage lockers,lock box

The luggage lockers of B-Locker are placed on the pathway connecting Phayathai BTS Station and the Airport Rail Link. They are pink. Two options are available for this service: depositing and retriever luggage.

Depositing your luggage

  1. Before using the luggage lockers of B-Locker, a staff person will scan your luggage for security reasons.
  2. Walk to the computer screen and choose “Deposit”. While you’re using the screen, your face will be recorded. In that area, there are CCTV cameras. This is also for security reasons.
  3. Then, choose your space. The space you can put your luggage in is shown in green. Any spaces that are already occupied are shown in red. Before choosing your space, check to see which space has a size that suits the size of your luggage. Two sizes are available: M and L.
  4. After choosing the space you want, set your password. It must be easy for you to remember and must not be easy to guess.
  5. The computer will let you fill in your citizen ID number if you’re a Thai or the phone number you use as you stay in Thailand if you’re a foreigner.
  6. Then, pay the service fee. You can choose to deposit your luggage on an hourly or a daily basis. The fee starts from 50 baht which is the rate for 3 hours. That is, if you want to deposit your luggage for only 2 hours, you still have to pay the fee for 3 hours. After 3 hours, you’ll be charged 20 baht per hours. If you want to deposit your luggage on a daily basis, the fee is 400 baht per day. Then, insert your money. The machine accepts both coins and notes.
  7. Once the entire amount has been paid, the lid of your chosen space will be unlocked automatically.
  8. Keep your luggage in that space. Make sure you take all your necessary stuff out and take it with you.
  9. Close the lid.

Retrieving your luggage

  1. On the computer screen, choose “Retrieve”.
  2. Then, fill in the number of your space.
  3. Fill in the password you set earlier. If you come after 2 hours, you have to pay an extra fee. After that, the lid of your space will be unlocked automatically.
  4. Take out all your luggage and close the lid.


  • The luggage lockers of B-Locker operate between 8 am. and 10 pm. After 10 pm., you won’t be able to unlock your space.
  • Don’t put food with a strong smell in the lockers.
  • In case of any problem, contact a staff person. Behind the lockers is a control room where the staff person stays. From there, the staff person will observe the locker but he/she won’t be able to take your belongings.

3 Wonderful Phuket Water Park in 2024


Phuket is a fantastic place to visit in Thailand if you are seeking a tropical island escape with fantastic hotels, secluded beaches with white sand and turquoise water, delicious food and restaurants, incredible scenery, and more. However, contrary to popular belief, this location also provides world-class water parks and theme parks for people of all ages to enjoy a fun day away from the beaches. Check out our list of Water Park Phuket where you can spend time with your loved ones! 

1. Splash Jungle Water Park Phuket

Splash Jungle Water Park Phuket

Although the Splash Jungle Water Park is more than simply a “fun park,” there are plenty of enjoyable amenities there, especially the slip and slide down the “Splash Jungle’s rides.” Let’s start with a spectacular ride like Whizzard, where passengers are ushered into enclosed, fast-moving AquaTubes that spiral next to one another through many lanes of twists and turns before a surprising descent of colorful lanes. 

However, if you are traveling with a group, do not be concerned because there are family raft trips available where you will sit on a sizable raft. This requires kids to be with their parents for safety because there are a lot of over-the-edge wall times, speeds up to 33 km/h (20.5 mph), surprise drops, and twisting twists guarantee an enjoyable experience.

You will descend from the top of the tower to the Super Bowl to prepare for the thrilling spin at the enormous Super Bowl. Before coming to a thrilling transition into a splashdown pool, it takes several wild turns.
Boomerango, a dark tube ride that is followed by a rush up a vertical wall and a reverse free fall that propels you over a 15-meter-high transition bump to the splash pool, is a must-try if you’re looking for something more exhilarating. Next, head to Wave Pool to hit the surf with six levels of constant waves.

Complete everything so you can travel down the Lazy River, a 335-meter adventure maze that is surrounded by vegetation and a wild visual feast. Is it a kid’s activity? Aqua Play & Kids Pool and Aqua Spray Park are great places for family entertainment.

Also, this park provides a comprehensive range of amenities and services, including as cabana rentals, locker rentals, towel rentals, a changing area, on-site nurses, and swimming equipment stores. If you are hungry, there are incredible taverns, street food stands, and restaurants on every corner where you can get something to eat.

Luggage Delivery & Storage

2. Blue Tree Phuket

Blue Tree Phuket

Due to its location next to the Lagoon Amusement Park, Blue Tree is a recreation area that doubles as a place to have fun day and night, as well as an entertainment and activity hub for people of all ages. Start with something simple, like the Family Fun Zone, a kid-friendly water area with a water fountain, water slides, and play structures, and move on to the Zip Line, which will transport you from the top over the clear water to the Crystal Lagoon where you can enjoy the top view of this location. You can also play the Stand-Up Board to paddle your way through the water.

Find something over relaxing in crystal-clear waters? you can test your physical stamina with Ninja Physical, a thrilling adventure course where you must navigate a variety of obstacles, as well as Rock Climbing, which requires you to grasp hold of the ropes and ascend a mountain. You risk falling to the ocean below if you miss a grip. The Cliff Jump Off gives you the opportunity to leap from the cliffs at either of two heights—five or ten meters—and land in the water. If that’s not thrilling enough, visit the Super Fly Water Slides, where you may pick the slide’s size and launch yourself into the air before landing safely in the lagoon.

Aside from these activities, you will have extreme fun playing beach volleyball, water jousting, and ice skating. Furthermore, there are numerous things to do here, such as enjoying amazing cuisine from various restaurants and food trucks, shopping at second-hand and local goods shops, visiting a yoga and Judo studio, visiting Kid’s Planet and Village, and much more! You can also participate in monthly events and special dining.

3. Andamanda Phuket Waterpark

Open the entrance to this undiscovered treasure, Andamanda Phuket, with its Thai historical concept that honors the genuine regional culture. Here are mystic legends just waiting to be discovered. You may enjoy splashing in the water and learning about Thai mythology with the special interpretation of this park’s renowned five Thai-themed zones with 17 coasters, 32 slides, and 8 attractions in an area of around 100,000 square meters.

If you want to relax and let your mind drift with the water, you shouldn’t miss playing something like Rolling Nipples, the longest lazy river. Next, move on to Racing Nagas, the vibrant lanes that will take you down to the super-speed water for the ultimate thrill. Following that, have fun floating down and bouncing back and forth vertically on a raft at the Eagle Flyer with your friends and families, and then finish them all off with the first dueling master blaster in Thailand, Angel’s Slide, to experience up and down hills for a great adrenaline rush that you may never feel before.

To enhance and elevate your experience, The Village area is great for culinary tours with worldwide cuisine to please all palates in addition to the water park. You can go to the Village Restaurant, which blends the allure of Thai traditional markets with a touch of foreign cuisine like American burgers with sides of fries, salad, and nachos as well as Italian specialties like pizza and pasta with distinctive flavors. Don’t forget to try some of their signature Thai and Phuket dishes. There are foreign favorites among Thai dishes such as Tom Yum Kung, Pad Thai, and Pad Kra Pao Chicken with Fried Egg, as well as the famous Hokkien Noodles. Complete everything by taking a sip of your favorite drink at Wave Bar or Sand Bar. 


If fun and thrilling vibes are your and your family’s thing, there are three recommended and top-rated water parks in Phuket that you should add to your list. Do not wait! Let us make every minute of Phuket’s exhilarating water adventures memorable to make this place the best vacation ever! 

Luggage Delivery & Storage

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Top 10 amenities hotel should provide for valued guests in 2024

All guests know the hotel amenities are such important since they are one of a decision maker for guests to choose where they need to stay, but we are here to keep you updated which are new and creative hotel amenities you should know before booking. To be a valued guests in 2024, here are top 10 important of amenities in hotel. Let’s check it! 

Top 10 amenities hotel should provide for valued guests in 2024
Luggage Delivery

1. EV charging station

EV charging station

Nowadays, electric cars, or EV cars, are around that you can see or even drive! For this reason, an exclusive hotel should have EV charging stations for guests who are driving EVs and do not want to leave the area aside from the hotel because it will be difficult to find another station for charging.

  • The importance of having this facility

It allows guests to charge for their convenience, and there is no need to go outside for just charging if they want to just stay in the hotel without any worry. Also, if customers arrive at the hotel with no battery left in their EV, they will feel appreciated and glad that the hotel offers this type of service or inventive hotel facilities.

2. Mini bedroom bar

Mini bedroom bar

To enhance your experience, you can fulfill it with a mini-bed room bar in your room as one of the basic needs, like a snack and beverage stock in the room. It will make guests’ stays more pleasant as a sign of convenience and comfort for customers.

  • The importance of having this facility

There are alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks in little bottles in some special freezers. Cookies, chocolate, candies, snacks, and other small foods are also kept in a minibar for convenience, so guests do not need to go outside to purchase them, although not all of them are complimentary; check with the hotel for more information and price list. 

3. Indoor play area for children

Indoor play area for children

If you come from a family, your kids must need a space to play, right? Let’s open their imaginations with an indoor play area or a playground for children to make them excited and have fun while staying in hotels. Any indoor playground should be designed creatively in a specific theme to make it stand out and attract kids to play for fun and excitement, but it needs a lot of spacious area to run around and must be safe. 

  • The importance of having this facility

When parents have some business or do not have much time to play with their kids, the indoor play area is meant for them to let their children play and not get bored while waiting for their parents, and it also foresees the importance of children as guests, not just adults. Good hotels should provide a space for everyone of every age to relax in their own way.

4. Poolside bar

Poolside Bar

Most hotels now have their own poolside bars, which are bars located near or within a swimming pool area where you can kick back on a sunbed and sip on your favorite cocktail. Somewhere offers breakfast, lunch, and snack menus as well as delectable drinks.

  • The importance of having this facility

This is a hotel facilities example that is perfect for true relaxation under the sunset or at night when you want to indulge yourself with the water in the pool and sky, and they complete everything with your drink from bars. This is a way to elevate your experience in an outdoor setting and celebrate with your drink.

5. Fitness studio

Fitness room

You can continue your healthy lifestyle while away from home by engaging in an energizing workout at a fitness studio or fitness center, which must be outfitted with high-quality exercise machines for cardio and strength training.

  • The importance of having this facility

While staying in a hotel, some visitors need to maintain their routine. Guests may stay fit and healthy while staying at the hotel. This can boost guest’s satisfaction and helps them feel more at ease like home, and most guests can take use of it as a gratis service.

6. Breakfast buffet

Breakfast buffet

After the night and to start a good day, a breakfast buffet is something that you must expect from an excellent hotel to boost your energy levels and alertness. Whether breakfast is the most important meal of the day or not, just enjoy the expansive delicacies that a hotel should provide.

  • The importance of having this facility

It should be included in the room charge, and it is a great way for guests to start their days with a tasty breakfast. The seasonal tasting menus include scrambled eggs, bacon, breakfast sausage, home fries, pancakes, French toast, small croissants, butter, cream cheese, coffee service, and orange juice.

7. Salon

Salon hotel

When it comes to dangers, you may require a salon that provides complete grooming services, from manicures and pedicures to waxing, eye-brow shaping, hair style, and cutting to complete the wellness experience. 

  • The importance of having this facility

It is important for some guests who want to style their hair for business or events, so this facility is so convenient for them to not search from anywhere else as they are not locals, and you can also enjoy comfortable, relaxed surroundings and rest as you stay in a hotel at that time.

8. Conference facilities

Conference facilities

Most hotels can provide conference facilities if you need a venue to hold a lecture or business gathering. Cutting-edge technology allows for brainstorming and team-building events with lots of seats and some form of large table, but it depends on the number of participants. 

  • The importance of having this facility

Guests come not only to stay, but also to work and conduct business. A good conference location should provide cutting-edge amenities such as enough lighting, ventilation, 100% power backup, exhibit space, lounge rooms, and, in certain cases, outdoor space.

9. Luggage storage service

Most major hotels and resorts offer early hotel luggage storage at front desk before check-in times in case you need to go somewhere first when you arrive at a hotel, and there are both free and paid as hotel will offer. 

  • The importance of having this facility

This facility allows guests to go anywhere before staying in a hotel without carrying their heavy luggage. However, if you do not want to leave it at a hotel, you can find a website for luggage delivery and storage services with insurance and Fast Express for better convenience.

Recomandation : AIRPORTELs Luggage Delivery and Storage

AIRPORTELs is a luggage delivery service that helps travelers in Bangkok, Thailand, to get rid of the hassle of carrying their luggage. The service offers a convenient and affordable way to have your luggage delivered from your hotel to the airport.

To use AIRPORTELs, simply book your service online or by phone. You can then drop off your luggage at your hotel reception and AIRPORTELs will take care of the rest.

Here are some of the benefits of using AIRPORTELs:

  • Convenience: AIRPORTELs makes it easy and convenient to have your luggage delivered. You don’t have to worry about carrying your luggage or finding a taxi.
  • Security: AIRPORTELs offers free insurance for up to 50,000 baht. This means that your luggage is protected in case of loss or damage.
  • Affordability: AIRPORTELs offers a variety of pricing options to fit your budget.

If you’re looking for a convenient and affordable way to have your luggage delivered in Bangkok, AIRPORTELs is a great option.

10. Shuttle bus service

Shuttle bus service

Guests should, without a doubt, be able to reach their destinations via a shuttle service provided by hotels. Shuttle services make life easier and more convenient.

Luggage Delivery
  • The importance of having this facility

Shuttle bus services are both free and chargeable, depending on where you want to go and how far you want to travel. However, most shuttle bus services run from the airport to your hotels and back again for business, leisure, or nearby tourist attractions.


If you choose a hotel, it should offer the majority of the top 6-7 amenities to make your stay extra convenient and comfortable as a valued guest. It will undoubtedly impress guests, and you may become repeat customers. Hotel facilities are a great opportunity to differentiate yourself, and you may compare them to find which ones are best for you.

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What are 9 facilities you can elevate the standard of the hotel?

There are many criteria that are used by each organization to rate a hotel and categorized it to be five stars, four stars etc., e.g. service, amenities, location and technology. However, one of the criteria that have been used by every rating organization to classify what make a hotel 4 star or 5-star; is “facilities”. Whether you’re a traveler looking for a hotel or a hotel owner who’d like to elevate your hotel standard, large selection of facilities is the important factor. Today, we’ll show you 9 facilities of the hotel that can meet the expectation of almost every group of guests and will raise the standard of each hotel.

What are 9 facilities you can elevate the standard of the hotel
Luggage Delivery & Storage

Here are 9 facilities you can elevate the standard of your hotel:

1. Fitness Studio

Fitness Studio Hotel

Wellness trend is popular among many travelers. As a result, well-equipped fitness studio can be a competitive advantage for hotels. Having fitness studio in the hotel will benefit guests by providing them with convenient way to access exercise facilities anytime they need. 5-star hotel service standard for fitness studio including (but not limited to) variety of premium equipment (from cardio machines to specialized strength training equipment), various kinds of fitness classes, as well as professional fitness instructors. Most 5-star hotels are ready to provide guests with 24/7 fitness studio service.

2. Spa room

Thai Spa Hotel facility

Thailand is famous for its spa service. That is why each hotel should have their own unique spa services in order to provide guests with relaxation. Spa treatment will help guests to relax after a long day of work or sightseeing in the city. Hotels should provide guests with sauna, massage services, beauty care (such as facial spa, manicure and pedicure), as well as pleasant aroma and peaceful environment in order to offer guests full relaxation.

3. Kids zone

Play room Hotel for Kid

Travelers with big family often look for hotels with babysitting or daycare services for children. You can raise the standard of your hotel and add a selling point by providing guests with a specially designed kid zone such as play-room where parents can have fun together with their children. Kid zone will make long stay more enjoyable both for parents and children. Children can play, learn, and socialize, while parents will have satisfaction when they know that their kids are in safe and entertaining environment.

4. Rooftop bar

Hotel rooftop bar

Besides dining services, every hotel should have bars and lounges for guests to enjoy some drinks and snacks. If the hotel situated in the heart of the city or at the location where is considered to be tourist attraction, it should have rooftop bar in order to appeal guests with stunning view of the city. Open-air setting, 180 or 360° view of the city, and backdrop of the sky, these can create unique ambiance which can attract both tourists and locals.

Luggage Delivery & Storage

5. Meeting Hall

Meeting Hall, Hotel

To elevate standard of each hotel, it should be able to offer guests with meeting rooms including full-service packages. 5 star hotel amenities list for meeting are coffee break menus, lunch (either separated set-up or at selected restaurant), conferencing equipment etc. There should be various sizes of meeting rooms to accommodate guests with different needs, from Grand Ballroom for large group conferencing to tiny studio room for small group meeting. These meeting rooms can be used not just for meetings, but also for other banquets.

6. All-you-can-eat restaurant

Restaurant in Hotel

Dining service is one of the most important parts for hotels. For 5-star hotels, they have many types of restaurants, all-day dining, bakery and coffee shop, fine dining restaurant as well as 24/7 room service. For other hotels such as 4-star ones, they should be able to provide guests with at least All-you-can-eat restaurant, also known as buffets. This type of restaurant is popular among many guests for many reasons. Guests consider this kind of restaurant to be value for money especially for group party because they can taste wide variety of dishes. 

7. Indoor temperature-controlled swimming pool

Swimming pool hotel

Many hotels in Thailand offer guests with outdoor swimming pool with complimentary poolside services during daytime. However, if you’d like the pool to be available regardless any weather conditions (year-round availability), you need the indoor one. The pool with temperature-controlled option ensures that guests can enjoy the pool at any time. Indoor swimming pool is also good choice for guests who concern much about privacy or group of guests who’d like to have a private party.

8. Luggage delivery service

Airportels Luggage delivery service Hotel

There are many benefits for hotels to offer luggage delivery service for guests. Guests will have convenience when their pieces of baggage are transported directly to their rooms. Moreover, guests can save time by avoiding the baggage claim and baggage transportation from and to the hotel. Many luxury hotels in Thailand offer this service for guests as part of their premium offerings. However, if you stay in Bangkok and the hotel doesn’t have luggage delivery service, there’s no problem, because there’re some companies who are ready to offer this service for you.

9. Business Center

Meeting room for Cusniness Center Hotel

A business center in a hotel serves as a dedicated space equipped with facilities and services to meet the needs of business travelers. Many long stay guests need not only a place for relaxing, but also a place for working while they’re away from their regular office. Good business center should have secretarial service, stable high speed internet connection, office equipment rental service (such as laptop), and anything else that can make the place to be a convenient and productive space for business travelers. To make this facility more productive for guests, the hotel should provide small meeting room for guests who’d like to conduct meeting with their clients. Not every hotel has a business center. If your hotel has one, it will surely be stand out from other hotels and ready to suit some guests with special needs.

Luggage Delivery & Storage

In fact, there are many other facilities that each hotel can arrange for their customers. It’s not just the 9 facilities presented today. Some hotels offer executive guests with premium club lounge, some offer premium benefits for their members (guests with member card) etc. A service that should be in consideration is “service for disable person”. Every hotel should adjust its service and SOP (standard operation procedure) to accommodate disabled customers.


Finally, as a guest, if you’re looking for professional luggage delivery service, let AIRPORTELs help you. For more information or booking the service, please visit 


Thailand Travel Made Easy: Top Apps You Need on Your Phone

Before visiting this land of beautiful smiles, delicious food, good history, and culture of Thailand. Preparing yourself should be done by having various Thailand apps on your smartphone to assist you in saving money and time, traveling easily, understanding the language, making life easier, and making this journey smooth, allowing you to fully capture happiness and experience in Thailand. Therefore, we recommend Thailand apps to provide your convenience. The best Thailand apps will be described as follows;

Luggage Delivery & Storage

Essential Travel Apps:

A list of key apps that can enhance the travel experience in Thailand, including:

Navigation Apps: 

  • Google Maps 

It is a free and easy-to-use app for traveling everywhere. There is information and reviews of various places to know your location and traffic conditions, allowing you to select the method of transportation and plan your travel in advance, such as tourist attractions, hotels, restaurants, and map of Thailand can be downloaded in advance for offline use.

  • Reddit 

It is a navigating Thailand apps reddit and social network that has everything you need such as trending topics, various conversations, and forums for expressing opinions or communities that are interested in various matters. It is reliable and interesting.

Language and Translation Apps: 

  • Google Translate 

It can be used to translate languages such as road signs, tickets, menus, text on various images by using the camera on your phone to scan for translation in real time. Additionally, you can type what you want to say and then translate it into Thai. 

  • Learn Thai Phrasebook 

Thai Best Dict: It is a dictionary that can be used offline. It can translate words from English to Thai and from Thai to English including being able to listen to Thai pronunciation.

Transportation Apps: 

  • Grab 

It is Thailand travel app with a reliable, and cheap that allows you to call a taxi easily and quickly, with no need to reserve in advance. There are many types of cars, motorbikes, and rental cars, including food delivery services, drivers, package delivery, or home massage services. There are many special privileges and rewards from points earned from booking. You must select the origin and destination, and the app will calculate the distance, duration, and fare. Payment can be made both in cash and by credit card. The app can automatically translate from Thai to English.

  • Thai Railways 

It is another Thailand guide that provides travel information service and booking Thai train tickets online. You can reserve tickets for all routes in Thailand 24 hours a day by choosing your seat by yourself. The train ticket will be received in the form of E-Tickets as a PDF file via email. For foreign tourists, you can reserve train tickets in advance before traveling to Thailand by paying with a credit card. You can also buy tickets at the train station by showing your passport to the officer and inform details of the route you want to reserve and pay by cash.


It is a Thailand travel app that provides luggage delivery and storage services from the moment you get off the plane. There are many branches of service with specialize in high-quality delivery and storage services. It offers innovative delivery and storage services for travelers, providing luggage delivery services in Bangkok. Luggage can be delivered between the airport and the hotel.

Luggage Delivery & Storage

Accommodation Apps: 

  • or Airbnb 

It is an easy-to-use app for booking a wide range of Thailand hotels, resorts, villas, hostels, and apartments. Moreover, cooking classes are also offered, nightlife, professional photographers, and various tourist attractions lead to contact with local people and culture with many reviews. Sometimes it is possible to cancel rooms for free and accumulate points. This gives you special privileges such as discounts on accommodation fees.

  • Agoda 

It is a tool for searching for flight and hotel Thailand and other accommodations throughout Thailand. It is easy to use and able to check prices, hotel locations and various offers including comparing hotels with in-depth information for discovering the best deals.

Currency and Money Apps: 

  • XE Currency 

It is a Thailand currency conversion app between Thai baht and the currency of the origin country by entering the amount, and the currency will be automatically converted according to the exchange rate. It is accurate, easier to control money, convenient, and fast.

Mobile banking apps  

For example, Bangkok Bank Mobile Banking assists in making convenient financial transactions, including viewing savings accounts, credit cards, mutual funds, requesting account statements, and opening an electronic savings account. Cardless withdrawals can be done at Bangkok Bank ATMs, 7-Eleven stores, and Thailand Post Offices, and others.

Local Discovery Apps 

For example, LocalFeed assists you in exploring services such as groceries, cuisine, tourist attractions, finance, schools, local culture, medical, public services, markets, and many other categories.

  • Food Apps: 
  • Wongnai 

It is a Thailand guide app that suggests you select food in Thailand from many places around the country by finding nearby restaurants with detailed information, and various reviews for decision-making. You can share reviews or food photos immediately. Besides the restaurant, you can also search for spas and other beauty services.

  • GrabFood, LINE MAN or Foodpanda 

Food is delivered from a variety of local restaurants by searching for nearby restaurants There are many restaurants to choose with all types delivered directly to your accommodation without going outside. There are ratings and reviews of restaurants with discounts and special offers such as free delivery and special menus, which accept both credit cards and cash. The steps are choosing the destination to receive the food, selecting the restaurant and menu, confirming the order, and tracking the location of food delivery in real-time with fast delivery and reliable service.

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Tourist Information Apps: 

  • TAT (Tourism Authority of Thailand) 

It is a Thai travel guide for the best travel. This gives you detailed and official travel information to be able to plan the trip correctly.

  • TripAdvisor 

It recommends comprehensive information on hotels, restaurants, and tourist attractions by searching for specific destinations or what you want, such as restaurants, and tourist attractions, interesting activities. There is also review and rating information from users to make decisions and plan your travels appropriately.

  • Cultural Exploration Apps: 
  • Traveloka 

It is an application that meets both travel and lifestyle needs. You can search and book a variety of travel services, local travel services, financial services, and vehicle booking services for various types of travel such as airplane tickets, buses, trains, car rental services, and airport transfers including hotel and accommodation options, in addition to providing services that meet lifestyle needs. They will fulfill your needs with ticket booking services for amusement park rides, fun activities, and health and beauty services.

  • Klook 

It is a great value hotel booking app with the best activities and experiences anywhere, anytime including planning a trip, booking a hotel and accommodation, doing activities in the country, renting a car, or a one-day tour.

  • Practical Tips for App Usage: 

If you want to get the most out of these apps, plan your trip before arriving in Thailand by downloading and updating the apps before traveling or downloading maps for using them offline that save internet data usage. When you arrive, purchase a cheap and easily available Thai SIM card. It will make it possible to use every app immediately and stay here comfortably.


10 Tips for Flying for The First-Time Step by Step 

Is it exhilarating for your first flight, yet someone may be afraid of heights or stepping on a plane? You do not have to be concerned because we are here to assist you! For your first time flying, reviewing these Thailand travel guide before takeoff will enhance your confidence, making your flight easier and less stressful with our guidance below step by step. 

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1. Booking Your Flight

  • Research and booking tips

At first, you may not fly if you cannot get an online ticket or booking first, so you need to do your own research on where you want to go. Definitely, you need to plan what date you want to go to the destination and what day you want to go back home. After that, you can explore cheaper rates by sorting the travel apps or airline websites at your convenience, and sometimes cheap flights are not always on the weekends, holidays, or festivals. 

  • Choosing your destination and airport

To select a destination or airport for landing, you must choose the airport closest to your lodging, which may result in getting lost or encountering unforeseen conditions. If you choose the right airport near a hotel, you will undoubtedly save money on travel costs. You must have a purpose why you are going and where you are going to plan your way. 

  • Booking a one-way or round-trip ticket

There are two types of bookings: one-way and round-trip. One-way tickets may be more expensive than round-trip tickets, although this is not always the case. If you intend to stay for an extended amount of time without returning, a one-way ticket may be preferable; but, if you expect to return, a round-trip ticket is the better option.

  • Selecting the right class of service 

There is economy, business, and first class, with prices ranging from low to high ones. However, it also depends on the airline. Luxury seats and services are more pleasant, but if not, it is not bad, simply nothing remarkable like others.

2. Necessary Documentation

Here is the documentation you will require before entering the gate.

  • Passport and visa requirements (for international travel)
  • Boarding pass and e-tickets.
  • Identification and travel insurance.

3. Packing for Your Journey

You can manage and pack your baggage effectively with space that stay in size and weight limits identified by these airlines for both carry on and checked baggage. 

  • To reduce travel-size products at the airport, use packing cubes or choose various wrinkle-proof, lightweight fabrics.
  • Rolling your garments in your bag saves space for squeezing out the air.
  • Pack your liquids in tiny containers no larger than 100 ml, and place them in the clear plastic.
  • Heavy and bulky things should be placed at the bottom, followed by lighter and more fragile objects on top.
  • Choose a pair of shoes that are both adaptable and functional.
  • After measuring the dimensions, weigh your luggage that complying with the regulation. 

At the point of carry-on items and restrictions, there are prohibited to bring to the plane, such as sharp objects, firearms and ammunition, explosives and flammable materials, self-defense items, liquids in containers over 100 ml, and power bank. 

4. Navigating the Airport

Finally, you should get to the airport on time. For check-in procedures, officials at the counter will verify your identity by inspecting the necessary documentation. Following verification, you will be given a boarding pass with all of your travel information, such as your flight number, seat number, and scheduled departure time to confirm your information. 

When it’s time to return, you need to go to the airport to not miss your flight and look for your flight number on the monitors to identify which rows or counters you need to go to for check-in, but it’s easier to check-in online or through kiosks so you don’t lose time waiting in line. 

When it comes to customs, passengers with goods to declare must submit their passports together with invoices or receipts (if any), and customs officers at the “Goods to Declare” channel scrutinize the passengers’ passports and physically inspect their baggage on a case-by-case basis at Thailand airport Bangkok. 

5. Security Checkpoint Guidelines

That is not complicated to pass the security screening and inspection if you follow our mentioned instructions for your carry-on baggage. After you got boarding pass from check-in, you need to go for passport control, and after you walking to the gate, you need to pass a security point to let them check your belongings through X-Ray. 

  • If you have any phone, laptop, or power bank, you need to put it on a tart first.
  • Remove your accessories like watch, jacket, belt, shoes and more. 
  • Put your luggage in a tart.
  • Prohibited items that may be harmful to passengers and plane are as mentioned above, and there are other things that are not allowed, such as sharp objects, firearms and ammunition, explosives and flammable materials, self-defense items, liquids in containers over 100 ml, and power bank.
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6. Immigration and Customs (International Travel)

Upon arrival in Thailand, foreign citizens must have a valid passport with at least six months validity, a valid Thai visa, and proof of onward travel, and non-immigrant visa holders must pay for the fine at least 20,000 Baht per person.

According to customs regulations, the term “passengers with nothing to declare” refers to passengers who arrive in Thailand without any liable items for duty and taxes, as well as prohibited or restricted commodities, as listed on the website, which you should read before flying.

For this case, they should use the Nothing to Declare Lane, and the following items are exempted from duty:

  • A fair amount of personal things worth no more than 20,000 baht in total that are not forbidden or restricted goods or food
  • A maximum of 200 cigarettes, 250g of tobacco, or 250g of all varieties combined.
  • A maximum of 1 liter of alcoholic beverage
  • Excess cigarettes, tobacco, or alcoholic beverages must be dropped in the Customs-provided box; otherwise, prosecution will be carried out.
  • To the greatest extent practicable, the Customs Department has embraced Risk Management practices to inspect passengers’ baggage. 

7. Boarding the Plane

  • When you get the ticket, you need to go to the gate identified on the boarding pass on time.
  • After that, airline staff will announce the elite passengers to go on board, followed by other passengers with seats from the back, middle, and front. You need to check your seat number and show your passport and the ticket to the staff at the gate for scanning the boarding pass.
  • Then, you need to show your boarding pass and passport to staff again and look for your number in rows A, B, C, D, E, and F. After you find your seat, you need to keep your carry-on baggage on the overhead bin wheel and shut down or open airplane mode for your phone. If your baggage is not big, you can put it under your front seat. Then, fasten your belt and listen to the staff instructions. 

8. In-Flight Etiquette and Comfort

You may have had a wonderful flight, right? In-flight etiquette and comfort are necessary, so let’s take a look at what you can do to have a good experience for flying for the first time. 

  • You should go to the toilet and do your own business before boarding because it may be a little bit messy in the toilet among passengers.
  • If you fly with some airlines that provide entertainment options for you, like a screen and headphones with a blanket, you can enjoy and waste that time.
  • Stay in the comfortable clothes that you prepared, but do not forget to check the temperature and get some layers as well.

9. Arrival and Collecting Your Baggage

When you reach at your destination for flying for the first time what to expect, you must sit in your seat and wait for your bags to be carried, and if you have checked baggage, you must proceed to the baggage claim to determine which one is from your airline by screens. Then, depending on your destination, you can leave the airport via taxi, airport rail link, or limousine as you need. 

10. Currency exchange and local information

You might be wondering where you can exchange your currency to buy something or pay for your travel fares or food to stop your starving. Leaving the airport, several Thai and foreign banks await you to exchange your money for Thai baht, including Thai Military Bank (TMB) Currency Exchange, Bangkok Bank Cash Exchange, Kasikorn Bank Currency Exchange, SuperRich Currency Exchange, Western Union ATM, and others.

Next, the information you require is not far away; airport personnel and information counters can be found practically anywhere, such as SIM cards, car rentals, transportation, restaurants and food courts, banks, coffee shops, and so on.

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We hope this information will be useful for you to go to the Thailand Airport, and so do plan and prepare yourself properly for the coming flight. Do not be too excited and calm down. We ensure that you will enjoy the view above. Good luck flying for the first time by yourself! 

10 Natural tourist attraction spots in Mae Hong Son to visit in 2024

Known as ‘the city of three mists‘ and hemmed in by the high mountain ranges of the Shan Hills. Mae Hong Son (แม่ฮ่องสอน) is the most mountainous province in Thailand, occupying 13,814 square kilometers (5,334 sq mi). The provincial capital was originally established in the early 19th century as an elephant training camp as ordered by the then King of Chiang Mai.

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Mae Hong Son’s Information

With its remote setting and surrounding mountains, this province fits many travellers’ preconceived notion of how a northern Thai city should be. There’s a very strong Burmese influence to be found here due to the provinces’ location along the border with Myanmar.

This means that it is also a crossroads for Shan and Burmese immigrants (mostly Karen, with some Hmong, Lisu and Lahu). However this border-town feel doesn’t spoil the bounty of nature to be explored and best of all, there’s hardly a tuk-tuk or tout to be seen. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean Mae Hong Son is uncharted territory – tour groups and adventurous holidaymakers have been coming here for years.

Accessible only by a series of windy mountain roads or a precarious flight to Mae Hong Son Airport, this is arguably Thailand’s most remote province. Thickly forested and mountainous, and far from the influence of sea winds, the temperature rarely rises above 40°C, while in January the temperature can drop to 0°C. The air is often misty with ground fog in the winter and smoke from slash-and-burn agriculture during the hot season.

Now firmly rooted on the tourist trail, many resorts are opening in the area around the capital, but the vast majority of visitors don’t seem to make it much further than Pai. Nevertheless, the area’s potential as a base for activities, from kayaking to trekking, ensures that your visit can be quite unlike anyone else’s.

Here at AIRPORTELs, we have put together a list of attractions you might like to visit while you’re visiting Mae Hong Son, and if you need to have your luggage stored or delivered for your trip, you can make an easy online booking.

1. Pang Ung

Mae Hong Son
Pang Ung of Mae Hong Son

One of Mae Hong Son’s hidden treasures. Pang Ung is located very close to the border of Myanmar in the North West corner of Thailand. It is a small place nestled in the mountains. There is a camping ground to pitch a tent, and lodges are available for rent around the area.

2. Tham Nam Lod (Nam Lod Cave)

Mae Hong Son
Tham Nam Lod of Mae Hong Son

Nam Lod Cave is one of Thailand’s most impressive and easily accessible caves. Partly for its size, partly for its attractive limestone stalactite formations and partly for an unusual coffin cave hidden within the main cave. Indeed, the main chamber is spectacular, running to a height of 50 metres, from floor to ceiling. Located near Sop Pong in Pang Mapha District.

3. Doi Pui Co

Doi Pui Co of Mae Hong Son

Also known as Doi Pui, is located at Ban Umda Nuea, Mae Khaotwan Subdistrict, Sop Moei District, Mae Hong Son Province. It’s renowned as a land of golden grasslands, offering stunning views and a sea of mist. You can enjoy a full 360-degree panorama, witnessing both sunrise and sunset. At night, the sky is lit up with stars.

The trek to Doi Pui Ko is relatively short, about 3 kilometers, and it takes less than an hour to reach the summit. There may be some slightly steep sections, but overall it’s an easy hike. Once you reach the top and see the breathtaking natural beauty, you’ll feel the walk was very comfortable. The best time to visit is from January to February, as this is when you can see the beautiful golden grasslands.

4. Sutongpe Bridge

Mae Hong Son
Sutongpe Bridge of Mae Hong Son

Beautifully simple in its construction. The bamboo bridge stretches for 500 metres across rice fields and the Mae Sa Nga River. It serves as a link the temple at one end with the village of Kung Mai Saak at the other. Located about 8km north of Mae Hong Song capital.

5. Tea Plantation Ban Rak Thai

Ban Rak Thai of Mae Hong Son

Ban Rak Thai is considered another ecotourism village with beautiful nature. In the middle of the village, there is a large lake. Tourists visiting can experience the way of life and culture of the Hô or Yunnan Chinese, including inheriting many traditions of the Hô people, such as spoken and written language, clothing, and houses built from clay mixed with rice straw.

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6. Tham Pla – Pha Suea Waterfall

Pha Suea Waterfall of Mae Hong Son

The Tham Pla National Park, Pha Suea Waterfall, covers an area of approximately 305,000 rai. The geography is a continuous range of undulating hills extending to the Thai-Myanmar border in the north. The terrain adjoining the forest line in Myanmar results in a highly fertile forest, which is a source of many streams, leading to several famous waterfalls that are popular tourist attractions.

7. Bua Tong Fields at Doi Mae U-Kho

Thung Bua Tong of Mae Hong Son

The Thung Bua Tong (Mexican Sunflower) fields on Doi Mae U-Kho bloom splendidly in vibrant yellow, covering the hills over an area of more than 500 rai at an altitude of approximately 1,600 meters above sea level. They bloom from mid-November to December.

The complex mountainous terrain resembling sea waves, coupled with the absence of large trees in the surrounding area, allows for a 360-degree panoramic view. It is a significant landmark and a popular photography destination in Mae Hong Son province.

8. Huai Nam Dang National Park

Huai Nam Dang National Park of Mae Hong Son

The area spans Mae Taeng District, Wiang Haeng District in Chiang Mai Province, and Pai District in Mae Hong Son Province. It boasts lush forests and natural beauty, with high and complex mountain ranges serving as sources for many streams.

Notable natural highlights include beautiful landscapes and scenic viewpoints, offering a serene atmosphere. A particularly famous spot is Huai Nam Dang, known for its stunning sea of mist, making it one of Thailand’s renowned natural attractions.

9. Yun Lai Viewpoint

The Yun Lai Viewpoint of Mae Hong Son

The Yun Lai viewpoint is located on the same route as Santichon Village. From Pai town, pass Wat Nam Hoo and continue towards Santichon Village. Near the end of the road past the village, if you’re not staying at a viewpoint accommodation, or visiting during the busy winter season when many tourists are present, you should park your vehicle in the parking area opposite Santichon Village and use the local pickup truck service.

Personal vehicles are not allowed due to the narrow road and limited parking space. The round-trip fare is 300 baht, and the truck can accommodate up to 6 people. The best time to visit the viewpoint and see the sea of mist is early morning, around 6 to 7 AM.

10. Sai Ngam Hot Spring

Sai Ngam Natural Hot Spring of Mae Hong Son

The Sai Ngam Hot Springs is located in Mae Na Toeng, approximately 15 kilometers away from Pai town on Route 1095. These are natural hot springs with water temperatures around 30-32 degrees Celsius. Surrounded by lush greenery, the springs feature small pools of clear, green water where you can see the rocks and sand below.

The water isn’t very deep, making it an ideal place for tourists to soak and relax in the warm water, closely connected to nature. Unlike other geysers or hot springs that shoot water up, the Sai Ngam Hot Springs are naturally occurring and provide a serene environment for visitors to enjoy the warm waters bubbling up from the earth.

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What Are the Differences Between ‘Hotel Facilities’ and ‘Hotel Amenities’?

What do you think is the thing you usually look for when booking a hotel? Of course, you look for ‘hotel facilities’ and ‘hotel amenities’ that the hotel offers for convenience and value for money. It’s a little confusing. This article aims to simplify the differences between these terms. It offers a clear understanding of what each involves. Whether you are a traveler looking for the perfect stay or a hotel owner aiming to enhance the guest experience. Knowing these differences is important.

In this article, we will discuss the definition of ‘hotel facilities’ and ‘hotel amenities’. This makes it easy to understand their role in the world of services. From the functional aspects of the facility to the features that increase the convenience of the facility. 

  • Definition of hotel facilities

Hotel facilities to the physical structures and services that a hotel provides to enhance the overall guest experience. It’s usually used in reference to something that provides a practical benefit. These go beyond just the rooms themselves and include additional services and features that contribute to a pleasant experience.

The hotel facilities example: Fitness Center with Gym, Spa, Swimming pool, Meeting Room, Tourist center, Bar and Restaurant, Laundry, Salon, etc.

One of a prime hotel facilities example is luggage services, which encompass storage and delivery options. Also provide options for both short-term and long-term luggage storage to serve to guests with different needs.

  • Luggage storage service

If guests arrive at the hotel before the official check-in time. Instead of carrying their luggage around, the hotel with excellent facilities offers secure storage. This service ensures that guests can freely explore the surroundings without the burden of their belongings. Similarly, for those departing later in the day, the convenience of luggage storage allows guests to make the most of their time without difficulty carrying bags. Some hotels even provide the added service of delivering luggage directly to the guest’s room, ensuring a seamless and stress-free experience. These facilities are examples of conveniences that elevate a hotel stay beyond the ordinary, creating a more enjoyable and relaxing environment for guests.

  • Definition of hotel amenities

Hotel amenities include additional services and features provided by hotels to elevate the guest experience beyond basic accommodation. The hotel amenities ideas aim to increase convenience and luxury for a guest’s stay. An amenity is like a desirable feature or service of a place/building. It’s usually used in reference to an additional feature or service that provides comfort, convenience or enjoyment. 

The hotel amenities example: Quality products of personal care (shampoo, bath gel, body lotion, etc.), dryers, minibar, coffee machine, smart TV, internet service, etc.

A prime example of a hotel amenity is the thoughtful inclusion of a hotel amenities kit which can be said that it’s a basic hotel service that must be provided. Typically presented in a luxurious stylish package, these kits include essential items such as toiletries, dental kits, bathrobes, slippers, and personal care products. The inclusion of these kits anticipates the needs of guests, ensuring they have everything necessary for a comfortable stay. The thoughtfulness behind providing such amenities reflects the hotel’s commitment to guest satisfaction and attention to detail. In addition to creating a more pleasant stay, amenities kits contribute to the overall impression of hospitality, leaving guests with a positive and memorable impression.

Purpose of having facilities and amenities for the hotel

Hotels provide facilities and amenities to enhance guest experiences. By offering more than just rooms, hotels add value and attract guests seeking a comprehensive stay. Well-equipped gyms, relaxing spas, and thoughtful amenities contribute to guest satisfaction. The primary purpose is to create an unforgettable experience, promoting guest loyalty and positive reviews. Positive guest experiences are as powerful marketing tools. In a competitive industry influenced by online reviews, strategic facilities and amenities ensure a hotel’s success and positive brand reputation, making it a preferred choice for travelers.

  • More value-added for the hotel

One of the main objectives of having amenities is to add value to the hotel. By offering a variety of services beyond simple accommodation such as a fitness center, swimming pool or business meeting room. This added value appeals to guests who are looking for a comfortable stay and ultimately sets the hotel apart from its competitors.

  • Allow valued guests an ultimate experience of staying at the hotel

Hotel facilities and hotel amenities play an important role in creating a memorable guest experience. Whether it’s a well-equipped fitness center, a luxurious spa, efficient luggage storage service, well – designed amenities kits these offerings go beyond the basic expectations, allowing guests to indulge in a memorable and comfortable stay. This focus on guest experience fosters loyalty, as guests are more likely to return and recommend the hotel to others.

  • Get more interest from the future guests

Positive experiences shared by guests contribute to the hotel’s reputation, generating interest from potential future guests. Nowadays, which is the digital age, where online reviews and social media influence decisions, hotels with special facilities and amenities are more likely to attract attention. Positive word-of-mouth marketing leads to increased interest and reservations, creating a positive cycle for the hotel’s success.


A Key element for a hotel’s success is the presence of outstanding hotel facilities and hotel amenities.

Briefly, the main difference between amenities and facilities is that the amenities refer to things that are designed to provide comfort and enjoyment to the guests while facilities basically refer to places or even equipment built to facilitate guests in their specific needs.

While the terms hotel facilities and hotel amenities are often used interchangeably, they refer to different aspects of a guest’s experience. Facilities include the physical structures and services that enhance functionality, while amenities are supplementary offerings that add comfort and satisfaction. By strategically investing in both, hotels can not only differentiate themselves in a competitive market but also ensure that guests have a good memorable and enjoyable stay, promoting loyalty and positive reviews.Every hotel should go beyond providing basic hotel service to stay ahead.



What Are The 5 Amenities for A 5-Star Hotel In 2024?

When you choose a 5-star hotel, the amenities in 5-star hotels can offer you ultimate comfort and convenience that you may never have expected before, and the hotel’s additional items can make a huge difference to a guest’s experience without representing a large additional expense with creativity that will impress their guests. Here are five necessary and unique 5-star hotel amenities that keep you up to date in 2024.

1. Business room center

Business centers are quite important for guests when they need to work and travel at the same time, and sometimes they come in the form of a co-working space, including some modern desks, computers, copiers, and a printer with safe and high-speed internet. For a group of guests, they can use a private meeting area or room for free.

The importance of having business room center

For business travelers, a business center or co-working space is now quite diverse as an on-site office area, especially in five-star hotels, because most guests always carry their electronic devices, such as laptops, iPads, or anything else to work with. All of the fundamental services that hotels must supply are listed above, and tourists may visit the country not just for vacation but also for work and business. In any case, it is a shared area that should be clean and completely furnished for usage, and all equipment should be ready to use so that guests can use it safely as a public device in hotels. To ensure that their business runs well, hotel or IT staff should assist guests if there is any problem with the tools.

2. Currency exchange service

As you are aware, when visiting a nation, you must use the currency of that country to purchase goods and services, and services of currency exchange in bangkok hotel exclusively for their customers. However, the hotel’s currency conversion rates may be slightly higher than bank rates, and the majority of the staff who are always responsible for this are front officers or receptionists.

The importance of having currency exchange service

What does this have to do with visitors? They save time by not having to go to a bank to exchange their currencies. In any case, you may be asked for your passport and room number, and the amount of foreign money in cash or a traveler’s check will be exchanged for local currencies.

And, because foreign currency exchanges are done in hotels through a tight system of checks and records, you must fill out a form with all the facts, including your name, date, passport number, room, amount, type of money, and more information. You need to exchange your money in a person; no one can do it for you in this case. 

3. Saltwater pool

In 2024, every hotel may have a conventional pool, but by soaking in a hotel’s saltwater pool, you might become and feel like a valued visitor.

You may enjoy the sensation of ocean water, which is much saltier and easier, without traveling anywhere with the best water quality for both indoors and outdoors, depending on the saltwater pool Bangkok hotel you stay in. This option is a thing you should not miss this year.

An indoor or outdoor saltwater swimming pool is the major feature of hotels, which can persuade clients to stay in five-star hotels.

It is even better than a chlorine pool because it helps to naturally exfoliate, soothe, and soften the skin, as well as alleviate sore muscles, stiffness, lung conditions, and joint pains, as this type of pool can heal any kind of inflammation and encourage ultimate relaxation that you may require after a long journey, and it is suitable for guests who enjoy being healthy. 

4. Baggage storage service

There are two kinds of luggage storage choices in five-star hotels: free and charged. Most big hotels provide luggage storage for customers who arrive early before check-in or stay late after check-out.

Hotel staff will keep your luggage in a secure area, and you can get it later as needed, but you must notify them beforehand, and they will not take hazardous materials such as explosives, poison, or flammable liquids, just like what you should do on a plane like their safety conditions.

Guests become more relaxed

Guests will undoubtedly feel more at ease and convenience than dragging big luggage before or after check-in or check-out to leave their luggage at a hotel.

To be sure, you can hire a luggage storage service as an option since you can leave your luggage with them, and they are happy to bring your luggage directly to a hotel, saving you time on turnaround.

And, on occasion, you will need to verify with a hotel about luggage storage availability and storage room hours. Luggage storage services may have varying hours for their customers, but you should look for reliable and secure services to keep your belongings safe.

5. Free shuttle bus from the airport to the hotel

Five-star hotels provide free shuttle bus service from airports to hotels as a complimentary service, but you must book a shuttle bus with the hotel you stay for pick-up and drop-off as needed, and it is better than you finding a car for yourself because there may be a lot of passengers at the airports, or you may find metered taxis, which are the easiest way to get out there, but it does not save you money, so please ask your hotel if it offers this service for your own benefit and convenience. 

Guests become more relaxed

Yes, it is better to drive oneself to a hotel after a long flight, or find a taxi among the crowd by yourself, and as previously noted, most luxury and high-end hotels offer 24-hour complimentary airport shuttle services that run every hour to assure smooth transit to and from the airport.

They can pick you up and drop you off at various tourist places and shopping centers throughout the city, so you don’t have to worry about that because it is a complimentary service provided by the hotel. 


Like the five lists we presented above, each 5-star hotel may have a different style of these additional facilities and services, and there may be other specific amenities provided by a five-star hotel that cannot be found elsewhere, so you should look for and consider where to stay again in bangkok hotel.


Worry less, Travel more


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