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Central Pattaya (Central Festival)

Pattaya is a city in Thailand that gets much attention from travelers from around the world. With a famous beautiful beach, the city’s vibrant people, and the entertaining walking street at night time. Moreover, the seafood here is lovely, and you should put Pattaya on your bucket list for the place you should visit in your lifetime.

You must always carry your bag or lug your luggage when traveling. But you will be lucky if your hotel or accommodation can store your luggage. But if not, consider using AIRPORTELs as your travel assistant for a comfortable journey in Pattaya.

Central Pattaya Beach Luggage Storage by AIRPORTELs Thailand

A woman lugging luggage to the AIRPROTELs’ counter

Central Pattaya Beach is located in front of Pattaya Beach. You can see many restaurants, brand-name shops, and activities to do. In this place, you can also see the sunset from the balcony or choose to sit at a restaurant where you can see the beauty of the evening beach view.

Also, at Central Pattaya Beach, you can see the AIRPORTELs counter which is the service that allows you to store your baggage, luggage, or other belongings while walking in the mall. You can have a convenient experience with your free hand and shop more!

The service charges vary. You can store your luggage in hours, days, weeks, and months. The price starts from 30 THB per item to 4,000 THB for the long-term storage.

Central Pattaya Luggage Service Counter:

AIRPORTELs counter in Central Pattaya

Our counter is located on the 1st Floor, Hilton Pattaya Hotel Gate. Or if you need more clarification about the location of our service counter, In that case, you can ask the information center for help.

Operating Hours

  • Monday to Thursday open from 11:00 AM to 10:00 PM
  • Friday to Sunday and Holidays open from 11:00 AM to 11:00 PM

Terms and Conditions

  • In the case of making changes, please notify AIRPORTELs at least 3 hours prior to the original time.
  • In the case of delivering the luggage to the airport, please pick up your luggage 3 hours prior to your departure time.
  • We do not welcome any forbidden objects such as fireworks, drugs, weapons, food, animals, or any living organisms.
  • AIRPORTELs will not be responsible for the cause of a third party or an uncontrollable situation such as being informed of the wrong information, late customers, unresponsive customers, natural disasters, protests, etc.
  • In the case that customers cannot pick up their luggage, AIRPORTELs will keep your luggage but will not be responsible for any damage or loss. If customers fail to contact AIRPORTELs within 30 days, AIRPORTELs has the right to destroy the asset.
  • For customers who would like their luggage to be delivered to the hotel, customers must notify the hotel prior to any delivery.
  • For customers who use our service to deliver their luggage from Airbnb or guesthouses, please notify AIRPORTELs prior to the delivery.
  • For customers who stay in hotels, our employees will pick up your luggage after you have deposited it with the hotel.

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