Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

A: Absolutely YES! Once we confirm the order, your reservation is on our schedule. Your luggage will be collected at least 3 hours before your collecting time and delivered to the airport at least 3 hours before your flight departures. You may message us via Facebook, Line, WeChat, Whatsapp or e-mail to check it. For further information please Contact us.

A: After you book the service online, you only need to pack and lock your luggage properly. After all, you just drop at the reception and you’re ready to go!

A: AIRPORTELs Suvarnabhumi (BKK) counter is at Airport Rail Link area, B floor. You may follow the red sign “Express Line” to walk down the slope with the escalator.  After passing several stalls of currency exchange and pocket wifi, you will find our counter on the right. Check Find us to learn the journey.

A: NO, you don’t. AIRPORTELs service is as convenient as ever! You only have to drop your luggage at the reception and start your hands-free travel. We will update you delivery status via e-mail. You can also check by sending us your order no. via instant messenger apps, Facebook, Line, WeChat or Whatsapp.

A: You only have to show your passport to collect your luggage. Please make sure the collector has the same information on the booking receipt.

A: Please Contact us.

A: AIRPORTELs will always be on time. In case that an unfortunate event happens, AIRPORTELs will be fully responsible, arrange a specific agent to help your, and deliver your belongings to your ultimate destination by air express.

A: Each luggage is insured up to 100,000 THB with the contents inside. The suitcase, or container, is insured up to 10,000 THB.

A: Please e-mail your booking no., name, passport no., and the updated information. We’ll proceed it and get back to you as soon as possible.

A: AIRPORTELs current opening hours is 08:00 – 23:00. Please collect your luggage no later than 23:00. However, we will extend our service hours later!


  1. I am not clear how to drop the luggage at your counter and should I pay online in advance or at counter during luggage drop?
    I want to drop and pick the luggage at airport only

    1. Hi, if you directly walk in to our counter you just show you passport there and our staff will serve you.
      For delivery service you have to pay when you drop your luggage counter.
      For storage service you pay when you pick up your luggage ( except you store more than 30 days in that case you have to pay for first 30 day when you drop off )

    2. Hi, I was just wondering if you have to book or you can just turn up with your bags on the day. Also can you store your luggage forbid over one month?

      1. You can show up at the counter without booking in advance.
        And you can store more than 1 month but more than 30 days you have to pay 2,000 THB when you dropped and pay the rest when you retrieved.

  2. Hello… is it possible that someone else pick the luggage for me? My situation is I’m travelling first to Bangkok bringing some of my friends luggage since there are a lot. Is it possible that I leave it there & she will pick up day after or I should just fill it up her details during booking?

    1. Hi SAIFUL,
      For your question the answer is yes!
      When you come to using our service please inform our staff first that your friends will pick up the luggage.
      Hope this helps.

  3. Hi, I have a layover in Bangkok Airport. Wish to go to Bangkok City. Can I leave my laptop bag for a shorter period with you?

    1. Hi RAMESH,
      Of course you can but for electronic device we not have insurance in the case that get any damaged.
      We only insurance in the case that missing but please show it to our staff first to ensure that you will get the insurance in the case that anything happen.
      By the way please don’t worry about it cause our staff will take care every stuff the best they can 🙂

  4. Hi guys do u work 24 hours or you have fixed time?

    1. Hi MOHAMED,
      We open 24 hours only at the airport, kindly see our service time as following :

      BKK Suvarnabhumi Airport – 24 HRS
      B Floor, Airport Rail Link, Suvarnabhumi Airport

      DMK Don Mueang Airport – 24 HRS
      1st Floor, Gate 9, Terminal 2, Don Mueang Airport

      MBK Shopping Center – 10:00 – 22:00
      Zone B, 6th Floor, MBK Center

      Terminal 21 Shopping Mall – 10:00 – 22:00
      Japan Zone, 1st Floor, Terminal 21 Shopping Mall

      Central World – 10:00 – 22:00
      Groove Zone, 1st Floor, Central World

  5. Hi,
    My flight time 2:00 am on 30 the SEP. I want to book luggage from 29th SEP morning till 29th SEP 11:00 pm. how can we do that.

    1. Hi JEETENDER,

      For luggage storage service you can directly walk-in to our counter without makeing a reservation in advance

  6. Hi : can I leave my bag to your counter before the costum counter ?? If yes how can I collect my bag in the departure day when I make check in

    1. Hi ABDUL,
      Our counter is outside the costum counter so please leave that zone and drop at our counter directly.
      Our counter at the airport are open 24 hours, please do not hesitate to contact us if you have further questions.

  7. I will be arriving in DMK airport on November 21, but i have a domestic flight to Chiang Mai on the same day. I will be in Chiang Mai for 5 days. I would like to leave some of my luggage in DMK since i don’t want to bring all of my luggages in Chiang Mai. How can i make the booking?

      For luggage storage service you can directly walk-in to our counter without making a reservation in advance.
      Or click Contact us to make a reservation with our customer support directly , our support service time is 24/7 🙂

  8. Hi,
    If I have a surfboard in a unique case for flights, can I use your service ? and how much it will cost for a bit more than 3 weeks.
    Also, Do I need to book a service before or I can do it right there ?

    1. Hi BEN,

      First of all we really appreciate for your interesting in our service.
      I’m delighted to the you that our service is available for your surfboard.
      You can show up at a counter without booking in advance or Contact us if you have any further questions

      About the price, kindly see our storage service promotion as following :
      1 day 100 THB/piece
      5-7 days 500 THB/piece
      26-30 days 2,000 THB/piece
      *This price for all branch except DMK airport that 69 THB/piece/day
      **For storage service we have no limitation for weight and seize.

  9. Hello, What do I need to do so a different person can pick up the luggage than who dropped it off? I have a friend who is leaving 10 days before me who will be dropping my bag so I can pick it up and fly home 10 days later. Thanks!

    1. Hi DAKOTA,
      Abosulutely! you can get the bag that dropped by your friend, Please tell you friend to infrom our staff when they drop the bag that other person will pick it up. After that tell them to take a photo of their passport & Order slip and sent it to you,then you show that photo when retreiving the bag 🙂

  10. Hey, my friend will drop off my bag and I will collect two days later. He will drop off at BKK airport. Do you have service to storage+ deliver to DMK airport. So I can pick up from dmk directly

    1. Hi THILAK,
      I’m delighted to tell you that we have the delivery service from BKK airport to DMK airport.
      About the different people that drop off and pick up the luggage, please told your frined to inform our staff first when dropped that luggage.
      After that please told your friend to give the photo of passport and order slip to you for pick up the luggage

  11. Hi. Do you also pick up luggage from hotels? I am going to Chiang May from DMK, but will arrive back into BKK to take my outgoing flight, so I would like to get someone to pick up my luggage and keep it at BKK directly for when I return.

    1. Hi AnaMaria,

      I’m delight to tell you that we can pick up from hotels and delivery to BKK airport.
      If you drop your luggage before 12.00 pm, the price is 400 THB for first luggage and 199 THB per each of following luggage.
      If you drop after 12.00 pm, the first luggage is 600 THB but the following luggaeg still the same price.

      Please do not hesitate to Contact us if you have further questions.

  12. Hello.
    I’d like to drop off one suitcase at the AIRPORTELs counter at DMK airport in the morning.
    And I want to pick up it at the Three Sukhumvit Hotel in Bangkok the next day.
    I have to fill in the time to pick up baggage in a booking form.
    I have a question about it.
    The time when I arrive at the hotel is not sure.
    Do I have to be at the hotel when I pick up the luggage at the time?
    Or can the staff of the hotel receive it before I check in the hotel?

    1. Hi Nori,

      Please don’t worry about it, we will make a confirmation with hotel staff first to make sure they will keep the luggage for you.
      If you have have anything concern or want to tracking your luggage, please feel free to Contact us.
      Our customer support have 24 hours service 🙂

  13. Hi!

    I am travelling to Chiang Mai for a few days and would like to store my luggage with you during that time. However, my return flight to Bangkok arrives at 23h35, and my flight leaving Bangkok is at 02h15 to Taiwan, I only have about 2 hours to get my bag. Will I have to go through customs again to come out and pick up my luggage? And if i do, is customs busy then? Thank you so much!


    1. Hi Jay,

      First of all, we really appreciate that you’re interested in our service.
      Our counter is OUTSIDE customs control in the same passenger terminal.
      It takes around 10-15 mins to walk from arrival hall after you pass the customs.
      Besides, it is hard to predict the length of queue while waiting to pass through passport control.
      Our regular process for storage service takes around 5 mins to finish.

      Hope the information help. Please Contact us if you have any further questions ♥

  14. Can u transfer luggage from DMK to Suvarnabhoomi airport ?

    1. Hi Prachi,

      I’m delighted to tell you that we have delivery service from Airport to Airport.
      The price is 400 THB for first luggage and 199 THB per each of following luggage.
      WE have only 1 delivery schedule from airport to airport, drop off 12 pm and pick up after 6 pm.

      If you prefer to drop after 12 pm or pick up earlier, I recommend you to using our on demand delivery service.
      The price is 600 THB for first luggage and 199 THB per each of following luggage.
      You can drop anytime between 9 am – 7 pm and your luggage will arrvied 3 hours after drop off time.

      Please feel free to Contact us if you have further questions.

  15. Hello,
    When dropping off a suitcase at 10 pm and Collecting it at 10am (so 12 Hours later nur over Night) will it cost for one or two days?

    1. Hi Colin,

      For luggage storage service we count the day as 24 hours.
      For your inquiries that drop off at 10.00 pm and pick up 10.00 am on next day, we will count as one day 🙂

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