Bangkok Street Food – 5 Tasty street food in Bangkok

5 the best places tasty street food Bangkok Thailand, 

When it comes to food, you almost can’t resist this idea, right? Well, working out or losing weight does not matter at all because food always comes first. Today, we’re going to take a look at 5 Street Food destination in Thailand with great atmospheres and delicious cuisine. Let’s make a list.

Victory Monument bangkok,Tasty street food Bangkok
victory monument by night, bangkok thailand

Victory Monument

tasty street food Bangkok in Victory Monument. It’s the place that can truly be called “Food Land”. Victory monument is always crowded since it is the center of mass transportations. There was even a saying in Thai, “Every road leads to Victory Monument”.

Of course, this assemble point must be packed with delicacy right? You can fill your tummy with a wide range of cuisine, from sweet to savory in the alleys and streets. How to get there: BTS, Victory Monument Station Operating Hours: 10.00 AM – 20.00 PM

Recommended Restaurants: – Toy Kuaitiao Ruea Lang Wat (Boat Noodles), (located on the backside of Ma Kok Temple, near Ratchawiti Hospital) – Fish Maw in gravy soup, Je Deang Chuan Chim (located on Ratchawiti Road, Soi 6, on the opposite side of Wutthisak Clinic) – Soi Kuaitiao Ruea (Boat Noodles Alley) (There are several eateries on Phaholyothin Road, just before you reach the express van station under the tollway)

Tasty street food Bangkok
chinatown, bangkok, thailand – circa may, 2015: cars and shops on yaowarat road, the main street of china town.


tasty street food Bangkok in Yaowarat. How can we miss this one?! This area is loved by both Thai people and foreigners because it is packed with yummy food. If you have never been to Yaowarat, well, you’re out. 

It has savory cuisine, fruits, smoothie, and desserts – all you can taste while strolling around. It is surely a treasure for food hunters indeed. How to get there: MRT, Hualamphong Station Operating hours: Local market at day and street food area at night, starting from 18:00 PM ‘til early morning

Recommended Restaurants: – Jek Pui Rice and Curry (Je Chie) – Black Sesame Dumpling in Ginger Tea & Ginkgo Nuts with Fresh Milk – Fried Noodle with Chicken, Nai Hong (Mr. Hong) – Toy & Kit Seafood (T&K SEAFOOD) – Paste of rice noodle, Kuai Jab Podchana

Rachawat Market

Rachawat Market / Sri Yan Market Rolling away from Yaowarat, you will find a quieter district like Dusit. Take Nakornchaisri Road and it leads you to the 2 oldest markets in town. Ratchawat Market is filled with food on both sides of the boulevard.

Keep going for a little bit, you will see Sri Yan Market that is rich in good quality cuisines, both for the market zone and the street food zone.How to get there: Take Bus No.14 from Victory Monument or Bus No. 524 from BTS Saphankwai Station Operating hours: Afternoon is the best time for lunchRecommended Restaurants : – One Star Roast Duck – Gang Pa Sri Yan (Fish Curry Sri Yan) – Rachawat Noodle in Gravy Soup

Tasty street food Bangkok
Bangkok street food

Charoenkrung and Bangrak

tasty street food Bangkok in Charoenkrung and Bangrak. Another famous foodie destination that conquers any ideas of getting fat. You might tell your friend, “I’m gonna get fat and nothing’s gonna stop me cause there’s a lot of food here.” Once you walk through Charoenkrung street to every corner and alley, you will see fatty grilled pork, sweet-scented noodle soup, roast duck, and fresh fruits as well as vegan restaurants.

Well, Charoenkrung has every sort of cuisine gathered here. How to get there: BTS, Saphan Taksin Station Operating hours: day and night

Recommended Restaurants: – Ku Lap Pork Boat Noodle – Prachak Roast Duck– Tienzin Vegan Restaurant – Home Cuisine Islamic Restaurant

Talad Plu

Talad Plu A traditional street food destination that stems from Wongwien Yai. It is packed with international cuisines and a wide range of food options – many restaurants are guaranteed by awards and certifications.

Take this auntie’s old-school Vietnamese stuffed crispy omelets place for example. She placed all her pictures and prizes on the electric post. Why waste more time? Come here at once! How to get there: BTS, Talad Plu SationOperating hours: 24/7

Recommended Restaurants: – Ting Fish Rich Soup – Somsak Steamed Crab Meat   Well, those foodie destinations make you feel like you wanna go there and grab something to eat right away? Strolling around while eating food seems to be the idea you can’t resist. Forget about getting fat, it is time for food here!

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