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Travel Guide: Top 10 Beaches in Thailand

The best time for beaches season is summer! We proudly present the top 10 beaches in Thailand here for you when you visit Thailand in the hot weather. These locations should unquestionably be on your bucket list this year. Whether you favor sports like exhilarating surfing or incredible snorkeling in the azure waters, strolling on the white sands and admiring the colorful sunset, or enjoying late-night beach parties, they are here for you with our travel guide below. You will never regret visiting there, even just once.

1. Khlong Muang Beach, Krabi

If you think about visiting a beach in Thailand, the first province you might consider or look up online may be Krabi province. One of the popular beaches there is Khlong Muang Beach, which is only a short distance from the crowded Ao Nang Beach but is the ideal location for those looking for a place where they can find true peace. Islands will be all around you, and you will see the clear, blue water up front. It is a wonderful area to unwind and take a stroll through the beach’s end, where you will be greeted warmly by kind neighbors and fishermen.

2. Railay Beach, Krabi

Take in the limestone cliffs that every climber must encounter throughout their lifetime, as well as the soft, white sand beneath your feet. Railay Beach was initially a fishing village and has become a famous world-class beach because of the stunning limestone cliffs that attract a lot of tourists or those who love outdoor activities to this place. However, the turquoise sea, which has white sand and shallow water, is also a highlight. It is without a doubt the ideal location for swimming, and it is also in Krabi and has a variety of resorts, restaurants, and beach bars.

3. Yanui Beach, Phuket

            Without a doubt, we won’t skip showing you Yanui Beach, a magnificent beach in Phuket. Due to the off-road way, you can get to this location by local automobiles or ATV (if you are comfortable with it), but it is definitely worth a try. There are numerous places to take pictures, but Phuket Swing is the standout because it raises you over the gorgeous sea and sand that are surrounded by cliffs and tiny three-lines. Once you are happy with the sea view, you can proceed to the stunning Black Rock, which is close to this beach, to take in the 360-degree panorama.

4. Silver Beach, Koh Samui

Even though Silver Beach is just a small beach on Koh Samui and not well-known among visitors, it is like a secret destination surrounded by large granite boulders and private sandy areas. You will feel the true nature with tiny fish swimming around your legs. The water is extremely clear and clean; you can see some small sparkles of sunlight on the water surface. It is a perfect spot and worth seeing the sunrise at dawn over the Gulf of Thailand. There are several luxurious and incredible hotel and spa to make your holidays more memorable in Surat Thani.

5. Lamai Beach

Lamai Beach is another island highlight that you should not skip in Surat Thani! The half-moon shape of this beach and its row of coconut trees add to its allure. Grandfather and Grandmother Rocks (Hin Ta Hin Yai), a natural phenomenon of granite caused by erosion, seawater, and heat until it became unique rock formations with a mysterious story, are one of the tourist attractions. The location is perfect for water sports, including sailing and jet skiing.

6. Na Thap Beach

Although this beach does not have any accommodations for overnight stays, people can enjoy a variety of outdoor activities here, such as traveling, kayaking, snorkeling, swimming, and more, with full facilities like toilets, dining areas, and relaxation and rest areas powered by photovoltaic systems. The beach’s length is 200 meters, and it is near many tourist spots. Na Thap Beach is in Mu Ko Ang Thong National Marine Park, Surat Thani Province, southern Thailand.

7. Ao Khao Kwai Beach

Visit Aow Khao Kwai Beach in Ranong if you’d prefer something different. The main attraction of this location must be the enormous rock known as Hin Talu, which has a hole in the middle that resembles an arch and has some buried trees on it. When you want to escape the crowds, it’s a terrific area to take pictures and rest. Before you head back, do not forget to take in the sunset.

8. Tawaen Beach, Pattaya

This beach is a popular destination as Coral Island, with a scenic beach, clear water, diverse food, and a ton of water sports, and you can take a speed boat from Pattaya city to Koh Lan. You can enjoy exciting activities like parasailing and sea walking if you would like to try something different. There are 4-5 hotels and spas there to recharge your energy after an exhausting day.

9. Khao Takiab Beach

Khao Takiab Beach is one of the top attractions in Thailand due to the calm and peaceful atmosphere with its clean beach. You can see the Buddha statue and mount as the backdrop of this place, with monkeys to make it more unique. It is not far from the heart of Hua Hin city, and you can easily find something to eat at small local restaurants beside the beach and accommodations near hotels there.

10. Hua Hin Beach

Hua Hin beach is in Hua Hin city, which is simple to find, and it has been the most popular beach for decades, so everyone knows when they come to Prachuap Khiri Khan. You can rent a horse with staff for a ride at the beach entrance, and take a photo of the blue, pink, and purple sky in the evening. After that, you can walk to the Hua Hin night market to find delicious Thai street food and souvenirs to take home.

Now you may get some idea of where your next stop will be in the summer, but if you would not like to carry your heavy and bulky bag during travel, Airportels is pleased to provide you with the services of luggage storage and delivery to your destination safely to make your trip more enjoyable and convenient.

Many Easy Ways to Travel from Don Mueang International Airport to Bangkok Downtown

Although Suvarnabhumi Airport has been operating for many years and served as Thailand’s main international airport, Don Mueang Airport is still a hub for both domestic and international flights, facilitating travelers from various cities to Bangkok. But what can you do when you arrive at this airport on a day when no one picks you up? If this is your problem, don’t worry because today we have the solution. We will show you many easy ways to get from Don Mueang Airport into Bangkok by public transportation without having to deal with anyone.

The MRT Red Line

The new-opening Red Line of Bangkok’s Sky train system is now ready to provide convenience to everyone with the walkway that allows you to connect to the sky train station immediately after landing. You can go there by following the road signs posted along the way. When reaching the station, you can take the train by getting on at platform 3 or 4. The train will take you to Bang Sue Grand Station, Bangkok’s new travel hub, where you can connect to many transportation services such as the MRT Blue Line (Chatuchak Park Station), SRT, Airport Rail Link, and the future high-speed rail system. Right now, the SRT red line consists of 10 stations: Bang Sue Grand Station, Chatuchak, Wat Samian Nari, Bang Khen, Thung Song Hong, Lak Si, Kan Kheha, Don Mueang, Lak Hok, and Rangsit. The red line’s service time is from 5:30 a.m. until midnight, making it one of the best ways to travel from the airport into the heart of Bangkok and connect to other mass transit systems.

New BMTA shuttle services

            It is the service provided by BMTA to facilitate travel from Don Mueang Airport to various routes in Bangkok. There are currently four lines available.

  • A1: Don Mueang International Airport to Mo Chit BTS Station and Mo Chit Terminal. It is suitable for anyone who would like to connect to the sky train system. Buses are available every 15 minutes with a flat rate of 30 THB.
  • A2: Don Mueang International Airport to Chatuchak Park and Victory Monument.Buses are available every 15 minutes with a flat rate of 30 THB.
  • A3: Don Mueang International Airport to Pratunam and Lumphini Park.Buses are available every 30 minutes with a flat rate of 50 THB.
  • A4: Don Mueang International Airport to Khao San Road and Sanam Luang.Buses are available every 30 minutes with a flat rate of 50 THB.

The timetable may not be precise as described here, but there will be buses in service continuously. Besides these 4 lines, other buses are also available, such as;

  • # 29-to Victory Monument, Siam and its terminal is at Hua Lamphong.
  • #59-To Victory Monument and its terminal is at Sanam Luang.
  • #187-to Si Phraya.
  • #510 & 538-to Victory Monument.
  • # 523-to Mo Chit BTS Station.

The advantage of traveling by bus is that it is inexpensive, around ฿10 for a non-air-conditioned one, and there are many lines covering all areas in Bangkok. However, the downsides are that it might take a long time to wait, it is sometimes too crowded, especially during rush hour, and it is not suitable for people with luggage. So, if you would like to avoid such downsides, we have a better option recommended for you.

Airport LimoBus Express 

If price is not something you are concerned about, and you are willing to pay a bit more for the convenience, we would like to recommend you our shuttle service. Our service is one of the good choices for people with luggage. With just ฿150 flat rate, you will be able to travel comfortably on a 33-seater air-conditioned shuttle with free Wi-Fi service throughout the trip.

Our service time is from 10 a.m. to 1 a.m., and our shuttle will depart every 30 to 60 minutes. There are currently 2 lines available.

  • Don Mueang-Lumphini Park; this line also passes Ploenchit Station, so you can connect to many transportation options, including the sky train, the subway, and Bangkok BRT.
  • Don Mueang-Khaosan Road; its terminal stop will be at Wat Chana Songkhram, near Khaosan Road.

Khaosan Road is one of the well-known tourist attractions in Bangkok. There are many guesthouses for you to choose, many bars for relaxing, and you can easily visit many other interesting places around.

You can reach our service on the first floor of the arrival terminal (terminal 2, gate 14) or the first floor of the departure terminal (terminal 1, gate 7).

Taxi Services

There is a taxi queue organized for travelers at the airport. There is a waiting area with an additional fee of ฿50 where you can take a seat and watch TV while waiting. However, if you feel that it takes long time to wait, especially during festive period, follow us, we would like to recommend you another taxi stand, although walking further, but surely less crowded.

During crowded conditions, you can get a taxi in front of the Amari Don Mueang Airport Hotel. Please be careful to follow the road signs because the walkway is quite complicated.

One thing to consider when getting a taxi in Bangkok is that some taxis may refuse to take you to the destination for many different reasons depending on the driver. Besides this, sometimes you may have to wait longer than usual for a taxi due to traffic jams, such as during rain or rush hour, and there are many other reasons why there will be fewer taxis than usual. So, if you feel that you can’t wait for a long time, the best thing to do is to find an alternative that is faster and more convenient.

We hope you will have a nice trip and everything will go smoothly. But one more thing: If you are concerned about your luggage, such as not being able to take it with you, “AIRPORTELs” is here to help. We are ready to provide you with a luggage storage service and deliver your luggage safely to any destination. For more details or to book the service online, please click:

Luggage Delivery and Storage Lications

– Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK AIRPORT)
– Don Mueang Airport (DMK AIRPORT)
– MBK Center
– Terminal21 ASOK
– Central World


What to Buy in Thailand -22 Best Souvenirs & Gifts

The best souvenirs in Thailand are those that every tourist must buy to give back to relatives and close friends. It is a way to travel to Thailand, a land rich in culture, nature, friendliness of people, elaboration, excellent craftsmanship, which is the highlight, and unique gifts from Thailand , and here are 22 souvenirs that will serve as reminders of Thailand.

Let me give you an example of one of the above souvenirs that stand out and are something that tourists must buy.

1. Thai silk

People in Europe and America will be very interested in silk because it is difficult to buy in foreign countries, but it is generally sold in Thailand. The designs and craftsmanship reflect the culture and tradition very well. It promotes culture as well, making it one of the recommended souvenirs from Thailand.

Price range: THB 125 to THB 5,300

The Best Places to Buy: Jimthomson Surawong, Bangkok

2. Thai handicraft

The Benjarong amulet is a glazed pottery that is painted with enamel using porcelain clay (Porcelain ware), and the clay that is used to make white ware by the part called Benjarong, which is a writing pattern on the work produced with five colors, generally black, white, yellow, red, and green. At present, there are many applications of patterns and colors to have more than these five primary colors. The paints used in the past were those made by calcining minerals mixed with glazes. Draw a pattern on the container before putting it in the kiln until it becomes a beautiful and shiny Benjarong.

Price range: THB 300 – THB 1500

The Best Places to Buy: Chatuchak Market, Bangkok

3. Silver ware

Silver jewelry, which is Lanna wisdom inherited from ancestors from generation to generation, is outstanding, unique and exquisitely beautiful, not inferior to any other jewelry until becoming one of the famous products of Thailand. It is also accepted in the international market.

Price range: THB 300 – THB 1500

The Best Places to Buy: Chatuchak Market, Bangkok

4. Thai boxing shorts

It is known as a popular item on social media, and many tourists flock to buy Muay Thai shorts. It is made up for sale in many tourist attractions because our Muay Thai boxers have made many world-class reputations. Thai martial arts and self-defense techniques are admired around the world until there are many foreign fans. It’s not strange if you buy it back for someone else, because the real thing is only available in Thailand.

Price range: THB 300 to THB 1,300

The Best Places to Buy: Sports shops, Bangkok

5. Pha Khao Ma

One of the characteristics of Thai, Pha Khao Ma is one of the pride that has been with us for many generations. Almost every locality must have it until it becomes a common cloth in the house. Most Thai people use a loincloth as a headdress. Later, Thai men used a cloth to tie the waist (tie the waist) and also applied a variety of uses, such as using it to pack travel luggage, wrap weapons, wear it when taking a bath, wipe the body, and sleep. Call this multipurpose cloth ‘Waist Kian Cloth’ before changing to Linosaur Cloth later.

For a long time, it was spread throughout the country and developed to become a garment attached to the Thai way of life.

Price range: THB 130 to THB 200

The Best Places to Buy: Sampheng, Samphanthawong, Bangkok

6. Coconut Products

No matter what product is made from coconut shells, it can make many foreigners wow, including coconut shell lamps, cutlery, soap dishes, condiment sets, coffee cups, ladles, cups, and many more. The art of coconut shells is beautiful, exotic, and chic. It can be used to decorate the house too. This is another souvenir from local wisdom that will impress the recipient.

Price range: THB 89 to THB 399

The Best Places to Buy: Swanson Food and Beverages or Farmers’ Market, Bangkok

7. Instant noodles

When it comes to popular products in the eBay market, no one knows Mama, Wai Wai, and Yum Yum Quick, which have a large number of orders until they are already a popular product. If foreign friends have the opportunity to visit Thailand. It is a good opportunity to buy back to eat abroad because it arrived with many flavors to choose from, from spicy salad, waterfall, tom yum seafood, and many more. Fill your stomach with a variety of flavors.

Price range: THB 6 to THB 15

The Best Places to Buy: 7- Eleven Convenient Store, Supermarkets in Thailand

8. Elephant pants

Elephant pants are another souvenir about which you can be sure that foreigners will be delighted. Because it is a pant with an elephant pattern that is considered a symbol of Thailand. These pants have many styles with a variety of colors to choose from. And most importantly, it’s very comfortable to wear because the fabric is quite loose. It doesn’t stick to the skin, and it’s also a lightweight fabric that doesn’t feel uncomfortable or hot. Most tourists when they come to Thailand, they wear elephant pants on general travel, sure enough. Of course, some people have to buy them back to their own country or buy them as souvenirs.

Price range: THB 39 to THB 169

The Best Places to Buy: Khao San Road, Bangkok

9. Tuk-Tuk Model

According to the legend that people have always adhered to, foreigners who come to use this type of car can’t define what it is called, so it’s called “tuk-tuk” became the name of this Thai identity car for people around the world since then, Tuk-Tuk can take tourists on a comfortable journey. See the atmosphere of the attractions up close. Sit in the wind against the speed all of them impress foreigners and remember that tuk-tuks are the symbol of traveling in Thailand.

Price range: THB 200 to THB 430

The Best Places to Buy: Salaya, Nakornpatom

10. OTOP processed Thai fruit

Thai fruit is famous abroad. Of course, durian, longan, or any other fruit from our home will be of interest to many foreigners. Products in the processed food category can be purchased at general stores and department stores. It’s very suitable if you bring it as a souvenir for our foreign friends to eat abroad with your family.

Price range: THB 29 to THB 890

The Best Places to Buy: King Power Rangnam, Bangkok


Gifts & souvenirs in Thailand are the gifts that foreigners like and find impressive. It is a unique identity referring to craftsmanship, with the intention of making souvenirs reflecting Thai. There are no other places like this. Therefore, it is not surprising that anyone who visits Thailand has to buy souvenirs to bring back to their loved ones. Of course, if we use the services of Airportels, carrying a lot of luggage will not be a problem anymore.

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Luggage Delivery and Storage in Bangkok 2022

If you are planning travel to Thailand or have some business meetings here, you may want to explore and take your time without carrying your huge and heavy luggage, right? You came the right way! Because AIRPORTELs is here to guide you about the luggage storage and delivery services from the airport to the hotel in Bangkok and anywhere in Thailand! 

About Airportels

To reach the best experience to travel further in Thailand with ultimate convenience, Airportels, the number one offers you another level of luggage delivery and storage services. Whether you are looking for a place to deposit your baggage after landing or want to make your last day full of great memories after check-out, you can be sure that your luggage will be safe and secure to allow you to manage your time effectively without any worry. We also provide luggage delivery services for pick-up and drop-off at the airports, hotels, and shopping malls (in Bangkok). All of this will convince you to travel or do your business comfortably to save time and money and reduce stress from traffic and any burden that will distract you.


Luggage Storage

We have five locations for luggage storage and delivery in Bangkok, including Airportels shops at Suvarnabhumi airport, Don Mueang airport, and MBK Center, and Airportels shops at Central World and Terminal 21, and another branch in the near future for both short and long terms. At the Airportels counters, the price for luggage storage is only 100 baht per day without any limit on size and weight, but at the MBK center, you can storage your bag for the first two hours for free (this promotion is available at this counter). You can storage not only luggage but also bicycles and other sports equipment, as well as technological devices. We know how much these belongings mean to you on this trip, so we warrant that your stuff will not be physically damaged by our privacy policy and 24-hour security service, so you can leave your concerns behind to take your last day in Thailand before going to the airport. 


About Price, Service and Counter

If you do not want to carry your baggage to your hotel, airport, and shopping malls by yourself and waste your precious time with the roadworks in Bangkok to get to your destination, we provide you with our luggage delivery service between these places, starting from 299 baht only, with no limitations, size, or distance within Bangkok city at any specific time you need. Not just in Bangkok for baggage delivery, we can take your luggage anywhere in Thailand with a rate starting from 349 baht only (with 15 kg. per piece). Our delivery service is fast and guarantees that your luggage will arrive at your destination safely and on time, and you can check the status of your luggage via Facebook, LINE, WeChat, or email. All you have to do is prepare by providing us with general information and the correct address. All you need to do is just tell us the general information and the correct address.


Luggage Delivery

In luggage storage in DMK airport (Don Mueang Airport), the highlight of this counter service is the delivery of your luggage from our counters between the heart of Bangkok and this airport. You can deposit your luggage  here and we will deliver it within the specified four-hour period. This branch opens from 06:00–24.00 a.m. For luggage storage in BKK airport (Suvarnabhumi airport), we have the storage capacity of 2,000 luggage with 150 sq. m for this place and it comes with a delivery service between Bangkok downtown and airports like DMK airport. From 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 a.m., this counter is open. Moreover, other counters, such as MBK Center, Terminal 21 Asok, and Central World do not just accept deposit luggage and provide delivery to the airports, we also facilitate shopping lovers with parcel delivery to keep your hands free during this trip. The service charge starts at 40 baht only. 


How to Store Luggage Online/Offline

Now you may have a question how to leave or storage your luggage? We are here to assist you. You can store your luggage with us both offline and online. If you arrive at the airports, you can leave your baggage at our counters at the Airportels at Don Mueang and Suvarnabhumi airports and provide our staff with necessary information. This service also available at shopping malls at MBK Center, Terminal 21, and 21 Asok, and Central World as we mentioned above.


Where can you book online?

On online platforms, you can easily book our service via our Airportels website ( or other platforms like Klook, Viator, Traveloka, and Tripadvisor, and you can pay for delivery charges both online by credit cards, PayPal, or Alipay. If you are not able to pay with these payment methods, we recommend you another alternative to paying at our counter with our staff. 

Drop off before / pick up

To describe the booking method briefly, all you have to do is just go to a booking platform to select a location to pick up or collect your luggage, like a hotel, home, condo, Airbnb, shopping mall, or airport, as well as the date and time you need. Then, you choose a quantity for your luggage (unlimited size, weight, and distance), and fill in your basic information in the form. The last step is making your payment, but if you want to use a promotion code for a discount, you can check on our website to enjoy this benefit. That’s it! Now you are good to go with hand-free travel in Thailand without any bulky stuff and with fast and safe service from us! 

Here are five Thailand storage and delivery services from Airportels. As we told you, we realize your convenience, schedule, and your belongings are our priority. Our warranty covers up to 100,000 baht as compensation for both kinds of services. We hope you will enjoy and have a nice trip to Thailand as we welcome you. If you want to find out more about us, our promotions and reviews, you can visit our website or another travel online platform to check and see the special offers for you. Try out the Airportels convenience experience for yourself.  


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10 of Bangkok’s Best SHA Plus Hotels You Should Spend the Night In Thailand

In the post-pandemic period following Thailand’s opening, those living in and visiting the country must have heard of or noticed SHA or SHA Plus signs while searching for hotels and other accommodation facilities. In case you too are wondering what they are, we have the answer here.

SHA Plus

The Amazing Thailand Safety and Health Administration (SHA) is the hygiene safety standard that fosters trust among service users and tourists, both Thais and foreigners. The project is operated by the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) in collaboration with the Ministry of Public Health and tourism-related government and private agencies, aiming to encourage the tourism industry to prepare and improve the quality of their services in accordance with the New Normal and raise the standards in conjunction with COVID-19 sanitation measures.

As a result of that, SHA is now used as a badge to indicate that the business operators, especially the hotels, have transformed their products and services, including hygiene, which is an important factor in preventing the spread of COVID-19, with public health measures at the forefront. The SHA logo will then be provided free of charge to a variety of hotel and resort establishments who apply after they pass all requirements.


What are SHA and SHA Plus hotels (SHA+)?

There are currently two types of hygiene safety standards for hotels and accommodations in Thailand: SHA and SHA Plus.

The TAT grants SHA certification to hotels that adhere to the Department of Disease Control’s requirements, which include having regular cleaning to pandemic-level standards; providing sanitizers and thermometers in the establishments; deploying seating arrangements and proper signage; and complying with basic protective measures for staff.

Meanwhile, SHA Plus is obviously a stricter version of SHA, with more rigorous standards. Hotels that carry the SHA Plus certificate must meet the SHA criteria plus 70% of their staff must have been fully vaccinated (at least two doses); no unvaccinated employees are allowed to have close contact with guests; and all members have been trained with COVID-19 emergency solutions.

As of today, despite the fact that all COVID-related regulations in Thailand have been lifted since October 1, 2022, staying in a hotel with a high level of protection is still popular among tourists and is always a good idea. As a result, we’ve selected ten of Bangkok’s best SHA+ hotels for you to consider before booking your next trip to the City of Angels.


1.Avani Atrium Hotel Bangkok

At Avani Atrium Hotel Bangkok, everything is close by in the heart of the city, with easy access to the best of Bangkok, whether for work or leisure. Hotel dining facilities include a pool-side bar and Benihana, the world’s famous Japanese steakhouse. The hotel also provides MRT-Phetchaburi station drop-off services.


2. Pullman Bangkok King Power

This lifestyle hotel offers travelers a true “resort in the city” experience and is inspired by Pullman’s unique “Bleisure” concept, or a space where business and leisure blend seamlessly. This SHA+ hotel is only a short distance from the Victory Monument BTS Skytrain station and the Phaya Thai Airport Rail Link to Suvarnabhumi Airport, and only three BTS stops away from the Siam Square shopping district.


3.Banyan Tree Bangkok

The city’s only 5-star all-suite hotel, with some of the largest rooms in the city, Banyan Tree Bangkok offers world-class dining, event spaces, and an award-winning spa. It is conveniently located near Sathon and Silom, two vibrant areas brimming with exotic food, beautiful temples, exciting cityscapes, and limitless shopping opportunities.


4. Centara Grand Ladprao

Located on the northern outskirts of the city, Centara Grand at CentralPlaza Ladprao, known as Thailand’s first 5-star hotel integrated with a shopping destination, allows its guests to explore a different side of Bangkok with a plethora of dining and shopping opportunities and the fresh air of the nearby Chatuchak Park.


5. Grand Centre Point Terminal 21

This 5-star, high-rise hotel, which shares the same roof as Terminal 21 Shopping Mall, has a surprisingly spacious outdoor garden with a jogging track, an infinity pool, a lap pool, a tennis court, and a golf putting range, as well as coworking space and conference facilities. It is located in Bangkok’s central business district and has direct access to the Asok BTS station, which is also connected to the MRT Sukhumvit station.


6. Royal Rattanakosin Hotel

Ratchadamnoen Road, the Royal Rattanakosin Hotel offers comfortable Thai classic rooms with modern interiors. Unlike the other hotels mentioned, this SHA Plus hotel is only a 5-minute walk from the city’s historic landmarks and popular attractions, including the Grand Palace, Wat Pho, and Khaosan Road, and Wat Arun is only 500 meters away.


7. Hotel Nikko Bangkok

Seriously implementing various safety and hygiene standards, this hotel is not only in a lively and trendy part of Bangkok, but it is also very convenient with a 2-minute walk from Thong Lo BTS station. The hotel’s facilities include Japanese and all-day dining restaurants, an executive lounge, a big ballroom, several meeting rooms, a fitness center, and an outdoor pool.


8. Centara Watergate Pavillion Hotel Bangkok

Centara Watergate Pavillion Hotel is where modernity meets history, and international luxury blends with local living. This colorful, stylish hotel with sleek rooms and suites is located in the Pratunam area, offering a fresh perspective on the City of Angels with a seamless connection to Watergate Pavillion Shopping Mall. The family suites with bunk beds, rooftop dining, and an outdoor event venue are among the hotel’s highlights, as are the nearby sizzling street food and vendor stalls and the many shopping malls within reach.


9. Carlton Hotel Bangkok Sukhumvit

This is one of Bangkok’s most luxurious and refined new 5-star hotels, with elegant rooms and suites and a choice of award-winning dining venues. The hotel is located between the BTS Asok and Phrom Phong stations, providing quick access to the city’s upscale shopping malls, corporate offices, fascinating cultural attractions, and Benjasiri Park (a peaceful green area dotted with sculptures).


10. Riva Surya Bangkok

A luxurious urban oasis along the banks of the Chao Phraya River, this SHA+ boutique hotel offers genuine Thai hospitality as well as cleverly detailed rooms, exquisite dining options, and a riverside swimming pool. The hotel’s picturesque location on Phra Athit Road also makes it easily and quickly connected to other parts of the city via the Chao Phraya Express boats. Nearby attractions include the Grand Palace, Wat Pho, Chinatown, and the National Museum.



10 floating market in Bangkok, Thailand – 2022

There are several floating marketplaces in Bangkok, Thailand that you should not miss. A floating market may be found in every part of Thailand. The floating market’s highlight is the range of goods and services available, including Thai dessert stores, street food, gift shops, and others. As a result, below are the top ten floating markets in Bangkok, Thailand:

1. Khlong Lat Mayom Floating Market

 It is only open on weekends and public holidays from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on Bang Ramat Road, Bang Ramat Subdistrict, Taling Chan District, Bangkok. There is a good environment, and you will experience the locals’ way of life along the Lat Mayom canal. Items for sale may be found around the two water banks. Items for sale are available at the two water banks. The market is divided into five zones, so the items offered in each zone will be very diverse, enabling you to choose and compare prices. There’s a lot of parking available. It is easily accessible because it is near the Bang Wa BTS Station.

HOW TO GO : BTS ,Bang Wa Station
Address : 15 30/1 Bang Ramat Rd, Bang Ramat, Taling Chan, Bangkok 10170, Thailand
Open : 7 AM – 5 PM (Sat-Sun)

2. Kwan-Riam Floating Market

It is located on Soi Ramkhamhaeng 185 in Bangkok’s Minburi district and is open on weekends from 7:00 to 20:00. Starting at 7:30 a.m., travelers can present food to the monks, which is the highlight of the Kwan-Riam Floating Market. You can visit without paying any entrance fees. It is close to the temples of Bumphennua and Bamphen Tai. Cultural art exhibitions and water traditions are among the various things available. If you go to Kwan-Riam Floating Market, don’t forget to order OTOP items and try the delicious food, such as Pow Thiam Heng eateries and Khruea Thip Thai dessert. There are several amenities available, such as elevators for the elderly and pregnant tourists.

Address : Situated between Soi Ramkhamhaeng 185 and Soi Saereethai 60 and is at a distance of 30 kilometers from Bangkok
Open : 7 AM – 20:00 PM (Sat-Sun)

3. Phraya Suren Floating Market

 It’s at 32 Soi Phrayasuren 50, Sam Wa West Subdistrict, Khlong Sam Wa District, Bangkok, Thailand, and it’s only open on weekends from 8:00 to 16:00. It is located along the Phraya Suren Canal, which runs in front of Wat Phraya Suren, an ancient temple that dates back more than 120 years. The Phraya Suren Floating Market has about 200 stores selling savory and sweet cuisine, as well as noodles, seafood, authentic Thai desserts, a gift shop, and a souvenir shop. You can either drive your own car or take public transit. I propose that you visit Phraya Suren temple before returning to your accommodation to pray to the Buddha for good fortune in your life.

Address :  32 Soi Phrayasuren 50, Sam Wa West Subdistrict, Khlong Sam Wa District, Bangkok, Thailand
Open : 8:00 A.M. – 16:00. PM (Sat-Sun)

4. Sampeng2 Floating Market

It is open from 16:00 to 23:00 and is located in the Bang Khae district of Bangkok, Thailand. It is the largest Thai-Chinese floating market and is one of the check-in points near Thonburi that should not be missed. You can easily get there because it is close to the Bangwa, Talad Phu, and Wutthakat BTS stations. It is also convenient if you drive because there is parking for 1,000 automobiles. The King Taksin Statue, which allows you to receive blessings and worship, is the highlight of the Sampeng2 floating market. There are several activities available, like presenting food to the monks in the morning, Thai cultural performances, and others. Mea Khun Thai noodle with pork is one of the delicious restaurants.

Address : Bang Khae district of Bangkok, Thailand
Open : 16:00 P.M. – 23:00. PM

5. Wad Saphan Floating Market

It is open on weekends from 8:00 to 15:30 at 38 Paknam Krachomthong Road, Bang Phrom Subdistrict, Taling Chan District, Bangkok, Thailand. It is roughly 5 kilometers from the Bang Wa BTS Station. You may visit by utilizing public transit or driving your own car because there is parking available. It first opened roughly 16 years ago. There are several seafood eateries and Thai dessert stores that you should not overlook. Don’t forget to worship the Buddha at Saphan temple before returning.

HOW TO GO : BTS ,Bang Wa Station
Address : 38 Paknam Krachomthong Road, Bang Phrom Subdistrict, Taling Chan District, Bangkok, Thailand
Open : 
08:00 A.M. – 15:30 P.M.

6. Taling Chan Floating Market

It is open on weekends from 7:30 to 16:00 on Chak Phra Road, Khlong Chak Phra Subdistrict, Taling Chan District, Bangkok, Thailand. It is close to the Bang Khun Non MRT Station. Small plants, cacti, and flowers surround the entrance of the Taling Chan Floating Market. A boat trip is also accessible for tourists. The ticket is 60 baht and runs from 12:00 to 15:00. You’d be aboard the boat for about an hour. A boat journey via Taling Chan Floating Market, Khlong Chak Phra Intersection, and Bang Chuong Nang Canal.

HOW TO GO : Bang Khun Non MRT Station
Address : Chak Phra Road, Khlong Chak Phra Subdistrict, Taling Chan District, Bangkok, Thailand.
Open : 
12:00 A.M. – 15:00 P.M.

7. Wat Sai Floating Market

It is open daily from 4:00 to 13:00 on Soi Ekachai 24, Bang Khun Thian Subdistrict, Chom Thong District, Bangkok, Thailand. A wooden bridge in front of the waterfront “Wat Sai Floating Market” serves as a port for carrying items. Every morning, around 100-150 ships arrive with their wares to sell and with a unique and beautiful Thai scenery that attracts both Thai and foreign tourists. It opened more than 40 years ago. Wat Ratcha Orasaram is one of the main tourist sites near Wat Sai Floating Market.

Address : Soi Ekachai 24, Bang Khun Thian Subdistrict, Chom Thong District, Bangkok, Thailand.
Open : 
04:00 A.M. – 13:00 P.M.

8. Khlong bang luang Floating Market

It is open daily from 9:00 to 18:00 on Soi Petchkasem 20, Pak Khlong Phasi Charoen Subdistrict, Phasi Charoen District, Bangkok, Thailand. It’s a small floating market near the Bang Wa BTS Station. If you visit Khlong Bang Luang Floating Market, don’t forget to pay reverence to Luang Pho Topaz in Kamphaeng Bang Chak temple. It is a local floating market along the Bangkok Yai Canal in Phasi Charoen District, which is a historic community dating back to Ayutthaya. There are several eateries accessible, and don’t forget to visit the Khlong bang luang Museum before returning home.

HOW TO GO : BTS ,Bang Wa Station
Address : 
Soi Petchkasem 20, Pak Khlong Phasi Charoen Subdistrict, Phasi Charoen District, Bangkok, Thailand.
Open :
 09:00 A.M. – 18:00 P.M.

9. Wat Sai Floating Market

Located in Chom Thong district of Bangkok, shopping at Wat Sai Floating Market is an enriching experience. Find yourself surrounded by the overwhelming cultural vibes of Thailand. Get introduced to the lifestyle that prevailed one the canal-side.This is surely one of the most popular Bangkok river market.

Address : 58/229 Ekachai 24 Khwaeng Bang Khun Thian, Khet Chom Thong, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10150, Thailand
Open :
 6:00 AM – 21:00 PM

10. Bang Nam Pheung

Bang Nam Pheung is one of Bangkok’s best floating marketplaces. It’s on the outskirts, and like Khlong Lat Mayom, it’s not as large or touristy as other of the more well-known ones. One of the finest ways to spend your time here is to binge on some of Thailand’s tastiest delicacies. And there’s enough of it! Order a bowl of whatever appeals to you from one of the many food vendors on boats. So, incorporate this location in your floating market Thailand tour and have a great time!

Address : Bua Bueng Phatthana, Bang Kobua, Phra Pradaeng District, Samut Prakan 10130, Thailand.
Open :
  8:30 AM – 5 PM (Sat-Sun)

Top ten floating markets in Thailand are listed in this article. Don’t miss it!


Chatuchak Market 2022 / Travel Guide Update!!

Either you will visit Thailand soon or you are looking for a good place to buy souvenirs or gifts back home for yourself and who you love. We have a really good place to recommend and you will love it! It is called “Chatuchak Market”, a big outdoor market in Chatuchak district in Bangkok, Thailand. There are more than 9,000 shops in this market.

It is a popular destination for foreigners who want to buy good souvenirs at reasonable prices which come with many choices. Apart from that, there are also many street food and drink stalls and restaurants where you can get some tasty Thai food and drinks while shopping. A must to try is for example fresh coconut juice, Pad Thai and mango sticky rice, etc. You will never be hungry or thirsty while you will enjoy shopping as there are almost everythings you can imagine here.

This local love to go to Chatuchak market to buy fashionable and vintage clothes and accessories. People can get trendy clothes at reasonable prices. The interesting part is that there are many shops owned by Thai designers and there are many cool handmade things as well. So if you want to check out on handmade things, you will find plenty of them here. There is also a big area for selling second hand stuff for those who want to check it out.

Interesting shop list and what you can buy as souvenirs in Chatuchak market

  • Clothes and accessories

There are many cloth shops in Chatuchak market where they sell t-shirts, shirts, dresses, skirts and other fashionable clothes including accessories such as necklaces and earrings made from rocks, glasses and slivers. Example of interesting shops are A*M*P, ALIENS, ANIMAL TREE CONCRETE, BERRY BEAR, cimilg, HAMLET and ICKY BABY, etc.

If you are interested in trendy Thai traditional clothes, you can check out HMONG FASHION, lady from mars, love, mitra, PAIR SHOP, STERED MAMA, THE BACHDAIC, Praemai where they sell northern style clothes, clothes made from silk, local Thai fabric or colour dye fabric. These clothes are traditional and most of the time suit to wear in hot weather in Thailand and feel comfy. Coming here to find nice clothes for your trip to Thailand is also a good idea. 

If you think of something you can get to your friends and families as a gift. There are plenty of cool scarfs that you can get at a cheap price as well. For accessories, there are many cool shops such as MARIUM, SUGAR HEAD where they sell handmade accessories and TAO=KAN SHOP that sell accessories from wood for example.

  • Household goods, decorators, handicraft products and arts

There are also plenty of beautiful household goods and decorators such as Thai Crafts House, lamps from Ann’s living and SB Flower, photos from ARTON FIRM. Thailand has many interesting and various handicraft products and you can find many types of them in Chatuchak market such as leather goods from DER KORAT and Horseshoe Leathers Shop. If you want to grab some pieces of art back home. You can check out the FREE FROME shop where they make art from acrylic colours. 

  • Beauty and healthy products

Another thing that is famous to bring back home as a souvenir from Thailand is scented candles, sachets and soap at KARMAKAMET.

Chatuchak market opening time:General market

General market

  • Saturday – Sunday: 8 AM – 9 PM

Plants market

  • Tuesday: 11 AM – 8 PM
  • Wednesday – Thursday: 5 AM – 6 PM

Ceramic market

  • Friday: 8 AM – 9 PM

Pet market

  • Monday – Sunday: 10 AM – 5 PM

The most visited days are on Saturday and Sunday for general markets, which is the most lively time of the market and that you can walk around each area to look for what you are interested in all day long without being bored. If you are interested in ceramic products from Thailand especially, you can also visit the market on Friday one more time but the most recommended time is on saturday or sunday.

Apart from such products we have mentioned, there are also second hand books for sales and many areas that sell food and drinks. There are plenty of street food and local desserts and drinks. Just try things out and see which ones you like as it is super cheap and maybe even tastier than what you can get in expensive restaurants.

How to travel to Chatuchak Market

The best way to travel to Chatuchak Market is by BTS sky train or MRT subway. If you use BTS, you can stop at Mochit station and go out from exit no. 1. If you use the MRT, you can go out exit no. 2 which is near to place project no. 1, 2 and the book zone. Another exit for MRT is Chatuchak station exit no. 1 which is near to place project no. 5,6 and 7. 

Apart from the train, you can also travel by bus no. 3, 8, 26, 27, 28, 29, 34, 38, 39, 44, 52, 59, 63, 77, 90, 96, 104, 108, 122, 126, 134, 136, 138, 145, 182, 188 for normal buses and ปอ.3, ปอ.28, ปอ.29, ปอ.34, ปอ.39, ปอ.44, ปอ.59, ปอ.63, ปอ.77, ปอ.104, ปอ.126, ปอ.134, ปอ.138, ปอ.145, ปอ.157, ปอ.177, ปอ.502, ปอ.503, ปอ.509, ปอ.510, ปอ.512, ปอ.517, ปอ.524, ปอ.529 for buses with air condition.

And that is a wrap for Chatuchak Weekend Market guide. If you love shopping and want to buy quite something as souvenirs, it would be best to prepare the whole Saturday and Sunday for it. Recommended things you can get as gifts for your friends and family members are local scraft, soap, scented candles, clothes and accessories in traditional style, household decorators from wood, etc.

Downloading Chatuchak Guide App

If you want a helper where you can search the locations of shops especially, you can download Chatuchak Guide APP mobile application. With this, you can search by product and see highlighted items and insights about the store’s type and follow the map easier and not get lost easily in this big outdoor market. You can use the application in English.

One more tip is that you may also want to go pretty early if you want to avoid too much sunshine in the afternoon, especially in the hottest months in Thailand such as April and May. You may want to prepare cash as many shops do not accept cards and take an extra bag with you to avoid collecting too many plastic bags. 

Try bargaining if you think the price could be a bit cheaper. Or visiting a few of the same shops to compare prices before deciding to pay as they potentially have another shop selling the same thing at a cheaper price. And the rest is just enjoying shopping, Thai food and drinks and also the atmosphere as such a lively place and you can see how life is going for a Bangkokian here too. So, enjoy your time at Chatuchak market and get many nice things as gifts from Thailand for those you love while still not breaking your wallet. Have a fun shopping time in Chatuchak market!