What Should Be the Best Hotel Facilities Standard in 2024?


The trend for almost everything has changed all the time due to many factors such as changes in customers’ behavior, economic conditions, etc. For the hospitality and tourism industry, especially for hotel owners, it is important to catch up with the latest trends to stay on top and meet guests’ expectations.

There are at least 3 hospitality trends which will be significantly important in the year 2024. They are “personalized experiences”, “health and wellness traveling”, as well as “flexible and collaborative spaces”. These trends are reflected in customers’ needs through the following 5 facilities. Customers will book a hotel with at least one following facility, especially for long-stay guests.

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1. Co-working space area

A co-working space in the hotel

Remote working has been a trend for many companies since the pandemic of Covid-19. Even though the situation has returned to normal, this trend still exists. As a result, guests need not only a place for staying overnight or enjoying their long vacation but also a place for working. Many long-stay guests need a place where they can combine work and leisure. If a hotel has a dedicated co-working space, it can attract and enhance the experiences of remote workers.

Business travelers need a place for working, meeting, and conducting any other business activities. Each hotel can enhance guests’ experiences with stable high-speed internet, comfortable seats as well as some professional office tools. Professional co-working spaces can also provide a chance for any travelers who are seeking new opportunities to build up new collaborations and make connections with new clients.

2. Outdoor theater

An outdoor theater

Outdoor theater is a good choice if a hotel would like to provide a unique entertainment option for customers. Guests can enjoy movies, live performances, or events with a relaxing atmosphere in pleasant weather. It’s also a good place for hanging out with friends, and family or even hosting a party for any special occasion. Outdoor theater can also be adapted to host a variety of events, shows, or unique business presentations. Moreover, it is a facility that not every hotel offers, if your hotel can provide guests with outdoor theater, it’ll surely stand out from others in the competitive hospitality market.

An example of cheap outdoor theater hotel facilities in Thailand is Samsen Street Boutique Hotel, located at Samsen Soi 6 in Bangkok. You can enjoy an outdoor theater with a selection of movies every day after sunset. You can enjoy the event directly from the balcony of your room or at the outdoor relaxing zone.

3. Babysitting service

A babysitter service

Many long-stay guests often travel with their family including children. So, they will look for babysitting or daycare services for children when booking. There are some Bangkok hotels with babysitting services, mostly found in 4-star and 5-star hotels. Any hotel can attract guests with family by providing guests with a specially designed kid zone or kid club with a playroom where parents can have fun together with their children. Parents will be able to enjoy their leisure time while knowing that their kids are well taken care of in a safe and entertaining environment.

It also more flexibility for parents who can manage their schedules effectively during the daytime whether they have to attend business meetings, hang out with friends, or do some remote work. When both parents and kids are happy with their stay, this will lead to positive reviews that will probably increase occupancy of your hotel in the future.

4. Same-day laundry service

The hotel maid is doing her duty

Many hotels use outsourced laundry services to reduce expenses. However, there are many benefits if your hotel can offer guests in-house same-day laundry service. The most important benefit is quality control. The hotel can control the entire process to ensure that guests will get their laundry items back in the best condition.

Additionally, if there is any problem, guests will be able to complain directly to hotel staff so that problems can be solved in any effective ways as soon as possible. Investing in good quality laundry equipment seems to be expensive at first, but it’s considered to be a long-term saving for the hotel. Offering in-house same-day laundry service can also improve guest experiences and lead to overall guest satisfaction.

5. Luggage transportation service

Luggage Delivery
AIRPORTELs’ luggage transportation services

Many luxury hotels in Thailand offer this service to guests as part of their premium offerings. There are many benefits if a hotel can offer luggage storage and delivery service for guests. Firstly, it’s convenient for guests especially ones with heavy luggage. They will appreciate the assistance in transporting their belongings to their rooms and from the hotel to the airport. It’s also guests’ first impression when they arrive that can lead to positive reviews.

In addition, it can ease the check-in process for guests. They’ll be able to focus on only necessary documents and enjoy hotel amenities without worrying about their luggage which is well taken care of by dedicated hotel staff. Luggage transportation services also benefit some groups such as the elderly or disabled who may feel that it’s difficult to handle their belongings.

If you’d like to invest in improving facilities to meet customers’ needs, it’s the right time to start. 5 facilities presented today are only an example. There are large selections of facilities that each hotel should have to meet customers’ expectations.

For example, in terms of personalized experiences, the hotel should provide facilities and amenities for every group of guests such as the elderly and disabled. In terms of wellness traveling, a well-equipped gym and a good-quality spa are two facilities that guests expect. Providing guests with facilities that support their needs is crucial because if guests are satisfied with their stay, you may get more and more returning customers in the future.

Luggage Delivery & Storage


Although not every hotel in Bangkok can offer luggage transportation and delivery services for guests, that isn’t a problem for both hotels and guests in Bangkok. If you’d like to get professional luggage delivery and transportation service, let AIRPORTELs help you!

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