Experience “Broadway” with the Bangkok Cabaret Show

Bangkok Cabaret Show. In the 21st century, the nation of Thailand has become a place where all people and a rainbow of genders and sexuality can find peace in a stress-free environment. The nightlife has become a combination of artistic dress, with colorful comedy on stages that are grand and glorious in size.

Bangkok has become a city everyone must experience and the nightlife is a special, thrilling part of this new outlook. The amazing stage shows in Bangkok never disappoint international travelers.

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In fact, the entertainment industry in Bangkok has transformed from once being very conservative, from traditional artistic displays of Thai traditional dance and music to huge stage productions with multi-talented cabaret dancers, an exciting transgender expression of our present era. Consequently, the city of Bangkok has created an oasis for creative, artistic dancing that every visitor should behold.

The massive popularity and response to cabaret dancing in the last few decades, from the international and local communities, to transgender dancing has taken the world by surprise. By way of illustration, the Bangkok Cabaret show has been extremely popular with tourists that have declared the show to be the most original show in the city. The first cabaret show in Bangkok started 25 years ago. The Broadway-style cabaret show has lasted because of the quality and originality of the stage performance.

The cabaret show in Bangkok now has many stages and different styles to choose from like Broadway, modern, or a Las Vegas style of show. Which one is your style? Let’s go through each style now performing nightly in Bangkok.

Bangkok Cabaret Show

Calypso Cabaret Show

This style of dance is the first, original cabaret show in Bangkok. The Calypso Cabaret Style is for the individual or couple who prefers the exquisite Broadway style. The Calypso Cabaret is your answer to full, flamboyant entertainment.  It’s a complete production – professional lighting, sound and staging. It has great production numbers with pop music classics by Michael Jackson, Beyonce and Whitney Houston. They also have a comedy show that will makes it humorous and full of surprises.

Bangkok Cabaret Show

One number shows a tragic love story of South East Asia.  The final show of Calypso cabaret is the fantastic Finale show. Today, the CalypsoBangkok Theater is located at ASIATIQUE THE RIVERFRONT (Warehouse No.3). The area around the theater has become a tumultuous traveldestination in itself with shopping and nightlife grown up around The Riverfront.  The exciting new area is popular with locals and international tourists for the fun atmosphere. The show times are nightly between 7:30 to 9:30 pm.

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Bangkok Cabaret Show

Mambo Cabaret Show

The Mambo Cabaret show has been open show since 1997 taken directly from the Las Vegas style. It’s become hugely popular in Thailand and across Asia to showcase the North American style of dance. The Mambo Cabaret show has popular musical numbers that many in the audience have heard of and come see time and time again.

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The show includes lip syncing, comedic dance and international dance styles of all kinds and expressions of different cultures. It’s thrilling and exhilarating for the audience to watch the Thai performers jive and gyrate flamboyantly to the rock rhythm. The audience mostly is comprised of Asians of all cultures on tour from China, Japan and Korea. Nowadays, we see people from all over the world enjoying a night out at the Mambo Cabaret show. The Mambo show is a Thai lady-boy extravaganza that is now known to be a staple of Thai entertainment.

Bangkok Cabaret Show

Also, the show has high-energy dance moves and hysterical on-stage dramatics that give a surprisingly unique, interactive experience during the performance. The audience has their collective eyes glued to the stage. You can now also enjoy a dinner before your show and cocktails during your show so don’t forget to upgrade your ticket. And, always leave a gratuity for the performers. The show times are twice nightly starting at 7:15 pm. and 8:30 pm. The exact location is near the Sathu Pradit intersection.

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Playhouse Magical Cabaret Bangkok

Playhouse Magical Cabaret Bangkok

The next styles are the contemporary styles that are known widely as the musical magical illusions, classical ballet, tap and hip-hop. The shiny, eye- catching costumes along with the choreography for the contemporary shows are incredible and impressive on a world class stage built for entertainment. The Thai people never disappoint about how serious they take their shows and now have built luxurious theaters for audiences from around the globe to enjoy.

This all adds up to one fantastic night of affordable entertainment. The magic numbers are magnificently displayed with both song and dance for the audience to get involved and dance to the numbers. The Playhouse has to be on your list of things to do at night on your next trip to Bangkok. The musical numbers are from amazing hits by Whitney Houston, Beyoncé and Michael Jackson that go perfectly with the atmosphere. The show times are twice nightly starting at 8:00 and 9:30pm. The location is in bustling Chinatown that the local Thai call Yaowarat.

read more: https://www.klook.com/th/activity/2887-playhouse-magical-cabaret-bangkok/

Bangkok Cabaret Show

All types of people and couples are in the audience anticipating the contemporary show. The excitement is palpable while they await for the curtain to open and the show to begin. This is one show that always lives up to the anticipation. The stage suddenly comes alive with color, movement and music. A trip to Bangkok has to include this enjoyable, contemporary stage performance.

The lip syncing, dance moves, unforgettable costumes and the beauty of the lady-boy subculture has to be seen to be believed. The dexterous Thai hand and flare for outrageous entertainment has created costumes and acts that have become a staple of the Bangkok night scene.  Many tourists have enjoyed an original reunion or celebration by booking tickets for the Calypso, Mambo or Playhouse extravaganzas with groups that never forget their time in SE Asia.

Guests can now enjoy cocktails with the performance and a meal before the performance.  It’s truly full entertainment satisfaction throughout the whole experience. Remember you can book online for promotional deals and plan months in advance or go at the last minute to rendezvous with friends and family where the Bangkok nightlife can be the highlight of your voyage.

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