3 Wonderful Phuket Water Park in 2024


Phuket is a fantastic place to visit in Thailand if you are seeking a tropical island escape with fantastic hotels, secluded beaches with white sand and turquoise water, delicious food and restaurants, incredible scenery, and more. However, contrary to popular belief, this location also provides world-class water parks and theme parks for people of all ages to enjoy a fun day away from the beaches. Check out our list of Water Park Phuket where you can spend time with your loved ones! 

1. Splash Jungle Water Park Phuket

Splash Jungle Water Park Phuket

Although the Splash Jungle Water Park is more than simply a “fun park,” there are plenty of enjoyable amenities there, especially the slip and slide down the “Splash Jungle’s rides.” Let’s start with a spectacular ride like Whizzard, where passengers are ushered into enclosed, fast-moving AquaTubes that spiral next to one another through many lanes of twists and turns before a surprising descent of colorful lanes. 

However, if you are traveling with a group, do not be concerned because there are family raft trips available where you will sit on a sizable raft. This requires kids to be with their parents for safety because there are a lot of over-the-edge wall times, speeds up to 33 km/h (20.5 mph), surprise drops, and twisting twists guarantee an enjoyable experience.

You will descend from the top of the tower to the Super Bowl to prepare for the thrilling spin at the enormous Super Bowl. Before coming to a thrilling transition into a splashdown pool, it takes several wild turns.
Boomerango, a dark tube ride that is followed by a rush up a vertical wall and a reverse free fall that propels you over a 15-meter-high transition bump to the splash pool, is a must-try if you’re looking for something more exhilarating. Next, head to Wave Pool to hit the surf with six levels of constant waves.

Complete everything so you can travel down the Lazy River, a 335-meter adventure maze that is surrounded by vegetation and a wild visual feast. Is it a kid’s activity? Aqua Play & Kids Pool and Aqua Spray Park are great places for family entertainment.

Also, this park provides a comprehensive range of amenities and services, including as cabana rentals, locker rentals, towel rentals, a changing area, on-site nurses, and swimming equipment stores. If you are hungry, there are incredible taverns, street food stands, and restaurants on every corner where you can get something to eat.

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2. Blue Tree Phuket

Blue Tree Phuket

Due to its location next to the Lagoon Amusement Park, Blue Tree is a recreation area that doubles as a place to have fun day and night, as well as an entertainment and activity hub for people of all ages. Start with something simple, like the Family Fun Zone, a kid-friendly water area with a water fountain, water slides, and play structures, and move on to the Zip Line, which will transport you from the top over the clear water to the Crystal Lagoon where you can enjoy the top view of this location. You can also play the Stand-Up Board to paddle your way through the water.

Find something over relaxing in crystal-clear waters? you can test your physical stamina with Ninja Physical, a thrilling adventure course where you must navigate a variety of obstacles, as well as Rock Climbing, which requires you to grasp hold of the ropes and ascend a mountain. You risk falling to the ocean below if you miss a grip. The Cliff Jump Off gives you the opportunity to leap from the cliffs at either of two heights—five or ten meters—and land in the water. If that’s not thrilling enough, visit the Super Fly Water Slides, where you may pick the slide’s size and launch yourself into the air before landing safely in the lagoon.

Aside from these activities, you will have extreme fun playing beach volleyball, water jousting, and ice skating. Furthermore, there are numerous things to do here, such as enjoying amazing cuisine from various restaurants and food trucks, shopping at second-hand and local goods shops, visiting a yoga and Judo studio, visiting Kid’s Planet and Village, and much more! You can also participate in monthly events and special dining.

3. Andamanda Phuket Waterpark

Open the entrance to this undiscovered treasure, Andamanda Phuket, with its Thai historical concept that honors the genuine regional culture. Here are mystic legends just waiting to be discovered. You may enjoy splashing in the water and learning about Thai mythology with the special interpretation of this park’s renowned five Thai-themed zones with 17 coasters, 32 slides, and 8 attractions in an area of around 100,000 square meters.

If you want to relax and let your mind drift with the water, you shouldn’t miss playing something like Rolling Nipples, the longest lazy river. Next, move on to Racing Nagas, the vibrant lanes that will take you down to the super-speed water for the ultimate thrill. Following that, have fun floating down and bouncing back and forth vertically on a raft at the Eagle Flyer with your friends and families, and then finish them all off with the first dueling master blaster in Thailand, Angel’s Slide, to experience up and down hills for a great adrenaline rush that you may never feel before.

To enhance and elevate your experience, The Village area is great for culinary tours with worldwide cuisine to please all palates in addition to the water park. You can go to the Village Restaurant, which blends the allure of Thai traditional markets with a touch of foreign cuisine like American burgers with sides of fries, salad, and nachos as well as Italian specialties like pizza and pasta with distinctive flavors. Don’t forget to try some of their signature Thai and Phuket dishes. There are foreign favorites among Thai dishes such as Tom Yum Kung, Pad Thai, and Pad Kra Pao Chicken with Fried Egg, as well as the famous Hokkien Noodles. Complete everything by taking a sip of your favorite drink at Wave Bar or Sand Bar. 


If fun and thrilling vibes are your and your family’s thing, there are three recommended and top-rated water parks in Phuket that you should add to your list. Do not wait! Let us make every minute of Phuket’s exhilarating water adventures memorable to make this place the best vacation ever! 

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