3 Tips to help you navigate Bangkok taxis better

Taxis in Bangkok are bright and colourful; blue, green, yellow, orange, pink… the list goes on. The colour of a taxi doesn’t have any impact on prices. They all offer the same service.

The colour is only to indicate which company they are from. Since taxis are one of the most common ways travellers choose to get around when they visit Thailand, AIRPORTELs would like to share with you some tips to avoid taxi scams in Bangkok.

Taxis in Bangkok are bright and colourful.

There are plenty of good taxi drivers in Bangkok. However, there is no guarantee that you will find one. Even though it clearly states that they are Taxi Meters, some drivers rarely offer this option, especially when you are a tourist. Here are 3 top tips to help you navigate Bangkok taxis better:

The view from the cab to the display meter in Thailand.

Make sure the meter is on

According to Thai laws, the taxi fee is based on the meter counted. It starts at 35 THB and should go up in increments based on distance travelled and time elapsed. However, when it comes to tourists, some drivers offer a fixed price instead.

Sometimes the driver will let you get into the cab first before demanding a fixed price, which can be a real pain especially if your luggage is already in the trunk. Therefore, before getting in a cab, you should ask them to make sure they will provide you with a meter based ride.

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If a particular driver refuses you, don’t worry. There are a lot of taxis in Bangkok. Just wait for the next one to come along.


Taxi ID Number

When you use a taxi, inside the cab you will see there are some little stickers on each door. It’s good practice to take a photo or make a note of the sticker which indicates the license number. In case anything happens, you can report it to the Department of Land Transport hotline number 1584.

Grab application that offers ride-hailing and ride-sharing services.

Booking through Grab Application

Some drivers are registered with booking applications like Grab. You can download these applications on both IOS and Android. There is information about the driver provided. It also provides the range of fees which show you how much it will cost, plus there are passenger promotions including a discount for first-time use.

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