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About our company

          When it comes to heroes, normal people will think about many heroes from Marvel studio. However, if you are wanderlust people who dream of being tourists as jobs, the only hero you can think of is AIRPORTELs.

          AIRPORTELs? What’s AIRPORTELs? You may have this question in your mind then you go for world’s top search engine like Google and you suddenly run to this article. AIRPORTELs is the combination of airport and hotels. Now you have a clue. AIRPORTELs is an original company that provides luggage delivery in Bangkok. We can deliver luggage between airport and hotels.

AIRPORTELs Luggage Delivery Service at Suvarnabhumi
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What do we offer

         Forget about taxi scam, traffic jam or carrying heavy luggage in the mass transit, AIRPORTELs improves quality of your travels by providing convenience. You can have this experience by completing few steps on online booking or visiting AIRPORTELs counter. The delivery process is fast and secure. AIRPORTELs notifies every single step with photo through your SNS. Every luggage will be ready with 100% success rate and there is insurance up to 100,000 THB. AIRPORTELs offers one price: 350 THB without restriction on size, weight or distance. For sport fans, AIRPORTELs can deliver sport equipment for you too. We welcome golf bags and bicycles since we understand how valuable your equipment is.

            Not only airport and hotels, you can find AIRPORTELs everywhere even in shopping malls. You visit Siam, you find AIRPORTELs at MBK center. You go to Asoke, you still find AIRPORTELs at Terminal 21.  Everything is same. We can deliver your luggage from shopping mall to airport or hotels and vice-versa.

            Luggage delivery isn’t the only service. AIRPORTELs represents Luggage Storage Bangkok for short term and long term. You can deposit your luggage with AIRPORTELs at Suvarnbhumi Airport counter, MBK center counter and Terminal 21 counter. It starts 100 THB a day. For those who look for long term luggage storage in Bangkok, AIRPORTELs has many promotions for you.

            Is Luggage Delivery Bangkok not enough for you? AIRPORTELs offers wider range of delivery with Luggage Delivery Thailand. AIRPORTELs truly understand travellers. Thailand has many cities to explore, not just the center: Bangkok. AIRPORTELs provides luggage delivery to Chiang Mai where you can absorb Lanna culture and breathe in fresh air from the mountain. If Phuket is your next place, AIRPORTELs offer luggage delivery to Phuket as well so you can enjoy beach vibe and keep falling in love with the sea.

5 out of 5
Everything was perfect. I will be and touch with a more detailed message when I return to Bangkok. Very  satisfied with AIRPORTELs service. Nice people and excellent service, will be using again! Thank you
<span class='p-name'>Shuang</span>
5 out of 5
First time using the service and was impressed with the timely pick up from the hotel to the ease of tracking the bags to the alert when bags arrived at Suvarnabhumi airport desk. The service made it possible to make use of extra time to move around the city without worrying about our baggage.
<span class='p-name'>Anna</span>
Expert travel
5 out of 5
Quick and simple! I dropped my luggage off at AIRPORTELs desk right after going through customs, and it was kept at my hotel well before the expected time. Made my first day in Bangkok worry-free and more enjoyable, not to mention travel in the city much more efficient
<span class='p-name'>Linda</span>
Leisure Traveler
5 out of 5
The service was great, very efficient, and staff were very courteous and helpful. I was very impressed and would absolutely recommend AIRPORTELs to friends and family. Thank you
<span class='p-name'>Celine</span>
Leisure Traveler

            Not only outbound from Bangkok, AIRPORTELs provides inbound luggage delivery to Bangkok as well. You can send your luggage from Phuket to Bangkok or Chiang Mai as well.

This service is next day door to door luggage delivery. You book before 6 A.M. You drop your luggage before noon. You will get your luggage next day 2 P.M. onwards. With 850 THB that you spend on AIRPORTELs can help you avoid over weight luggage, waiting to collect you luggage and continue travel immediately after landing.