Island Paradise: 15 Must-Visit Gems Surrounding Phuket

When thinking of visiting Thailand for your vacation, there are many world class destinations for you to choose. Just when you arrived in Bangkok and spend a few days in the city, there are various activities to do. However, there are many other cities which are world class destinations, and Phuket is one of them. The largest island in Thailand, sometime so-called Islandphuketwhich is directly translated as (เกาะภูเก็ต) in Thai, this place is known as the Pearl of the Andaman. By coming here, you will enjoy superb clear water, beautiful sea and nature, and white sand beach as well as rich local history and culture. Today, if you’re planning in itinerary for spending time at the pearl of the Andaman, we’d like to recommend you some nearby islands to make your trip more enjoyable.

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1. Koh Phi Phi (Phi Phi Island)

Although this group of islands located in Krabi, it’s not too far to visit. There is some unseen area that you shouldn’t miss such as Maya Bay which is a famous marine national park in Thailand. There are many resorts and restaurants for you to choose as well as many other activities to spend your greatest moment.

2. Similan Islands

Let’s end our today’s list with another marine national park. It is best known for being popular diving spot among many professional divers around the world. We recommend you spend at least one day trip, because there are many activities and beautiful nature scenes for you to enjoy.

3. Koh Racha (Racha Island)

Not far from Koh He, it is where Koh Racha located. There are two islands, Koh Racha Yai and Koh Racha Noi; both are famous for diving spot that you shouldn’t miss. Besides its popular diving spots, Koh Racha also has a romantic sunset spot, Patok Bay, which everyone also shouldn’t miss.

4. Koh Bon

Next in our list of is another peaceful place for relaxing and playing in the water. Traveling to Koh Bon is easy. Only 2 kilometers from Rawai Beach, you can go there by local service long-tailed boat. However, this place only for relaxing during your day and there is no place to get an overnight.

5. Koh Maiton (Maiton Island)

Koh Maiton is paradise for tourists who want to relax in quiet atmosphere. Its nickname is “Maldives of Thailand”. You can enjoy crystal clear water and abundant coral reefs. Whether you’d like to come here for swimming, fishing, or diving, there is surely something for you.

6. Koh Rang Yai (Rang Yai Island)

For any adventurers, this island Thailand is your paradise! You can enjoy camping or kayaking. Highlight of this place is to take an overnight in bamboo bungalows which will make you feel like have a slow life escaping from chaos.

7. Koh Khai Islands

It is a group of 3 islands joined together and being a part of both Phuket and Phangnga. Only around 30 minutes by speedboat, this is the perfect place both for diving, fishing, playing in the water, or just sunbathing on the peaceful pure white sand beach.

8. Koh He or CoralIsland

Located in the southern part of the main area, about 10 kilometers from the coast and can be reached by speedboat in only 10-15 minutes or by long-tailed boat for about 45 minutes. This is the nearest you can visit. There are many activities to enjoy such as jet skis, parasailing, banana boats, and diving to see the fertile shallow coral reefs which are home to many fish. Due to the shortest route to visit from the main city, this place is sometime very crowded.

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9. Koh Panyi

Koh Panyi is a Muslim community. The special is: the whole village is built on stilts. You can learn more about local way of life as well as enjoying authentic fresh seafood because main occupation of local people depend on traditional fishery and people here are always ready to welcome tourists. 

10. Koh James Bond (James Bond Island)

Besides Koh Panyi, You shouldn’t miss to visit Khao Phing Kan or best known as Koh James Bond. It is a part of Ao Phang Nga Marine National Park and turns into one of the popular tourist destinations among foreigners since 1974 when it was chosen to be filming location for the movie “James Bond: The Man with the Golden Gun”.

11.Koh Hong

Although there is no resort on Koh Hong where you can take an overnight trip, it is one of the most beautiful islands where many tourists would like to visit at least once. Koh Hong is also famous for its clear turquoise color water. Whether you want to relax by the sea, snorkel or even come here for kayaking or just enjoying beautiful nature scene, there is something waiting for you at Koh Hong.

12. Koh Yao Noi

It’s a perfect place to have an overnight. There are many types of accommodation to choose, from luxury resorts to homestays. Speaking of the atmosphere, it’s considered as a peaceful place suitable for relaxation. Moreover, many people even say that this place is perfect for couples who are on their honeymoon.

13. Koh Kaeo

Located on the northern part of the city, on the main highway from the airport, this is where many people call it “lifestyle destination”. It is the place where you can visit Royal Phuket Marina, as well as stay in the classic and luxurious resort “Boat Lagoon”.

14. Koh Maphrao

Located in the eastern part of the main city, this is a perfect place for relax. “Maphrao” is Thai word for coconut, and coconut plantation is the main occupation for people living there. Koh Maphrao has abundant natural marine and coastal resources. By visiting here, you can learn about traditional fishery village which is hard to find anywhere else. You can enjoy swimming, walking on a nature trail or visiting the pearl farm which is a very popular activity among tourists.

15. Koh Sirey

Among all islands in our list, this one is the closest route to the main city. You can go there by driving across the bridge over the Tha Chin Canal. It is best for tourists who’d like to know more about local people.

If you are visiting the pearl of Andaman, you shouldn’t miss almost all islands in our lists together with other nearby areas. However, if you come to Thailand for the first time, you would like to spend some days in Bangkok and you need professional luggage storage and delivery service, let Airportels help you. Visit for more information regarding our services.

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7 tourist attractions in Thailand that never fall out of style

Trendy tourist attractions are everywhere, but Thailand is one perfect spot for travelers that even under tight budget, you can go in style!


1. Phu Tub berk, Phetchabun Province

Phu Tubberk is so well known among Thais that many wish to go there once in their life.  Most go for sea of fog, chilly atmosphere, and nice communities. 

This mountain stands the tallest in Phetchabun Province with many rest stops along the trail for friends and family to stay outdoor picnic and camping overnight, and if desired, wait for dawn when the majestic sea of fog reveals for the world to see. [Map]

Phu Tubberk, Phetchabun Province

2. Pine forest in Wat Chan Royal Project, Chiang Mai Province

Ease off the busy schedule, and unwind at pine forest in Wat Chan Royal Project.

Whoever come here shall be enticed by the charm of Thailand’s largest pine forest, the morning haze over the reservoir, the colorful leave shedding Oak trees, and night time twinkling stars, all of which every city dweller strives for. [Map]

Pine forest,Wat Chan Royal

3. Prasat Phanom Rung, Buriram Province

Prasat Phanom Rung receives its magical power from Shiva lingam as the first ray of dawn runs straight through all 15 portals across the sanctuary.

It is an auspicious belief to start everyday with such awesome power from Shiva and the nature.  Be there by 6:30 in the morning or 5:30 in the evening, and wait for the sunlight to pass through all 15 portals, and be blessed by Shiva himself. [Map]

Prasat Phanom Rung,Buriram Province

4. Phu Kradueng, Lei Province

Thai couples hold their hands going up Phu Kradueng not just for kicks but to prove their love to one another for they must endure hardship together along the way.  Some past the uphill test, but broke up on the way downhill.  Some went up not as a couple, but returned with their romantic tale that withstood the test of time. 


But not just for romance that travelers go for at Phu Kradueng, they journey uphill to see for themselves how the air feels like, how the wind sounds like, how the fog looks like, and as the sun shines bright, how the lifelong experience of true nature empowers them to take each step forward. [Map]

Phu Kradueng,Lei Province,Tourist attractions in Thailand

5. Khao Chang Phueak, Kanchanaburi Province

For those adventurous some, seeking life on the edge, Khao Chang Phueak is a great destination. Its summit, some twelve hundred meters above sea level, reveals the elephant-like ridges along the trail.

Going up there requires booking for only 60 thrill seekers can enter in a day.

To make it more mysteriously exciting, the park is open for reservation from October to February of the following year. [Map]

Khao Chang Phueak, Kanchanaburi Province,Tourist attractions in Thailand

6. Chalerm Burapa Chollathit Road, Chonburi – Rayong – Chantaburi – Trad Province

Chalerm Burapa Chollathit Road is a scenic route that extends the distance of the beach in Chantaburi Province.  The road is 80 kilometers long full of exquisite sites and tourist attractions easy to drive or bike from one to the other.

Indulge into the beauty of the shoreline, rippling wave, fresh produce, and local communities that will impress you with their generosity. [Map]

Chalerm Burapa Chollathit Road, Chonburi,Rayong,Chantaburi.Trad Province,Tourist attractions in Thailand

7. Koh Lipe, Satun Province

Speaking of islands, Koh Lipe is Thailand’s paradise island, hands down.  The clear blue sea meets with the white fine sandy shore rendering a clean perfect image of great nature comparable to Maldives islands.

So, go ahead and dive deep, then wield the wind, strike the shining sun, and finally, call it a day [Map]

Koh Lipe, Satun Province,Tourist attractions in Thailand

So you have it; 7 tourist attractions in Thailand that if you are not thinking of paying a visit, you’re out!  Better stay in trend, get up and ask your friends and family to go there with.


Tourist attractions in Thailand more information

5 Things to do in Phuket – 2023

One of the largest and most well-known islands in Thailand’s southern Andaman Sea. Phuket is home to breathtaking white-sand beaches, majestic temples, extreme adventure, and a nature-based lifestyle for all types of travelers.

Nevertheless, you might be asking what Phuket’s top activities are.


5 Things to do in Phuket

Look through the five lists below to see what piques your interest. You can make the most of your trip without being disappointed for the best travel explore in Phuket.

1. Visit The Big Buddha

The Big Buddha or Mingmongkol Buddha image. (its official name) It is the first must-see location that we are proud to recommend to you.

The Big Buddha in Phuket, Thailand
The Big Buddha in Phuket, Thailand

It is located at Nagakerd Mount in Karon Subdistrict on the island and is one of the tallest statues in Thailand at 45 meters (148 feet) tall and 25.45 meters (83.5 feet) wide.

It is visible from anywhere in Phuket or Karon Beach. In addition to its enormous size, it is constructed of concrete and clad in white Burma marble to stand out among the picturesque surroundings.

The purpose of this creation is a symbol of peace as well as the solidarity and hope of people for Thai people and foreigners living in Thailand that have donated until the image completed in 2021.

It is open from 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. without charge. You can go up there by public transportation or hiking if you want, but it takes a little bit of time.

2. Go to an Ethical Elephant Sanctuary

We promise an unforgettable experience with elephant tourism at the Ethical Elephant Sanctuary, which boasts a 600-meter-long and 6-meter-tall canopy walkway with maximum freedom to naturally roam, forage, bathe, and socialize in the jungle with happy and kind elephants.

Elephants are Thailand’s national animal and have played a significant role in its history and cultural development.

Ethical Elephant Sanctuary
Ethical Elephant Sanctuary

This spot serves as a true and heartwarming home for overworked elephants throughout the Khao Phra Thaeo National Park, introducing them to the genuine natural world where they deserve to be happy.

If you are an elephant enthusiast or a nature lover, this is your chance to observe the animals from a respectful distance, let them express their natural habits, feed them food, learn more about them through morning and afternoon programs, and end the day with a delicious vegetarian meal.

3. Zip Line at Hanuman World

Hanuman World is the best and largest zipline rainforest park in Phuket. Do not miss if you are addicted to the extreme adventure mood in the middle of the rainforest.

It has 32 platforms with varying speeds for beginners to intense pleasure, and you can choose from a variety of packages, including solo and combined packages that include round-trip transportation and meals.


The activities include roller coasters, ziplines, abseils, spiral staircases, honeymoon slings, and more.

The Sky Walk, a sky bridge that lets you travel from a great height above the earth to overlook anything you might not have previously considered from the perspective of the monkey as a voyage through history and myth, is another feature aside from the zipline activity.

If you are nervous, the zipline is suitable for all ages (4 to 80 years old with a maximum weight of 180 kg) and has well-trained and friendly staff who will take care of you throughout all steps to ensure 100% comfort and safety for the tourists.

This will provide you with an experience like that of a monkey or Hanuman, white money in Thai literature and Hindu mythology, who had no limits, feared nothing, and could achieve anything he desired as a dedicated adventurer.


If you want to learn more information about Hanuman World, you can click here.

4. Day Trip to Phi Phi Island

With its lime stone hills, turquoise lagoons, and the renowned beach at Maya Bay, Phi Phi Island. (also known as Koh Pee-Pee)

Phi Phi Island is without a doubt one of the finest ideals for you if you are searching for the best one-day vacation without a rush from the island by boat.

Phi Phi Island
Phi Phi Island

The first things that tourists may want to the first are snorkeling and scuba diving, followed by cliff jumping and resting at the beach, are the ways to make the most of their time spent here.

Fill your stomach after a memorable day with Thai food, which has a reputation as one of the world’s most delicious and creative cuisines, from spicy salads, soups, and curries in for lunch.

Yet, since you are already in the area, you don’t miss out on the opportunity to enjoy the freshest and tastiest seafood, including fish, prawns, lobster, and crab, which can be curried, steamed, boiled, barbecued, or fried and served with Thai seafood dipping sauce.

Don’t forget to stop by Phi Phi Market before you leave to get wonderful food from a variety of sellers that are cooking directly on their stands, allowing you to obtain a fresh, prepared meal.

So, for topics and reviews about Phi Phi Island, search the hashtag #PhiPhiIsland on any social media platform.

5. Hike to Freedom Beach

Hiking lovers must like the hidden gem of Freedom Beach. Along the west coast of Phuket, between Patong and Karon beaches.

Even though it may take 10 to 15 minutes and feel difficult to hike to the top of this place by the concrete walkway along the coast. The way down is quite steep, you need hiking shoes to support your legs and feet while traveling.

In any case, you will enjoy the ride with green views of trees on both sides and the wind blowing through your hands. At last, your tiredness will be vanquished by the soft white sand and crystal-clear blue water that reflect the sunshine.

Freedom Beach
Freedom Beach

Freedom Beach will allow you to watch the amazing marine life, like schools of fish, and it is a wonderful spot for swimming, snorkeling, sunbathing, and playing sports like volleyball. It is also distinguished from other beaches by its lack of any building or construction.

It is an opportunity for you to immerse yourself in true nature with friendly people who welcome both locals and tourists. You can catch a long-tail boat for a 10-minute ride to the entrance of this beach.



Now that you know what to do in Phuket, you can plan accordingly. All activities, whether you are a solo, couple, or group will surely satisfy your needs. Whether, you are searching for a beach shack to rest in or an adventure or natural activities to renew yourself with different experience and elevate your travel explore. Just try out!

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5 Must Visit Island Destinations in Thailand

Ko Lanta Island

Thailand has many beautiful and picturesque islands that travelers can’t miss. Next time you come to Thailand, why not plan for a few-day trip to one of them instead of staying only in the capital city? You won’t regret visiting that place. For those who haven’t gotten an idea of where to go yet, this article presents 5 islands a traveler like you must visit once in his/her life. Let’s see if you like any of them.

Koh Chang (Elephant Island)

This island is located in Laem Ngob (Ngob Cape) in the province of Trad. It’s the largest of all that are located in the Gulf of Thailand and the second largest island of the country. The sea water is clear. One of the characteristics of this island is that, even when it’s summer, the weather won’t get extremely hot there, because most of the area of the island is covered by a tropical rain forest. The activities available here include swimming in the sea, visiting a waterfall, trekking through the forest, riding an elephant, cruising, fishing and diving to enjoy watching coral reefs. You can visit, to mention some, Khlong Prao Beach, Kai Bae Beach, Than Mayom Waterfall and Baan Chang Thai.

Koh Chang is more than 300 kilometers away from the province of Trad. There’s more than one way you can get there. One is to drive a car. Pass through the districts of Pattaya and Sattahip in the province of Chon Buri and the district of Klaeng in the province of Rayong. Then, change to Highway No.3 passing through the province of Chanthaburi to the town of the Trad province.

There are ferry piers at Natural Bay and Center Point. Another way is to use a bus which is available at both Mochit Transport Station and Ekkamai Transport Station. The bus will arrive at Trad Transport Station. Then, to get to the pier at Natural Bay, you have to get on a two-row bus (called “song thaew” by Thai people). After that, you can get on a ferry to Koh Chang. Besides, you can also fly from Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport to Trad Airport. Only one airline is available in this case: Bangkok Airways. There you can get to your hotel on Koh Chang by van.

Mu Koh Lanta (Lanta Archipelago)

Mu Koh Lanta is a large archipelago located in a district with the same name in the province of Krabi. It consists of Koh Lanta Yai (Big Lanta Island), Koh Lanta Noi (Small Lanta Island) and some other small islands. Most tourist attractions are on Koh Lanta Yai. On Mu Koh Lanta, you can enjoy the scenery, swimming in the sea or view the nature. Mu Koh Lanta National Park is one of the most popular places you should visit.

Koh Ngai (Ngai Island) in the southeast is one of the places where you can enjoy watching coral reefs in shallow water. Koh Ha (Ha Island) gives you the chance to dive to enjoy watching some manta rays. However, the Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation declares that Koh Ha be closed from July 1 to November 30 of every year.

Mu Koh Lanta is about 70 kilometers away from the province of Krabi. To get there, you can drive to Baan Hua Hin Pier where you can get on a ferry to Koh LantaYai. Besides, you can catch a bus from the Southern Bus Terminal on Borommaratchachonnani Road. Once you’ve arrived at Krabi Transport Station, you can then get on a van which can take you to your accommodation. Alternatively, you can catch a plane to Krabi Airport. From there, you’re encouraged to hire a car and drive to your accommodation.

Koh Lipe (Lipe Island)

This island is located in the southernmost area of Thailand. It’s in the province of Satun. The island is adjacent to the Malaysian territorial waters. The sea water is clear and it’s full of colorful coral reefs. It’s regarded as one of the most beautiful diving areas of Thailand. Some people call this island “Thailand’s Maldives”. You can enjoy some great views on Pha Chado (Chado Cliff) on Koh Adang (Adang Island),north of Koh Lipe. The Walking Street is one of the major attractions on Koh Lipe where you can buy food of various types. It’s located in the center of the island.

Koh Lipe has three beaches called Pattaya, Sunrise and Sunset. To get there, you can take a plane to Hat Yai. From there, take a van to Pak Bara Pier. From this pier, you can then take a ferry to Koh Lipe. You can also use a bus from the Southern Bus Terminal on Borommaratchachonnani Road to the district of La-gnu in the province of Satun. Then take a two-row bus to Pak Bara Pier and get on a ferry to Koh Lipe.

Mu Koh Similan (Similan Archipelago)

One of the world-famous places, this archipelago is located in the district of Khura Buri in the province of Phang-nga. The sea water is as clear as a mirror. The scenery here is fantastic. You can enjoy both diving and kayaking. Coral reefs can be watched in both shallow and deep water. Manta rays, whales and dolphins are some of the creatures you might see here. Koh Hu Yong (Hu Yong Island) is the longest of the nine islands of Mu Koh Similan. Turtles usually come to lay their eggs here at some time between November and February. To go to Mu Koh Similan, you have to take a ferry from Khura Buri Pier in the district of Khura Buri or from Hat Patong Pier in the province of Phuket. Mu Koh Similan is about 70 kilometers away from both piers.

Koh Tao (Turtle Island)

Koh Tao is located in the district of Koh Pha-ngan in the province of SuratThani. Because this island is located so far from the main land, in the past a number of turtles came to lay their eggs on this island. It was peaceful and had no inhabitants. Besides, Koh Tao is the world’s second largest diving area after Australia. In the history of Thailand, Koh Tao used to be where a prison was built. One of the most common activities here is diving to enjoy watching coral reefs both in shallow and deep water. You can get to Koh Nangyuan (Nangyuan Island) which is located in the north west to enjoy the scenery and peace.

To go to Koh Tao, you have to get to Thayang Pier or Rom Lom Phraya Pier in the province of Chumphon and get on a ferry. Alternatively, you can catch a ferry from Don Sak Pier in the province of Surat Thani.