A day trip to Ayutthaya


What is Ayutthaya?

Generally speaking, it’s arguably Thailand’s most impressive set of temples and their answer to Cambodia’s famous Angkor Wat, and it’s home to the famous ‘Buddha head in the tree’! Ayutthaya was actually formerly Thailand’s Capital, and in 1700 was the largest city in the world! It’s now a UNESCO world heritage site and the fact so many people go through Bangkok without spending a day here is almost criminal, it’s an absolute must-see.

Where is Ayutthaya?

The beautiful thing about Ayutthaya, Thailand’s former capital, is that it’s less than 100km from Bangkok so getting there as a day trip from Bangkok is no problem at all. Depending on your budget, taxis, trains, buses and tour groups are all possible options.

The Temples

While Angkor Wat in Cambodia gets all the Instagram love and column inches, Ayutthaya’s understated beauty is a perfect alternative. Get yourself in a tuk-tuk or explore for yourself. Once you’re on the mini-island with Ayutthaya where all the temples are dotted around, you come in and out of each individual temple complex, at some of the larger temples, you ‘donate’ 20-50 THB (roughly $1) for each one, so factor in another $5-$10 for temple entries as a maximum, well worth it when you see how impressive they are.

Far fewer tourists and a fun day trip with the local train. You can even be back in Bangkok ready to party or move on to the islands, or Chiang Mai the same evening.

Get yourself in a tuk-tuk or explore for yourself, either way, you’ll love it I promise. Ayutthaya should be on the list of everyone who travels through Bangkok.


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