The best sim cards for tourist’s in Thailand

SIM cards in Thailand

Getting a local sim card when you travel to Thailand is highly recommended. The Internet is very important to most of us these days and it can improve your travel quality if you have access to the local networks. You can search for directions, look up the most popular attractions or update your social media accounts all while you are abroad.

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However, the problem is that you might not be familiar with the local service providers, so AIRPORTELs has gathered all the information you need to help you get connected while you are in Thailand. There are 3 big companies who provide signal service in Thailand. There is AIS (the green one), True (the red one), and DTAC (the blue one). As a result, the most common problem is knowing which company you should choose. Therefore, AIRPORTELs will explain some of the main benefits of each company and package clearly for you.

best sim in thai,sim

Get the best deals

The package that we will elaborate on is the package for 299 THB from each of the three companies. All packages offer unlimited internet with a maximum speed of up to 2.5 GB for 8 days except for AIS who offer only 7 days. You will get 100 THB call credit. It costs 0.99 THB per minute for DTAC and True while it costs 1 THB per minute for AIS.

Since there is only a slight difference in the packages from each company, there is one more thing to consider which the internet speed is. According to, AIS ranked first in THAILAND’S FASTEST MOBILE NETWORKS 2016 AWARD. It’s followed by True and then DTAC. AIS won with the upload speed and download speed of 21.36 and 12.41 Mbps while True just lost out with 20.79 and 11.15 Mbps. DTAC came in at speeds of 17.98 and 9.35Mbps.


Finally, the last thing you want to consider is the privileges that come with using a particular company. We have listed below some of the affiliated companies who offer promotions to customers of each sim card provider.

Promotions from SIM card providers


  • Madame Tussauds Bangkok
  • SEA LIFE Bangkok
  • Central Department Stores
  • Grab services


  • Insurance
  • BTS
  • McDonald’s
  • Dairy Queen
  • Dean & Deluca
  • Take Me Tour
  • Cookly
  • Ran Tai

If your internet quota is finished or you haven’t bought a sim card, many of the main airports and shopping malls in Thailand have free Wi-Fi services. For those who travel through Suvarnabhumi International Airport, you can connect to the free Wi-Fi after you fill out a short online form which is quick and easy.

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At Suvarnabhumi airport, AIRPORTELs are located on B Floor which is the same floor as the Airport Rail Link to Bangkok city centre. For Luggage Storage, AIRPORTELs guarantees the best price at Suvarnabhumi Airport.

No matter the size or weight of your luggage, we offer the same price: 100 THB per day!

luggage delivery at suvarnabhumi,storage

Customers can entrust leaving their luggage with AIRPORTELs as we consider safety and customer satisfaction our highest priorities. Your luggage will be kept in a proper storage room with 24-hour security.

Finally, AIRPORTELs is willing to take care of electronic devices such as laptops or sports equipment such as bicycles. Our service provides insurance of up to 100,000 THB on all items, available for both short term and long term storage.

Luggage Storage at Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK) – AIRPORTELs Thailand

Price and Promotion 2018 | AIRPORTELs Luggage Storage Service

Famous Bangkok Riverside Shopping – Chao Phraya River

Bangkok City, Thailand, is one of the most famous shopping destinations for tourists from all around the globe. They can get almost everything they need in this city. There are lots of shopping malls, Bangkok riverside shopping and local markets for wholesale and retail which offer reasonable prices you can easily touch and get for friends and family members or even for selling yourself.

Thinking about shopping places in Bangkok may remind you of some riverside malls or local markets that are located near the river where you can also see the Chao Phraya River’s view while you enjoy spending money.

As you may know there are a lot of shopping malls in Bangkok city, but getting to know local Bangkok riverside shopping places may give you a new shopping experience you’ve never had before.

People come to the city for different reasons, some people come to Bangkok just for food, some people come for its variety of culture and of course some people come for shopping.

Let’s explore some famous riverside shopping places in Bangkok where you will never get bored.

Asiatique The Riverfront – the 1st great shopping mall in Bangkok Riverside

Asiatique proudly presents Thai living style along the Chao Phraya Bangkok riverside.

Asiatique is the first great Bangkok riverside shopping mall in Bangkok that includes shopping places, food and other activities in one place. That makes this location more unique and interesting than the others. You can also touch the scent of Thai culture and modernity at the same time while enjoying your time here. Asiatique is divided into three main shopping districts.

Charoen Krung District: the new high way to modernity of the country.  Here, you will find old-fashioned and new culture clashing together. More than 1,000 retailors are waiting for you to shop here.

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Town Square District: a mix of Thai and Western cultures presented through international food. You can also find sports and activity courts here.

Factory District: the area to present fashion works, cool restaurants and other product retailers.

More Information:

Tha Phra Chan market – an old-fashioned market

This place welcomes you come since seven o’clock in the morning until five in the evening. Tha Phra Chan market is not far from the emerald Buddha temple or Wat Phra Kaew. You will find a bunch of amulets which attracts people to come here. If you want to feel the Buddhism, you should come here and get yourself or your friends some amulets.

Tha Phra Chan is of course famous for the amulets where Thais and foreigners come to buy them. If you like such things don’t miss this place.

Klong San market – plenty of clothes can be found here

If you are looking for low-cost outfits, you are right to be here. No matter what kind of clothes you want, you can get them here. Klong San market is a very energetic market. Thai people always come here to get their clothes for themselves, their kids, and their parents. There are different sizes of shops located near the river until the main road. Not only clothes, but you can also get some fresh food and local desserts for yourself.

River City Bangkok Riverside – open from 8 AM – 6 PM

If you are interested in antique objects, this place is right for you. Not only Thai people love to come here, but also foreigners who come for its well known objects. You can also find an art gallery where the bidding for its contemporary arts takes place.  Around the River City, you can also find plenty of restaurants that offer Thai and international foods. You can enjoy the view of the river while enjoying the food.

More Information:

Sampeng market – beginning of Bangkok’s China Town

Considered the original of Bangkok China Town, Chinese people migrated to this area and built their permanent homes here. After that, they started commerce. While you enjoy shopping, you can also see old buildings along the street. There are different types of delicious foods to eat, clothes and Chinese medications are sold here. You will definitely enjoy walking around, tasting some food, buying whatever you want or what you don’t even want because of the attraction itself.

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Places to Visit around Siam instead of Shopping – BKK City Centre

Siam is very famous for shopping. There are many shopping malls in this area; Siam Paragon, Siam Discovery, Siam Center, Siam Square One, Central World and MBK Center are all located in very close proximity to each other.

around Siam

With all these malls, you can start to feel overwhelmed with shopping, and you might want to give it a break. Luckily there are some hidden gems tucked away around Siam.

AIRPORTELs lists 4 places to visit if you’re bored with shopping in Siam.

SEA LIFE Bangkok Ocean World

The largest aquarium in South East Asia lies under one of the most popular shopping malls in Thailand. It is on B floor of Siam Paragon. It’s suitable for every type of tourist. Many sea creatures are there waiting for you to discover.

around Siam

It’s open every day from 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM. You can spend around two hours there. There are many interesting shows in the aquarium. You can check the show times at the official SEA LIFE BANGKOK website before visiting the aquarium.

More information:

Madame Tussauds Bangkok

The most famous wax museum in the world is also here in Bangkok. You will have a chance to meet and greet with celebrities from all over the world on the 6th floor of Siam Discovery. You will meet the most realistic wax models, so real that you might find it difficult to distinguish between the real one and the model. It’s open 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM every day.

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Visiting Madame Tussauds Bangkok takes approximately an hour. There is an exclusive promotion where you can get a cheaper price for visiting both SEA LIFE Bangkok Ocean World and Madame Tussauds Bangkok. 

More information:

Bangkok Art & Culture Centre (BACC)

It’s a place that art lovers shouldn’t miss, and even if you’re not an “art person”, it’s a place to have a well spent afternoon. The exhibitions are constantly rotating so be sure to check the current exhibition at BACC official website.

The most important thing is it’s free. It’s open every day except Monday from 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM. The exhibits in BACC are mostly fine arts from Thai artists and sometimes from international artists.

More Information:

Jim Thompson House

A traditional Thai house located in the heart of bustling Siam, this relic is the former home of Jim Thompson, an American businessman who lived in Thailand during the 1950s and 1960s and was famous for revitalising the Thai Silk industry.

The house is filled with many valuable Thai arts. It’s open every day from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

More Information:

mbk center,bag deposit,

If you plan to visit any of these attractions around siam, you can drop off your luggage first at AIRPORTELs MBK Center counter around siam. We are located on the 6th floor and prices start from as little as100 THB per day for Luggage Storage, regardless of size or weight. We can also send your luggage directly from MBK Center to the airport or your hotel.

You can make an online booking in a matter of moments and be on your way to enjoy the Siam area.

4 Iconic Shopping Centers to represent the name of “Siam”

Where can you find Free Luggage Storage in Bangkok City?

Bangkok Luggage Delivery Solution! 3 Reasons Why You Need AIRPORTELs

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Chao Phraya Tourist Boat along the Chao Phraya River

Chao Phraya Tourist Boat (Blue Flag) cruises along the Chao Phraya River stopping at Chao Phraya River piers connecting to Bangkok’s tourist attractions.

You can explore Bangkok with convenience and safety. One-day River Pass holders can travel from pier to pier with no concern about purchasing boat tickets again or getting lost. Before stepping aboard, you can store your luggage at any one of the 3 AIRPORTELs storage counters located at major shopping malls in Bangkok;

  • Terminal 21 located at 1st Floor, Tokyo Zone (3 Hours Free Storage).
  • MBK Center located at 6th Floor, B Zone (4 Hours Free Storage).
  • Central World located at 1st Floor, Groove Zone (2 Hours Free Storage).
Chao Phraya Tourist Boat,Chao Phraya River

Route Map & Piers

The boat stops at 8 piers along the chao phraya river and connects to famous tourist attractions in Bangkok. Starting from Chao Phraya Express Boat stop at Sathorn pier where you can connect to the BTS sky train (Saphan Taksin Station), the boat travels south stopping at several piers before making its way back to Sathorn pier via the same route.

The Chao Phraya Tourist Boat service provides tourists with the opportunity to see Bangkok from a whole new perspective. With one-day tickets, tourists can easily travel from pier to pier without having to worry about purchasing boat tickets again that day.

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Ticket Fares of Chao Phraya Express Boat

There are 2 Ticket Types:

Single-journey Ticket (50 Baht). Valid for one “Hop off” only. Buy a new ticket to hop back on.

One-day River Pass (180 Baht). Unlimited “hopping” within business hours on the purchase date.

Read more:

Chao Phraya 9 – Temple Tour

Chao Phraya 9Temple Tour,temple tour

Departing from Sathorn Pier, board the boat at 9am and flow to 9 noteworthy temples until 5pm. A few morning highlights are: the famously unique Fresco-technique murals at Wat Ratchatiwat Ratchaworwihan (an honourable temple to visit as its name means “The Temple Where the King Resides”), a 900-year-old golden Buddhist statue said to contain fragments of the Buddha’s bone at Wat Karuehabodi, and more.

Start the afternoon by feeding fish and ringing the bell at Wat Rakang for a blessing. A subsequent stop takes you to the most famous temple in Bangkok, Wat Arun–a stunning place of ancient and intricate designs with a long and intriguing history. The final stop lands you at Wat Yannawa, a temple that stirs up imagery of life in the Ayutthaya period.

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Get FREE Luggage Storage and Book a Tour

Store your luggage at MBK Center located at 6th Floor, B Zone and get 4 Hours Free Storage. No matter the size or weight of your luggage, we offer the same price. Customers can entrust leaving their luggage with AIRPORTELs as we consider safety and customer satisfaction our highest priorities.

Your lugggae will be kept in a proper storage room with 24 Hr Security. We are willing to take care of electronic devices such as laptops or sports equipment such as bicycles. Our service provides insurance of up to 100,000 THB on all items, available for both short term and long term storage.

In addition, AIRPORTELs also offer luggage & parcel delivery services to satisfy tourists who desire to deliver luggage and parcels to their hotel or the airport. Our counter is available from 10:00 – 22:00.

Where can you find Free Luggage Storage in Bangkok City?

3 Tips – Help you navigate Bangkok taxis better

Bangkok Travel – Tips, things and guide

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3 Things to Try in Sukhumvit

Sukhumvit is one of the most crowded areas in Bangkok. Many tourists tend to stay around Sukhumvit as it’s an area that can cover every type of traveler.

It may be very popular for night life, but there are many things to explore in this area. AIRPORTELs lists 3 things for you to try in Sukhumvit.

1. Flight Experience Bangkok

Have you ever dreamt of being a pilot who controls an aircraft and enjoy the view which only pilots can see? You will definitely love this place. Flight Experience Bangkok provides you with a chance to be a pilot with their flight simulation program.

You will experience everything a pilot has to do. For example, take-offs and landings and even varying weather conditions. A real pilot is with you during the simulation.


There is nothing to be afraid of. It’s open everyday from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm. It’s located on the 2nd floor of Gateway Ekkamai, a shopping mall connected to BTS Ekkamai.

  • Gateway Ekkamai, 2nd Floor, Sukhumvit road, Klong Toey, Phra Khanong, Bangkok
  • Tel: +66 (0)2 048 9922, +66 (0)84 614 2694 and +66 (0)92 529 4616
  • Price Range: a 30 minute flight experience costs 4,550 THB; a 60 minute flight experience costs 6,900 THB

More Information:

cycling tour at sukhumvit

2. Cycling Tour at Sukhumvit

On the surface of Sukhumvit, everything seems to be so vivid to tourists. There are shopping malls, clubs, restaurants and many other businesses packed into this area.Cycling tours in Bangkok offer some of the most immersive trips you can do around the city as you get an immediate connection to your surroundings not usually offered by other modes of transport.

Sukhumvit,cycling tour at sukhumvit

Bangkok cycle tours don’t usually require a very high level of fitness and are suitable for most visitors thanks to mostly flat terrain, excellent equipment and early starts in the warm morning breeze. Peddle off the well-beaten tourist track on two wheels on one of these excellent trips.

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They will take you to every nook and cranny of Bangkok. A quick internet search will show you a handful of companies offering cycling tours around town. Most trips take half a day.

More information:

3.Pier 21 Food Terminal

This is a food court located in Terminal 21, the main shopping mall in Asok area, connected directly to the BTS and MRT. This is one of the tastiest and cleanest food courts in Bangkok. Located on the 5th floor of this unique ‘one city, one floor’ lifestyle mall, Terminal 21 food court has an excellent cross-section of Thai cuisine, with Chinese, Indian and Western options too.


The food court is called Pier 21 as it is designed in the style of a fisherman’s wharf in San Francisco: everything is bright with plenty of trees and plants around to create an aesthetically pleasing environment. It’s cheap, but it’s full of quality.

More information:


If you want to try any of these activities AIRPORTELs have a service counter located inside Terminal 21 (BTS Asok). It is on the 1st floor which can be recognized by the Tokyo theme decorations. It’s near the elevator. You can store your luggage free for 3 hours. Extra hours will be counted as our one day price which is only 100 THB.

Read More

Today, you can manage your time more efficiently

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Shopping Cute things at Sampeng

Sampeng market is one of the most exciting and busiest parts of Bangkok city. Sampeng market is located at Sampeng lane in Chinatown. It is a great attraction for tourists and buy cute things at Sampeng locals in Bangkok, Thailand.

In addition, this place is one of the cheapest places and have many cute things at sampeng for shoppingSampeng market is the right place for you to get the best souvenir for your family and friends; this is one good reason to visit Sampeng Market.

Sampeng market

Then there is Sampeng Lane which is really just an extension of Sampeng Market. Although Sampeng Lane is mostly a wholesale fabrics market you can find the same items and accessories such as stickers, wigs, shoes, clothing, flashing knick-knacks, gems, jewelries and household items. Sampeng market was settled during the establishment of the capital of Rattanakosin, now it is called Bangkok by the Teochew Chinese who had been relocated to make way for the Grand Palace.

When you walk around you will see a lot of old buildings with signs that have Chinese characters. This is because Sampeng has a deep historical significance with Thai and Chinese. So this place is well known as the oldest wholesale market in all of Bangkok.The original street of Sampeng, is now officially known as Soi Wanit 1

Sampeng market

As you know, This is one of the best places to buy products and find cute things at sampeng wholesale rates in Bangkok. It is also the best place for you to enjoy shopping cute thing at sampeng. Sampeng Market is a place where you can find Gifts, cute things and Premium Products sold in retail & wholesale prices especially during the festivals throughout the year such as Chinese New Year, Valentine’s Day and Christmas Season.

Many small business owners come to Sampeng Market to buy wholesale priced products for selling in their shops. The price is cheap and the goods have nice designs. So many tourists love to buy cute thing at Sampeng and travel in this market.

What you can buy

As you know that Thailand is abundant in natural resources, so of course you will see a lot of handmade goods. Let’s see what kind of handmade gifts and cute things at sampeng that visitors can buy from Sampeng market.

  • Keychains made with wood with nice designs with good quality materials. The most interesting thing is in some shops you can design your own key chains. For example, you can put the name of the person or paint it by yourself.
  • Jewelry – you will see plenty of handmade jewelry, you can find sorts of inexpensive jewelry from real silver,earrings, necklace, and rings.
  • Thai Fabrics -Sampeng Market is also a wonderful place to pick out one of Thailand’s thousands of locally-produced Thai and cotton fabrics. There are many kinds of fabric with colorful designs and the price is cheap and the quality also good.
  • Wrist watches – you will find many wrist watch shops with tons of variety and styles of watches. The degree of quality on wrist watch is something you should really examine while you’re at those shops.
Sampeng market
  • Flip flops– made with Thai rubber and also cheap, there are many kinds and colors.
  • Stationeries– school supplies such as notebooks, calculators pens, and pencils
  • Cosmetics – such as lipsticks, eyeliners, perfumes, and nail polish.
  • Snacks – Sampeng Market has lots of stalls selling them. Dried fruit, spicy dried fruit, nuts, raisins, cookies, dried fish, dried squid, potato chips, taro chips.
  • Phone cases – there are many nice phone cases with great designs. You will see different kinds of phone cases and different prices. However, all are low price.
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This just an example of the things that you can find cute things at  Sampeng market. You also can buy things such as, dolls, toys, hair wigs, costumes, hair pins, artificial flowers, household goods, cosmetics and souvenirs at Sampeng Market.

Mobile gadgets are available in this market too. If you are good at bargaining, you can buy products at a much cheaper price at Sampeng Market. Many retail shopkeepers visit this market to maintain their product stock.

If you are feeling hungry, you can pass on to the side-way food stalls and restaurants. The food stalls serve a large number of mouthwatering dishes mostly of Chinese origin.  At Sampeng market you can enjoy shopping and eating as the same time.

Sampeng market

A majority of stores and shops in Sampeng open 7 days a week

Day time

Usually open from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM. Most of the shops in this market sell goods like clothes or toys for children. This is one of the cute things at sampeng markets in Bangkok that remains open during daytime. On the weekends more crowded.

Sampeng market

Night time

During the night time, most shops are open from 11:00 PM but most customers come at 1:00 AM until 6:00 AM in the morning. The goods that are sold during this time are the same as during the day-time but customers often buy goods in large amounts.

How to get there

There are many ways to get to Sampeng Market. You can get to Sampeng Market by Bus, Taxi, Rail, and express boat systems. But the easiest way to get to Sampeng is via the Chao Phraya Express Boat (N5 Ratchawongse or N6 Memorial Bridge/SaphanPhut) from Sathorn Pier, off SaphanTaksin BTS station.

Get off at Rajchawongse Pier and walk straight on Ratchawongse Road for about 300 meters to get to the market. You can also travel via the mass transit systems; go to Hualumphong(MRT) or Wong Wian Yai(BTS) and take a short taxi ride to Sampeng.

Hotels nearby Sampeng Market

For those who want to shop at night time, near Sampeng Market, you will find a large number of hotels that vary in price, services and offerings. Hotels ranking from 1 star to 5 star luxurious hotels are available in this region.

Sampeng Lane

  • Sampeng Lane (Soi Wanit 1), Bangkok
  • Open daily, around 09:00–17:00
  • Admission : Free

More information

The greatest street food @ Yaowarat

Where can you find Free Luggage Storage in Bangkok City?

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Where can you find Free Luggage Storage in Bangkok City?

free luggage storage bangkok,bag deposit,luggage storage

After your arrival in Bangkok, don’t let your heavy luggage hold you back from exploring the city straight away. Get to AIRPORTELs for FREE Luggage Storage!

AIRPORTELs offers trustable and affordable Luggage Storage and Luggage Delivery.

We can deliver and store your luggage quickly and securely. Walk freely to any local attraction, business meeting, shopping mall, or restaurant without carrying heavy luggage, while your belongings are delivered to your hotel.

AIRPORTELs has no restrictions on size or weight! Your luggage will be stored in a secure room with 24-hour security, and you can enjoy your vacation or business time with more freedom.

luggage storage,luggage delivery,luggage storage bangkok

Free Luggage Storage

Forget about traffic jams or carrying heavy luggage in mass transit. AIRPORTELs improves the quality of your travels by providing convenience, with Free Luggage Storage at 3 major shopping malls in downtown Bangkok!


  • Terminal 21 located at 1st Floor, Tokyo Zone (3 Hours Free Storage).
  • MBK Center located at 6th Floor, B Zone (4 Hours Free Storage).
  • Central World located at 1st Floor, Groove Zone (2 Hours Free Storage).
  • Terminal 21 Pattaya located at 2nd Floor, Tokyo Zone, Street 6
  • Phuket International Airport located at 1st Floor
  • Central Foresta Phuket located at G Floor, nearby tourist lounge
  • Central Patong Phuket located at 1st Floor, Service Zone

Staying a bit longer?

AIRPORTELs also offer Long Term Luggage Storage. If you plan to travel around Asia and come back to Bangkok on your return journey, this is a service that offers great value, and they are willing to take care of electronic devices or sports equipment such as bicycles.

1 day starts at 100 THB

5 – 7 days starts at 500 THB

15 – 30 days starts at 2,000 THB

AIRPORTELs Luggage Storage currently has 2 airport counters:

  • Suvarnabhumi International Airport located at B Floor, Airport Rail Link Zone.
  • Don Mueang International Airport located at G Floor, Terminal 2 Gate 9.


Don Mueang Luggage Storage only 69 THB per day

Luggage delivery anywhere in Bangkok

How to deliver luggage and suitcase from hotel to airport in Bangkok

How to go to AIRPORTELs Counter


4 Iconic Shopping Centers to represent the name of “Siam”


Journeying inside the heart of Bangkok can be exciting especially when it is about shopping. We never get bored of the joy when seeing brand-new accessories or witnessing bizarre visual. It almost feels like some stuff can really tap into our minds, and put some smiles on our faces.

However, if you want to shop at these iconic shopping centers of Siam, you have to prepare yourself for more than just that, because they are not only designed to touch your money but your soul.

siam paragon,siam

Siam Paragon

It is one of the liveliest shopping centers which aims to respond to all aspects of your desires. Either you want to hang out with your friends playing bowling, buying a new luxury car for your estate, or tasting delicious gourmet meals, this place can serve it to you.

One of the most interesting features is the “Sea Life Bangkok” aquarium on the basement floor where you and your family can enjoy exotic sea creatures.

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Some little tips are you can book in advance to obtain some discount for the ticket as well as utilize its tourist card to get most refund out of your shopping. Siam Paragon also constantly improves their space and implements new ideas while always maintaining its quality at the pinnacle. It is, therefore, the place you definitely should pay a visit.

siam square one

Siam Square One

Siam Square One employs nature into its design creating bright, airy and refreshing space for people. It holds a perfect combination of food and shopping with many unique stores and restaurants being the main feature. Famous for its fair cuisine, crowds usually gather here to savor appetizing dishes and connect with each other.

Its shopping zones are, likewise, shine by tons of local store assembling on the B floor offering special merchandises and souvenirs you cannot find in traditional brand shops. Moreover, the shopping center has KBank SIAM PIC-GANESHA Theatre, the third biggest theatre in Thailand, on its 7th floor which you can check the schedule for performances to fit with yours and maximize the memorable experience during your stay.

siam discovery

Siam Discovery

This shopping center focuses heavily on its extraordinary concept while integrating art as a part of its structure. Every floor is stylized to match with different lifestyles reflecting parts of our lives. Lots of professional brand stores are available for you to stop by along with some that you might not be able to find anywhere else.

The two services that rise above all are the coworking space “Discovery Habba” and the world-class fitness “Virgin Active”. By establishing the idea sharing space, Siam Discovery steps beyond the mainstream providing an opportunity for startup entrepreneurs to share and discover their dreams, while attracting new generation customers with the world of exercise complex on 4500 sq. meters. You might become a regular here before you know it.

siam center,siam

Siam Center

Siam Center is where technology meets with shopping. To distinguish itself from the rest and prevent people to grow bored, the place invites you to interact, have fun and shop for the most recent trend at the same time. Holding fashion as its core, the shopping center implement digital closet for you to try out endless outfits as one of many features.

Among the stores, there are some exclusive to Siam Center which you will not encounter at any part of the world. Also, it values the young blood by open up a gate of opportunity for fresh designers to present their creations which may amaze even experts. It is the location you cannot miss for all the reasons.

Shopping center does not have to be all about shopping. It can provide you with dreams, ideas, activities and connections. Whether you plan to go as a lone wolf or in a lovely pack, these places are ready to welcome you with loads of fun. The only warning is that be prepared to go home with your hands full, your mind filled and your heart touched.

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Siam Discovery – Explore your own lifestyle

siam discovery,siam,bangkok

As consumers’ demands, like ours, grow restlessly every second, mall after mall are trying to keep the pace. The change is so quick that some are even left behind in the old era, but not Siam Discovery. With recent renovation and implementation of ideas, it, now, becomes much more than just an ordinary shopping center magnetizing every single living heart under the concept of “The Biggest Arena of Lifestyle Experiments”.

Building of Art

To engage customers in an exclusive atmosphere, the retail plans its building with the sense of art gallery. You can absorb the beauty in the air as you slowly walk on your shopping journey or savor tasty meals in a gourmet café. Each part of the space is also resemblance exhibition which tells gripping story urging you to go on a new adventure.

Discovery Lab

siam discovery,siam,bangkok

Naming itself a “hybrid retail”, Siam Discovery wishes to create totally unique and exciting experience for all the visitors. Each floor is separated into different “Lifestyle Lab”, yet seamlessly sews together with the design of “Discovery Lab” allowing you to discover and experiment the best version of yourself.

With aspects of lifestyles the labs contain, you will find them interesting even they are not the styles you are searching for.

Modern design of Siam Discovery

G floor l Her Lab 

– This lab calls upon armies of brands only to please ladies. Professional stylists are willing to aid you with the latest fashion, but you may have to let them know in advance.

M floor l His Lab 

– As the name has mentioned, the lab is carefully planned specifically for men. Whether you are on a quest to find your own style or want to refine the existed one, this place welcomes you with open arms.

1st floor l Street Lab 

– Dreaming to be a king and queen of the street? Look no further as this lab has it all for you. Looking cool with the chic shoes or rocking soccer field with your new move is no longer a dream.

2nd floor l Digital Lab & Rubbers 

– If digital is your passion, then you are home. This lab is your gateway into digital world with brand-new gadgets and technology. Also, for individuals who are in love with the road, this floor will serve you well too. A simulation motorbike is resting here waiting to show its potential with the right rider.

3rd floor l Creative Lab 

– Let’s find your own wings of inspiration with this lab. With thousands of well-designed products, you can explore stories behind products and who knows? You might spark your imagination and create something beyond.

4th floor l Play Lab 

– Siam Discovery aims to keep you fun with this lab. You can enjoy and smile with the things you love; models, toys, bikes and many more. If you are a person of passion, dream and idea for your own business, an idea-sharing space is waiting for you in this lab also to make it become reality.

5th floor l Innovation Lab 

– This lab mainly belongs to a world-class fitness Virgin Active. The club provides advanced innovative exercise as well as technology to help keep you in shape. You may be a regular here just after the first try.

Night view of Siam Discovery

My Kitchen

The kitchen employs the idea of “Eat-Meet-Mingle” as a community hang out spot in Siam Discovery. It combines food into the joy of social interaction and lifestyle activities.

The spot allows you to share ideas, have fun, or even connect with old and new faces along with premium food to keep your stomach full and your taste bud cheer. Many cuisines are available to be your choice keeping it away from being just a routine.

Now that I have already explored my lifestyles, it is time for yours. You cannot simply find it by just looking at the mirror in your house, but to go outside and discover.

Siam Discovery is a good place to begin your own story and if you look closely enough, certainly you will see your true self through this Exploratorium.

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Bangkok Street Food Thai cuisine – Bangkok, Thailand

          Bangkok Street Food Thai cuisine – Bangkok, Thailand is the capital and the most populous city of Thailand. It is known in Thai as Krung Thep Maha Nakhon or simply about this sound Krung Thep. The city occupies 1,568.7 square kilometres (605.7 sq mi) in the Chao Phraya River delta in Central Thailand, and has a population of over 8 million, or 12.6 percent of the country’s population. Over 14 million people (22.2 percent) live within the surrounding Bangkok Metropolitan Region, making Bangkok an extreme primate city, dwarfing Thailand’s other urban centres in terms of importance.

Bangkok Street Food
Many kind of thai food sell in street market , thailand

Thai cuisine is the national cuisine of Thailand. Balance, detail and variety are of paramount significance to Thai chefs. In his book The Principles of Thai Cookery, renowned celebrity chef, writer and authority on Thai cuisine McDang wrote:

“What is Thai food?”

Every country in the world has its own food profile. It reflects its culture, environment, ingenuity and values. In the case of Thailand, these words come to mind: intricacy; attention to detail; texture; color; taste; and the use of ingredients with medicinal benefits, as well as good flavor.

Bangkok Street Food
Bangkok street food

We not only pay attention to how a dish tastes: we are also concerned about how it looks, how it smells, and how it fits in with the rest of the meal. We think of all parts of the meal as a whole – sum rap Thai (the way Thais eat), is the term we use for the unique components that make up a characteristically Thai meal.”
Thai cooking places emphasis on lightly prepared dishes with strong aromatic components and a spicy edge. It is known for its complex interplay of at least three and up to four or five fundamental taste senses in each dish or the overall meal: sour, sweet, salty, bitter and spicy. Australian chef David Thompson, a prolific chef and expert on Thai food, observed that unlike many other cuisines:

Bangkok Street Food
Thai style grill in banana leaf at the market

“Thai food ain’t about simplicity. It’s about the juggling of disparate elements to create a harmonious finish. Like a complex musical chord it’s got to have a smooth surface but it doesn’t matter what’s happening underneath. Simplicity isn’t the dictum here, at all. Some westerners think it’s a jumble of flavours, but to a Thai that’s important, it’s the complexity they delight in.”.

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luggage delivery, luggage storage, airportels, Bangkok, street food

luggage storage, luggage delivery, airportels, street food

How to keep luggage safe while you go traveling?

Where can you find Free Luggage Storage in Bangkok City?

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