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Chatuchak Pet Market

Chatuchak Market, or Chatuchak Weekend Market, is a market in Bangkok with more than 8,000 stalls divided into 27 projects filled with all kinds of products of all types, grades, and prices, such as new and used clothes, miscellaneous goods, ready-to-cook food, fresh food, fruits and vegetables, pottery, ceramics, local products, basketry, pets, and others. We will delve into the pet market.

1.Chatuchak Weekend Market: A Pet Lover’s Paradise

Pet Market

Chatuchak Weekend Market is divided into 26 sections, spread over 25 acres, which are numbered and have similar shops within them. Many shop owners use sections and ‘alleys’, which are streets, to distinguish where their shops are on the map. Pets and accessories are in sections 8, 9, 11, 13, and 15. Animals: dogs, cats, rabbits, mice, various sizes of hamsters, and various species or even strange reptiles.The market offers a wide variety of accessories for pets including leashes, dry food, toys, and more for dogs, cats, rabbits, and other animals.

Types of pets include dogs such as Thai, Lang Arn, Chisu, poodles, boxers, or the gigantic Saint Bernard; cats such as sisawat, authentic Thai cats, or haughty Persian felines; birds such as colorful parrots and parakeets; fish such as goldfish and fancy carps; rabbits, and others. Additionally, the Mixt Chatuchak Shopping Center offers a new dimension to the market, with a length of 350 meters and exotic pets available for purchase. It is the only shopping center located in the heart of the world-famous Chatuchak Market that is open every day.

You will find a wide variety of products, including exotic pets that are special and charming, at Exotic Pets Studio. There are many animals to choose from, such as rats, tree snakes, pythons, geckos or iguanas, raccoons or monkeys, baby squirrels, fennec foxes, and meerkats.

Sometimes, exotic animals that are easier to handle and have an import license are traded overseas. There are officials coming to investigate illegal trade. Some animals may not be available all year. For beginners, there are experts who give advice and knowledge. They also take care of food, cleanliness, and the well-being of the pets. Therefore, you can be confident with these good and healthy pets. Moreover, the shop also provides a full range of pet supplies and food from leading brands, imports and exports all kinds of pets, both domestic and international. For Pet accessories, you can find leashes, cages, aquariums, pet soap, vitamins, or pet food, including bird supplies such as cages.

The pet zone market consists of various sections, such as a bird market, fish market, dog/cat market, rabbit market, large hamster market, reptile market, and more. All animals are well-maintained, clean, and have a friendly temperament.

2. Tips for Visiting Chatuchak Pet Market

animals Chatuchak Market

The best times to visit the market are on Friday (wholesale market): 7:00 p.m.–5:00 a.m.; Saturday and Sunday (weekend market): 5:00 a.m.–7:00 p.m. It is recommended to go to Chatuchak Weekend Market on Saturdays and Sundays, since all stalls are open on weekends. This gives you more shopping options, and it is best to explore the market in the morning with fewer people and more tolerable temperatures. Most stalls do not open before 9 a.m., so it is best to go to the market from 9 a.m. onwards.

The most convenient transport methods and travel options are:

  1. By BTS Skytrain: The nearest station to the market is Mo Chit Station. When arriving at Mo Chit Station, head to exit 1 and walk straight for about 4 minutes (about 350 meters). Then you will see Entrance 3 of the market on your right.
  2. By subway: You just get off at Chatuchak Park Station Exit 1, then turn right and walk straight for about 4 minutes, then you will be at Entrance 3 of the market.

How to explore the market and find what you are looking for. You will receive a free map at the entrance. This map will make it easy to navigate the market.Plan to spend at least two days exploring the pet market.The first day is a total visit. The second day is for buying. For animals that are not on sale all year round. To purchase animals out of season, a deposit may be required to reserve the right to select the best when the product becomes available.

Negotiating prices with sellers can save you money. If you plan to purchase a large quantity of products, you may be able to get an extra discount of 10% to 15%, or you can try to bargain for a reasonable price. However, if you appear unfamiliar with the products, the seller may try to charge you more than the actual price.

3. Types of Pet Accessories and Foods Available

Pet accessories, Animal Foods

You can find a variety of pet accessories, such as pet beds, collars, toys, and clothing, at affordable prices. These products feature modern fashion and good quality, with dog images on purses, hair bands, strollers, costumes, and more.

Recommendations for specific stalls or areas to find certain types of pet supplies are in Sections 8, 9, 11, 13, and 15. Animals like dogs, cats, rabbits, mice, various sizes of hamsters, and various species or even strange reptiles. There are also many accessories for dogs, cats, rabbits, and other pets here, such as leashes, dry food, and toys.

Bunny Villa

Bangkok has a number of pet-friendly cafes, including Cat Garden located in Chatuchak Plaza. This cafe takes good care of their cats and customers are required to wash their hands before touching them to avoid exposure to germs. The cats at Cat Garden have different personalities, making it a great place for cat lovers to enjoy spending time with them.

There are also pet-friendly restaurants where you can enjoy wine and dine with your pet at the table. Cute coffee shops and spacious restaurants offer different atmospheres for you and your pet. Furthermore, the city has several dog parks where dogs can socialize and make new furry friends. Owners can relax and watch their pets socialize. Additionally, there are businesses such as grooming shops, spas, and pools to keep your pets looking and feeling their best.

There are veterinary clinics available for pet healthcare and treatment. Pet adoption is a great way to save and heal abandoned animals, and some stores offer assistance for pet care. This market supports the ethical sale of animals.

pet grooming

Finally, this article will be concluded with pet grooming tips, pet food trends in 2023. Tips for pet care include understanding the animal’s nature, being gentle, maintaining hygiene, and providing quality food. Pet food trends prioritize natural, nutritious options with diverse flavors and eco-friendly packaging.

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Luggage Storage Chatuchak weekend Market

Luggage Storage Highlights

AIRPORTELs has a new branch in Chatuchak for travelers who don’t want to carry heavy luggage while shopping.They offer both luggage storage and delivery services. This means that visitors can drop off their bags at AIRPORTELs and shop without any hassle.

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