What to Do to Protect Your Luggage from Any Potential Damages

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If you prepare well for your trip, you’ll be able to protect your luggage and thus to prevent any potential damages. One of the problems that might come up when we travel by plane to other place is, as is commonly known, our luggage gets some physical damages such as scratches or scuffs. The worst case is it breaks. Most of the time this is caused by rough handling by some baggage handlers, but sometimes it can also take place due to your carelessness.

Imagine you’re at an airport in a country you’ve never visited before and one of your bags breaks, causing some of your items to come out. What’s worse is you don’t have any space left in any of your other bags. In that case, life would be a lot more complicated for you. First of all, you aren’t familiar with the place, so you have no idea of where to get your luggage fixed as soon as possible. You don’t even know if it’s possible to get it fixed there. Should you get yourself a new bag? You don’t know where to buy it, either.

To prevent yourself from running into that kind of trouble, you need to plan well to protect your luggage. The question is what can we do to protect our luggage from any potential damages?


One of the best ways is to buy the right bag. That’s right. Buy the right bag! Did you know the protection started from the moment you selected your bag? Give priority to quality, not price. It’s likely for low-quality luggage to break easily. So, when you buy a new bag, always look for one with an appropriate design and a good material.

How to protect your luggage

Clean your luggage regularly or at least before your next trip. Cleaning can help maintain the quality of your bags to some extent.

Always check if your current luggage is good enough for your upcoming trip. If it isn’t, get yourself a new one. Don’t be thrifty. Remember, some countries have higher living costs. If your luggage gets damaged there, you might have to buy a new bag at a higher price.

Pack your luggage as lightly as you can. Don’t put too much stuff in your bags. Too heavy a bag can cause its handle to break if towed or pulled with too much force.

Avoid sitting on your luggage. It wasn’t designed for sitting, so it might not be strong enough to support your weight. If you’re too heavy, some of its wheels might break.

Zip up your liquid items or toiletries so they have less chance of spilling within your luggage. Some of these items can harm the material inside your bag.

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Wrap your luggage in plastic. The plastic wrap is very useful. It can protect your bag as well as you. Read these two articles entitled 5 Reasons Why Wrapping Your Luggage Before a Flight Is a Must and I Need to Get My Luggage Wrapped!! Where Can I Do That? for more information on how good wrapping your luggage is and to have an idea of where you can find the luggage wrapping service.

Remember, your luggage is also an important part of your trip. You carry a part of your life with you. So, protect it well. You have less chance of enjoying your trip, or even less chance of surviving

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