Leave your bags with us! | Airbnb luggage storage & delivery

Leave your bags with us!

         The magic of Airbnb is the ease in booking and it’s up-to-date reviews on each property. The fantastic reality of our technological century is using two digital services at once to enhance your travel experience with efficiency and streamlining.

        Imagine leaving the airport with just your wallet and a smartphone.

         You have the flexibility and versatility to shop where you want and go leisurely eat a meal in an amazing, hidden part of the city that is very hard to pull your luggage along and enjoy your day. This subtracts the burden of luggage from your day. Just using our luggage storage.

Airbnb luggage storage, luggage delivery

         Airbnb can now be used in conjunction with AIRPORTELs to have an amazingly affordable, adventure in the nation of Thailand. The international and domestic traveler can use his or her Smartphone to reserve accommodation every hour of the day without being burdened by heavy luggage.

         In fact, luggage can be delivered by AIRPORTELs to each accommodation so you can see everything without lugging around additional bags.  The international and domestic traveler also has the option of leaving your bags to be stored at the airport. Always have AIRPORTELs in mind when you travel in Thailand.

Airbnb luggage storage, luggage delivery

Furthermore, AIRPORTELs now has a digital tracking system that allows the international traveler to have an email sent directly to your Smartphone to inform the customer of every step of their luggage status along the way. Enjoying your time without the worry of ‘Where did I put that?’ or ‘Is my luggage safe over there?’ or ‘Should I have left my luggage in that unknown place?’ Why risk your valuables and hurt your back when you have an option to leave your luggage with the professionals? Experience a new convenient way to using Airbnb.

        AIRPORTELs has an impeccable reputation and 100 percent satisfaction.  This added worry on your mind subtracts from your quality of life while you travel. One important axiom to life will always be when you ‘travel light in life it is the best’ for your peace of mind.   In fact, AIRPORTELs guarantees delivery on time or the fee is refunded by the company.

Alternatively, the international or domestic traveler can leave your luggage in storage at one of AIRPORTELs convenient locations.