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I have to say that it was my first time going to Ayutthaya Thailand, despite the fact that Ayutthaya is located near to Bangkok, and it takes only 1 hour to get there. We had no plan but just going. We weren’t in a rush and took a rest whenever we want to. We started the journey at 8 am.

Eat, Pray and Love at Ayutthaya Thailand.

In the morning, we started out by going to the most famous temple of Ayutthaya, “Wat Yai Chai Mong Kol” The temple was built by King U-Thong, and there was a big ancient pagoda and lots of Buddha images inside the temple. There were a lot of foreign tourists and also Thais that came to the temple. We took many pictures with the scenery pagoda and then we left. “Wat Yai Chai Mong Kol” open from 8am to 5pm. Fees for foreign tourist is just 20 THB per one people but for free Thais.

We took a map from the temple and then went straight to another famous temples immediately.  We drove for about 2 kilometers just by the time we arrived at the destination. “Wat Pra Nan Cherng” is another ancient temple in Ayutthaya. The temple is located on the riverside and it was very beautiful.

Moreover, Ayutthaya is also famous in eatery where the city provides fresh-cooked prawn and fish for every tourist with affordable prices! But first we would like to take you to Ayutthaya floating market which offers many traditional sweets and snacks to eat. Ayutthaya floating market is a classic floating market offering sightseeing boat to take tourists around the market.

The sightseeing is recommended at nightfall because the weather is really nice. After spending quite a time at floating market, we moved on the next market “Gong Kong market” the name “Gong Kong” in Thai means leaning forward. You might be surprised that in the market you really have to lean forward in order to buy something because it’s a traditional-like market that imitates the way market was back in centuries ago.

It was 6pm which is my favorite time after all. It is time for dinner. Yes, if you do some research about Ayutthaya, it is very obvious that Ayutthaya is very famous for its grilled prawn. There was no reason to miss this delicious prawn so we ordered lots of them.

There were many restaurant located up on the riverside that we can choose but at the end, we chose the most famous one in Ayutthaya “Ruen Thai Goong Pao”. The restaurant offers many delicious foods and there were lots of people coming into the restaurant as a guarantee that this restaurant is the best.

After a long day at Ayutthaya Thailand, we went back to Bangkok and enjoy the big mango night vibes. If you have time, there is not just Bangkok to travel in Thailand but also city around the capital is as interesting too.

Good bye for now, wish everyone good luck.

Ayutthaya Thailand Article

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