5 Kinds of Things That Need Plastic-Wrapped Before You Fly

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Plastic-wrapping your belongings before a flight gives them some level of protection. Travelling can take a long time and, while we’re aboard the plane, usually we don’t have a chance to take care of them. An incident can happen, resulting in damage to our property or us getting into a real big trouble.

You can read more information on some reasons for wrapping your luggage in plastic in our article entitled 5 Reasons Why Wrapping Your Luggage Before a Flight Is a Must. Although that article only discusses the case of luggage, it gives you some ideas of how the protection by plastic wrap works which can be applied to the case of things inside your luggage. Here we’ll talk about what needs plastic-wrapped before you put it in your luggage.

Things that you need to wrap can be divided into the following 5 groups:

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1. Items you love so much

They are things you love so much that you don’t want them scratched, wet, moist or wrinkled. These include your favorite fictions and non-fictions; souvenirs received from some people in your family, close friends or someone you’re in love with; and things that remind you of your beloved ones who passed away. Wrap them or you’d be sad for the rest of your life.


2. Items that will affect your skills if damaged

These include your sports equipment such as balls, a bat, a racket, clubs ,gloves, masks, soccer shoes, and a helmet; musical instruments such as a flute, a windpipe, a ukulele, a guitar, a harmonica and a violin; and flashcards.

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3. Items that will affect your career if damaged

If you have some career-related items that need special protection, you should definitely wrap them. These include your important documents such as those which give details of the products you’re going to sell to your clients; and recording media that contain important files. If these items get damaged, your company can lose a great amount of income.

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4. Easily broken items

These include items that are made of glass or ceramic. Well, you aren’t encouraged to bring this kind of items on board but sometimes you find it necessary to bring them for some reason. Other fragile items include some electrical devices
such as an iPad and a laptop. Although you normally won’t have these devices loaded into the plane, it’s you yourself who might break them if you don’t carry them with enough care.

Fish sauce,wrap

5. Food or seasonings with a strong smell

Sometimes you want to bring some convenience food in case of emergency or for the purpose of saving your money, such as canned fish and soup, or seasonings such as a fish sauce and an oyster sauce that can help you deal with some tasteless food you aren’t familiar with. But, unfortunately, they have bad packaging or an incident causes the packaging to get torn or open. In that case, if this food or these seasonings have strong smells, their smells would spread throughout your luggage and stick to other items. So, you should wrap them well to make sure you won’t get into a trouble later.

Although you have to pay extra money for the plastic wrap, it’s worth doing so. With the wrap, your belongings will be protected from some potential damages. Without it, however, your life can get a lot more complicated.

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