Is It Worth Wrapping Your Luggage? The Pros and Cons of Wrapping Your Luggage Before You Fly

Luggage wrapping service
Is It Worth Wrapping Your Luggage

Wrapping luggage in plastic is one of the most common ways to protect it these days.

But is plastic-wrapping your luggage always good for you? In fact, you’re encouraged to do it as prevention is, of course, better than cure.

Check out the 5 Reasons Why Wrapping Your Luggage Before a Flight Is a Must article for the reasons why luggage wrapping is necessary. But if you’re still not sure if you should wrap your luggage, below are some pros and cons to take into account.


One of the problems that might occur, and often do, while we’re travelling is our luggage breaks. Sometimes we might surprisingly find some illicit items that aren’t ours inside our luggage.

In that case, you’d be in big trouble. These are a few reasons why some choose to wrap their luggage or get it wrapped before check-in.

Why do some people do that? Because most of the time we can’t anticipate a problem. It can occur anytime and anywhere. A problem can come up even when we are on a trip to other province or a foreign country.

Is It Worth Wrapping Your Luggage?

Baggage wrapping,Luggage Wrapping
Luggage Wrapping

The Pros Wrapping Your Luggage

Some advantages of luggage wrapping include the following:

1. Protect it from being scuffed

One of the most obvious advantages of wrapping your luggage in plastic is that the plastic can, to some extent, protect it from being scuffed, scratched or torn, especially if it’s fabric luggage, as a result of rough handling or harsh weather during loading, or from being stained with liquid spills leaked from other people’s luggage.

backpack waiting at conveyor belt,Luggage Wrapping
backpack waiting at conveyor belt,Luggage Wrapping

2. Eeasily find luggage

Wrapping your luggage makes it stand out because not everyone wraps their luggage. So, you can easily find your luggage at the baggage claim after landing.

3. Face less risk of insertion of illicit

By plastic-wrapping your luggage, you face less risk of insertion of illicit or unwanted items such as drugs, because such insertion normally needs to be done within a short period of time and the criminal wouldn’t take a risk.


4. Protection of luggage to another level

Some companies provide you with a sticker you can trace your luggage with using an online portal. This takes the protection of your luggage to another level.

Luggage Wrapping
Luggage broken

The Cons Wrapping Your Luggage

Wrapping your luggage, however, has some disadvantages which include the following:

1. The plastic wrap isn’t eco-friendly

From an environmentalist’s perspective, the plastic wrap isn’t eco-friendly. It is in fact terribly eco-unfriendly. Why? The plastic wrap quickly becomes garbage. Once you’ve reached your destination, you’re likely to dispose of the wrap as soon as you can.

Besides, the plastic wrap takes too long to decompose. And recycling or reusing it doesn’t mean the amount of garbage on Earth will reduce. Remember that paying means supporting and supporting means increasing.

2. Ugly traces or marks on your luggage

The plastic wrap sometimes leaves some ugly traces or marks on your luggage. These traces or marks may or may not be removable. But if they aren’t, they will permanently stick to your luggage. And you’ll be deeply upset if it’s expensive.

specialized dog
specialized dog

3. For security reasons, want to check the contents of your luggage

the airport security staff is entitled to slit the plastic wrap if they want to check the contents of your luggage. When the plastic wrap is removed, they won’t rewrap your luggage. So, buying plastic wrap for your luggage or paying for the luggage wrapping service can sometimes be a waste of money.

4. Need put inside your luggage

When you urgently need anything you put inside your luggage, it will take some time to unwrap or cut the plastic wrap to open your luggage.


Wrapping your luggage has some advantages, but it has some drawbacks too. This, however, doesn’t mean you must not wrap your luggage or pay to get your luggage wrapped. You can but the pros should be weighed against the cons to help you judge if it’s worth doing so. If you think you can deal with the drawbacks, then go ahead.

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5 Reasons Why Wrapping Your Luggage Before a Flight Is a Must

These days we notice more and more people wrapping their luggage in plastic before check-in. Actually, you might be one of those who normally do or like doing it.

But if you’re asked to help explain about the necessity of wrapping luggage, or if you want to persuade your friends or relatives to wrap their luggage, you should have convincing reasons so they understand clearly and want to do the same.


However, if you’ve never wrapped your luggage and aren’t sure if you should, you need to get yourself some good reasons for doing so. In fact, luggage wrapping is a must as it gives you an extra layer of protection and sometimes it can even protect “you” from some danger.

The following 5 reasons should be enough to convince you or your friends or relatives:

Traveling suitcase damaged,wrapping

1. Rough handling by baggage handlers can cause some physical damages to your luggage.

You don’t and can’t know who will or won’t be careful with your luggage. But if they don’t handle it with care, either because of their habits or because they need to get things done fast, your luggage can get scratched or scuffed.

The fabric might get torn if it’s fabric luggage. Wrapping your luggage with enough layers of plastic will help minimize these risks.

weather harsh

2. Sometimes the weather can become harsh during loading.

Rain or snow can make your luggage wet or moist. The plastic wrap can keep it dry. So, you don’t need to be worried that some molds might grow on your luggage or clothes.

tornado,weather harsh

3. Carelessness in luggage

handling or a violent vibration due to a harsh environment around the plane such as a tornado can cause some luggage to open.


If its owner doesn’t seal his/her liquid belongings with enough care, they might leak from inside that luggage and leave some stains on yours. So, the plastic wrap can definitely prevent this but only for the area covered by the wrap.

AIRPORTELs Luggage Wrappig

4. Some companies, along with the luggage wrapping service,

give you a sticker you can use to trace your luggage. So, if your luggage doesn’t arrive on the carousel at the baggage claim, you won’t have to be worried that your luggage might be lost as it can be traced on the service provider’s website.

Dog sniffs,wrapping

5. Crime can occur anytime and anywhere.

If you’re unlucky, prohibited items might be inserted into your luggage without you knowing. In that case, you might be thought to get involved with the crime and would get into a serious trouble. By plastic-wrapping your luggage, you’re safe from this to some extent.

Security check,wrapping

Although it doesn’t guarantee the plastic wrap won’t be cut so that the criminal can insert some illicit items into your luggage, at least plastic-wrapping helps reduce this kind of risk, because it would take some time for the criminal to finish such insertion and normally he/she wouldn’t choose to waste his/her time.

You’re encouraged to prevent, not to cure. Plastic-wrapping your luggage is relatively good for you. If you think you don’t want to pay extra money for the wrapping service because you’ve paid too much for the trip, you can wrap your luggage by yourself.


The plastic wrap is also available at a grocery store or a department store near you. However, everything, including wrapping your luggage, has two sides.

You can go to the Is It Worth Wrapping Your Luggage? The Pros and Cons of Wrapping Your Luggage Before You Fly article where we discuss some advantages and disadvantages of luggage wrapping that will help you make a better decision. Have a safe trip!

AIRPORTELs Luggage Wrapping

AIRPORTELs offers a free bag wrap service for sending luggage to different provinces, to prevent damage during transport. This wrap service helps increase the safety of your luggage by using a material to cover any potential damage or tampering that may occur during transport.

You can be confident that your luggage will arrive safely and without any damage. Additionally, using AIRPORTELs’ wrap service is convenient and fast, as the bag wrap is prepared for you every time you use their luggage delivery service.

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I Need to Get My Luggage Wrapped!! Where Can I Do That?

Sometimes you will definitely need to get your luggage wrapped. The plane landed around forty-five minutes ago. Now you’re at Suvarnabhumi Airport waiting for your luggage so you can finally leave the airport and head for your company. All passengers’ luggage is being transported on a carousel at the baggage claim.

Luggage wrapping service at the airport

Once your luggage has arrived, you find that one of the corners of your travel bag is broken and the front part has a few noticeable scratches. Luckily, none of the items you put in the bag aren’t affected. But you can’t deny the truth: you’ve lost that bag! You bought it for 2,500 baht. That’s quite expensive for a travel bag. This means, for your next trip, you’ll have to buy a new one. You feel upset and want to complain about this to the airline. But you don’t have enough time as you need to reach your office as soon as possible.

While getting to the exit, you notice some travelers towing their luggage firmly wrapped with plastic. Actually, you’ve seen plastic-wrapped luggage many times, but you’ve never thought the plastic wrap would be necessary for you. Now you come up with an idea that you’ll get your luggage wrapped next time so you can use it for as long as possible. But you’ve never done this before. You wonder where you can get the wrapping done.

Luggage wrapping service

Luggage wrapping service at Suvarnabhumi International Airport

Actually, the luggage wrapping service is available at an area so close to you. If you’ve been to Suvarnabhumi International Airport many times, you should have noticed some spots with a reddish box. Those are where this service is provided. But if you’re hardly an air traveler and/or you’ve never used the service before, find this kind of spot. The staff will wrap your luggage firmly.

Most of the main airports in Thailand has this kind of service. At Suvarnabhumi International Airport, the wrapping service can be found on the 4th floor. That’s the international departures area. Don Mueang International Airport has this service on the 1st floor of the T1 (International Departures) building.

At Chiang Mai International Airport, you can get your luggage wrapped on the 1st floor of both domestic and international terminals. And if your flight departs from Phuket International Airport, you can use the wrapping service at the international terminal.

Plastic wrap

Wrap your luggage by yourself

However, do you know you can also wrap your luggage by yourself? The plastic wrap is sold at a lot cheaper price at some grocery or stationery stores or some home improvement retailers such as HomePro. That’s right. It’s cheaper. One plastic roll can wrap several bags.

By doing it by yourself, you can save your money for your trip. Besides, this seems to be an inevitable option for those who depart from an airport without this kind of service provided. Be that as it may, don’t forget to wrap your luggage firmly. Make sure the plastic is thick enough to prevent your luggage from getting damaged.

Now you know where you can get your luggage wrapped or where to buy the plastic wrap. You can then travel with peace of mind. For those who are still making decisions, read the article entitled 5 Reasons Why Wrapping Your Luggage Before a Flight Is a Must to give yourself some ideas of what might happen if you don’t wrap your luggage.

5 Kinds of Things That Need Plastic-Wrapped Before You Fly

plastic film

Plastic-wrapping your belongings before a flight gives them some level of protection. Travelling can take a long time and, while we’re aboard the plane, usually we don’t have a chance to take care of them. An incident can happen, resulting in damage to our property or us getting into a real big trouble.

You can read more information on some reasons for wrapping your luggage in plastic in our article entitled 5 Reasons Why Wrapping Your Luggage Before a Flight Is a Must. Although that article only discusses the case of luggage, it gives you some ideas of how the protection by plastic wrap works which can be applied to the case of things inside your luggage. Here we’ll talk about what needs plastic-wrapped before you put it in your luggage.

Things that you need to wrap can be divided into the following 5 groups:

family photos,wrap

1. Items you love so much

They are things you love so much that you don’t want them scratched, wet, moist or wrinkled. These include your favorite fictions and non-fictions; souvenirs received from some people in your family, close friends or someone you’re in love with; and things that remind you of your beloved ones who passed away. Wrap them or you’d be sad for the rest of your life.


2. Items that will affect your skills if damaged

These include your sports equipment such as balls, a bat, a racket, clubs ,gloves, masks, soccer shoes, and a helmet; musical instruments such as a flute, a windpipe, a ukulele, a guitar, a harmonica and a violin; and flashcards.

Important file,wrap

3. Items that will affect your career if damaged

If you have some career-related items that need special protection, you should definitely wrap them. These include your important documents such as those which give details of the products you’re going to sell to your clients; and recording media that contain important files. If these items get damaged, your company can lose a great amount of income.

Modern laptop,wrap

4. Easily broken items

These include items that are made of glass or ceramic. Well, you aren’t encouraged to bring this kind of items on board but sometimes you find it necessary to bring them for some reason. Other fragile items include some electrical devices
such as an iPad and a laptop. Although you normally won’t have these devices loaded into the plane, it’s you yourself who might break them if you don’t carry them with enough care.

Fish sauce,wrap

5. Food or seasonings with a strong smell

Sometimes you want to bring some convenience food in case of emergency or for the purpose of saving your money, such as canned fish and soup, or seasonings such as a fish sauce and an oyster sauce that can help you deal with some tasteless food you aren’t familiar with. But, unfortunately, they have bad packaging or an incident causes the packaging to get torn or open. In that case, if this food or these seasonings have strong smells, their smells would spread throughout your luggage and stick to other items. So, you should wrap them well to make sure you won’t get into a trouble later.

Although you have to pay extra money for the plastic wrap, it’s worth doing so. With the wrap, your belongings will be protected from some potential damages. Without it, however, your life can get a lot more complicated.