Thai-Malaysia Border Its History, Importance and Tourist Attractions

The Thai-Malaysia border

The Thai-Malaysia border is where the two countries, Thailand and Malaysia, converge. Thailand (called Siam back then) has shared this border with England since 1909. Around that time, the latter started to have an influence over part of the northern area of Malaysia covering Kedah, Kelantan, Terangganu and Perlis, the states that used to be part of Thailand.

Thai-Malaysia border cultures and lifestyles

This border is where the Thai and Malaysian cultures and lifestyles are mixed. It reminds us of how Thailand was affected by the colonization. The provinces that are located near the Thai-Malaysia border are Songkhla, Narathiwat, Yala and Satun. This article will give you a brief tour of some of the places you can visit near these border areas.

In Songkhla , one of the major tourist attractions is Khao Nam Khang National Park. It is located in the districts of Nathawee and Sadao. This is where you can enjoy viewing trees and waterfalls. In this place, natural resources are abundant and the weather is cold the whole year. The animals you might see here include boars, bears, gibbons, panthers, turtles, hornbills and peacocks.

Samila Beach,Thai-Malaysia border

Samila Beach

Samila Beach can’t be missed if you go to Songkhla. It is located in the Mueang district. The beach has white sands. It has a famous symbol: the hair-combing mermaid statue which portrays the mermaid in Khun Wijitmatra’s tale.

Songkhla has a night market called Greenway. It is located in the district of Hat Yai. In this place, you can buy clothes, accessories and food. In Narathiwat, there’s a park called Aomanao Beach National Park. and this place, you can enjoy the peace as there aren’t usually many visitors.

The same province, you can find a waterfall called Sipo Waterfall. It is located in the district of Ra-ngae. This is also a place where you can enjoy the peaceful atmosphere because it’s not crowded with people.

Banglang National Park,Thai-Malaysia border

Banglang National Park

If you go to Yala, don’t miss Banglang National Park to enjoy the natural scenery. It has Thanto Waterfall. This park is where Banglang Dam was built. If you like rafting, this dam should please you.

Another place to visit in Yala is the Betong district, located in the southernmost area of Thailand. Betong is surrounded with mountains. The weather here is cool. Usually, it’s foggy in the morning. Because of this romantic atmosphere, couples should come visit this place.

stegodonseacave,Thai-Malaysia border

Stegodon Cave

In Satun, travelers can visit a cave called Tham Le Stegodon, located in the district of Thung Wa. In this cave, there’re fossils of ancient elephants, Stegodons. This cave is often studied by geologists.

Wood bridge with sunset,Koh lipe,Thai-Malaysia border

Koh Lipe

Satun has a famous island called Lipe. It’s located south of Adang Island. You ’re encouraged to go diving to enjoy watching coral reefs and observe the sunrise and sunset.

Thung Bu Lang is where sunflowers are planted. If you want to take some photos of yourself standing in the middle of sunflowers. This is the right place for you.

Another place you should visit in Satun is Wang Prachan Market which is located so close to the border. In this market, they sell products from both Thailand and Malaysia. Many of these products are accessories.

However, the Thai-Malaysia border covers the areas that can sometimes be dangerous for travelers due to terrorism. That’s right but if you have a chance to visit any of them, you’ll be impressed and want to visit them again and again.

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