Luggage Storage and Delivery from Khao San Road Bangkok

Background Information of Khao San Road

Khao San Road is located in the Banglumpoo district on the west side of Bangkok, Thailand. It was once a center for trading rice and later became known as “Religious Road” because of several shops that catered to the needs of monks. A tiny guesthouse opened in the early 1980s, and from there the street exploded into one of the major backpacking hubs of South East Asia. It is jam-packed with raucous bars and restaurants, as well as budget hostels. 

The best time to visit Khao San Road is between November and March when the weather is perfect and one can have a smooth journey by exploring everything easily with perfect weather. However, if you’re the one who loves to shop, then the best time to visit Khao San Road would effectively be from 6 P.M. to 8 P.M.

Khao San Road is a popular tourist hot spot in Bangkok, Thailand. It is known for its vibrant street life and lively atmosphere. There are many activities to do in Khao San Road such as shopping, eating street food, and enjoying the nightlife. You can also find many hostels in the area.

10 Hostel recommendations around Khao San Road

Terminal 21 Asok Luggage Storage

In this place, Tourists are struggling with carrying heavy luggage to travel, so we provide luggage storage & delivery services for the convenience of tourists. We Open from 10:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m. and Luggage storage service prices are as follows:

Luggage Storage

  • THB 30,60 (small, big) per piece (Hour)
  • THB 150  per piece (Day)
  • THB750  per piece (Week)
  • THB 3,000 per piece (Month)

Special Luggage

  • THB 40,80 (small, big) per piece (Hour)
  • THB 200 per piece (Day)
  • THB 1,000 per piece (Week)
  • THB 4,000 per piece (Month)

It’s not just simple luggage storage that you know, AIRPORTELs adds more benefits to our customers. We understand that sometimes it wastes your time to go back to collect your left luggage. Therefore, we provide luggage delivery service to your desired place.


If you want to deliver luggage, we recommend checking it out in Luggage Delivery. You’ll be able to ship your luggage wherever you are, straight to the airport!

How to go to AIRPORTELs Terminal 21 Asok Counter

The floor that is connected to BTS is under the Paris theme. Take an escalator (not the long one) to 1Floor which is under the Tokyo theme next to the elevator, AIRPORTELs counter is here.

At this counter, we introduce luggage storage with an exclusive offer.

AIRPORTELs Terminal 21 Asok
AIRPORTELs Terminal 21 Asok


AIRPORTELs will be your luggage secretary, carrying your luggage between Department Store, Airport and Hotels in Bangkok. We will be a 50,000 baht compensation for damages on all luggage and a 100% guarantee that all luggage will reach its destination.



Why choose AIRPORTELs?

AIRPORTELs is willing to take care of electronic devices as well. We understand how hard customers need to find a trustworthy place to leave them and if you can’t find a place to store, you need to carry them.

AIRPORTELs can take care of music equipment, shopping bags, and sports equipment as well. Golf bags full of golf clubs or any type of bicycle, AIRPORTELs accepts all. Your belongings are covered with insurance up to 50,000 THB.


If you’re looking to leave big stuff, you can check the price first and decide later whether you’re going to store or deliver your belongings!

You may plan your shopping on the last day of the trip since you can spend as much as you want because you are going back soon. How can you enjoy shopping when your hands are full?

The problem is you may have your luggage with you and you don’t leave it at the hotels you stay because it wastes your time going back and forth.

Therefore, you are asking your best helper, and you find this article. You are in the right place.

AIRPORTELs is a luggage solution company. You can leave your luggage with us. AIRPORTELs recommends an AIRPORTELs counter at Terminal 21 for your convenience.


  • Terminal 21 Asok Counter open 10:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m.
  • Price starts at THB 30 per hour
  • Insurance up to 50,000 THB and 100% guarantee that all luggage will reach its destination
  • Customers can check the status of their luggage.
  • AIRPORTELs have 9 branches in Thailand.
  • AIRPORTELs can take care of big items.
  • Long-term luggage storage
  • Luggage delivery between Suvarnabhumi Airport and hotels, condominiums, or guesthouses in Bangkok and Phuket area

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