Top 10 amenities hotel should provide for valued guests in 2024

All guests know the hotel amenities are such important since they are one of a decision maker for guests to choose where they need to stay, but we are here to keep you updated which are new and creative hotel amenities you should know before booking. To be a valued guests in 2024, here are top 10 important of amenities in hotel. Let’s check it! 

Top 10 amenities hotel should provide for valued guests in 2024
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1. EV charging station

EV charging station

Nowadays, electric cars, or EV cars, are around that you can see or even drive! For this reason, an exclusive hotel should have EV charging stations for guests who are driving EVs and do not want to leave the area aside from the hotel because it will be difficult to find another station for charging.

  • The importance of having this facility

It allows guests to charge for their convenience, and there is no need to go outside for just charging if they want to just stay in the hotel without any worry. Also, if customers arrive at the hotel with no battery left in their EV, they will feel appreciated and glad that the hotel offers this type of service or inventive hotel facilities.

2. Mini bedroom bar

Mini bedroom bar

To enhance your experience, you can fulfill it with a mini-bed room bar in your room as one of the basic needs, like a snack and beverage stock in the room. It will make guests’ stays more pleasant as a sign of convenience and comfort for customers.

  • The importance of having this facility

There are alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks in little bottles in some special freezers. Cookies, chocolate, candies, snacks, and other small foods are also kept in a minibar for convenience, so guests do not need to go outside to purchase them, although not all of them are complimentary; check with the hotel for more information and price list. 

3. Indoor play area for children

Indoor play area for children

If you come from a family, your kids must need a space to play, right? Let’s open their imaginations with an indoor play area or a playground for children to make them excited and have fun while staying in hotels. Any indoor playground should be designed creatively in a specific theme to make it stand out and attract kids to play for fun and excitement, but it needs a lot of spacious area to run around and must be safe. 

  • The importance of having this facility

When parents have some business or do not have much time to play with their kids, the indoor play area is meant for them to let their children play and not get bored while waiting for their parents, and it also foresees the importance of children as guests, not just adults. Good hotels should provide a space for everyone of every age to relax in their own way.

4. Poolside bar

Poolside Bar

Most hotels now have their own poolside bars, which are bars located near or within a swimming pool area where you can kick back on a sunbed and sip on your favorite cocktail. Somewhere offers breakfast, lunch, and snack menus as well as delectable drinks.

  • The importance of having this facility

This is a hotel facilities example that is perfect for true relaxation under the sunset or at night when you want to indulge yourself with the water in the pool and sky, and they complete everything with your drink from bars. This is a way to elevate your experience in an outdoor setting and celebrate with your drink.

5. Fitness studio

Fitness room

You can continue your healthy lifestyle while away from home by engaging in an energizing workout at a fitness studio or fitness center, which must be outfitted with high-quality exercise machines for cardio and strength training.

  • The importance of having this facility

While staying in a hotel, some visitors need to maintain their routine. Guests may stay fit and healthy while staying at the hotel. This can boost guest’s satisfaction and helps them feel more at ease like home, and most guests can take use of it as a gratis service.

6. Breakfast buffet

Breakfast buffet

After the night and to start a good day, a breakfast buffet is something that you must expect from an excellent hotel to boost your energy levels and alertness. Whether breakfast is the most important meal of the day or not, just enjoy the expansive delicacies that a hotel should provide.

  • The importance of having this facility

It should be included in the room charge, and it is a great way for guests to start their days with a tasty breakfast. The seasonal tasting menus include scrambled eggs, bacon, breakfast sausage, home fries, pancakes, French toast, small croissants, butter, cream cheese, coffee service, and orange juice.

7. Salon

Salon hotel

When it comes to dangers, you may require a salon that provides complete grooming services, from manicures and pedicures to waxing, eye-brow shaping, hair style, and cutting to complete the wellness experience. 

  • The importance of having this facility

It is important for some guests who want to style their hair for business or events, so this facility is so convenient for them to not search from anywhere else as they are not locals, and you can also enjoy comfortable, relaxed surroundings and rest as you stay in a hotel at that time.

8. Conference facilities

Conference facilities

Most hotels can provide conference facilities if you need a venue to hold a lecture or business gathering. Cutting-edge technology allows for brainstorming and team-building events with lots of seats and some form of large table, but it depends on the number of participants. 

  • The importance of having this facility

Guests come not only to stay, but also to work and conduct business. A good conference location should provide cutting-edge amenities such as enough lighting, ventilation, 100% power backup, exhibit space, lounge rooms, and, in certain cases, outdoor space.

9. Luggage storage service

Most major hotels and resorts offer early hotel luggage storage at front desk before check-in times in case you need to go somewhere first when you arrive at a hotel, and there are both free and paid as hotel will offer. 

  • The importance of having this facility

This facility allows guests to go anywhere before staying in a hotel without carrying their heavy luggage. However, if you do not want to leave it at a hotel, you can find a website for luggage delivery and storage services with insurance and Fast Express for better convenience.

Recomandation : AIRPORTELs Luggage Delivery and Storage

AIRPORTELs is a luggage delivery service that helps travelers in Bangkok, Thailand, to get rid of the hassle of carrying their luggage. The service offers a convenient and affordable way to have your luggage delivered from your hotel to the airport.

To use AIRPORTELs, simply book your service online or by phone. You can then drop off your luggage at your hotel reception and AIRPORTELs will take care of the rest.

Here are some of the benefits of using AIRPORTELs:

  • Convenience: AIRPORTELs makes it easy and convenient to have your luggage delivered. You don’t have to worry about carrying your luggage or finding a taxi.
  • Security: AIRPORTELs offers free insurance for up to 50,000 baht. This means that your luggage is protected in case of loss or damage.
  • Affordability: AIRPORTELs offers a variety of pricing options to fit your budget.

If you’re looking for a convenient and affordable way to have your luggage delivered in Bangkok, AIRPORTELs is a great option.

10. Shuttle bus service

Shuttle bus service

Guests should, without a doubt, be able to reach their destinations via a shuttle service provided by hotels. Shuttle services make life easier and more convenient.

Luggage Delivery
  • The importance of having this facility

Shuttle bus services are both free and chargeable, depending on where you want to go and how far you want to travel. However, most shuttle bus services run from the airport to your hotels and back again for business, leisure, or nearby tourist attractions.


If you choose a hotel, it should offer the majority of the top 6-7 amenities to make your stay extra convenient and comfortable as a valued guest. It will undoubtedly impress guests, and you may become repeat customers. Hotel facilities are a great opportunity to differentiate yourself, and you may compare them to find which ones are best for you.

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Think about BTS 2023 Bangkok, Thailand | AIRPORTELs Guide

BTS is a kind of transport system that has recently been used in Bangkok. With it, the lives of many people in Bangkok have become much easier.

Obviously, you don’t have to get yourself stuck in a traffic jam on a street. Why? Because the BTS railways are elevated above the street level.

It’s convenient and can take you to your workplace within an hour or two. For a traveler like you, BTS is one of the best ways to travel within and around the central part of Bangkok.

So, having some knowledge of BTS will definitely be very useful to you. This article presents all necessary information you need to know about BTS in the form of FAQs.

Luggage Delivery

What does BTS stand for?

BTS stands for Bangkok Mass Transit System which is the title of the company that operates it.

BTS Skytrain,BTS

How many lines are there?

There are currently 2 lines in total

  • Sukhumvit Line
  • Silom Line.

The former runs from Ha Yaek Lad Prao to Kheha. The latter runs from the National Stadium and to Bang Wa. Where do both lines connect? They connect at Siam.

BTS SkyTrain on cityscape,BTS

How many stations are there?

There are currently 44 stations in total. 36 are along the Sukhumvit Line and 13 are along the Silom Line. The stations along the Sukhumvit Line are

  • Ha Yaek Lad Prao, Mochit, Saphan Khwai, Ari, Sanam Pao, Victory Monument, Phayathai, Ratchathewee, Siam, Chidlom, Ploenchit, Nana, Asok, Phrom Phong, Thonglor, Ekkamai, Phra Khanong, Onnut, Bang Chak, Punnawithi, Udomsuk, Bangna, Bearing, Samrong, Puchao, Chang Erawan, Royal Thai Navy Academy, Pak Nam, Srinagarindra, Phraek Sa, Sai Luat and Kheha. The stations along the Silom Line are National Stadium, Siam, Ratchadamri, Sala Daeng, Chong Nonsi, Surasak, Saphan Taksin, Krung Thonburi, Wongwian Yai, Pho Nimit, Talat Phlu, Wutthakat and Bang Wa.
BTS Skytrain area,BTS

For how long can we stay inside BTS?

  • We can stay inside BTS for 120 minutes. You’ll be fined if you stay longer than that.

Are there any toilets in each station?

  • Yes, there are but they aren’t easily noticeable and are meant for passengers who really need to use them.

Yes, it does. The former connects to the MRT at Ha Yaek Lad Prao, Mochit and Asok and connect Airport Rail Link at Phayathai.

BTS Skytrain,BTS

Does BTS provide a stored value card?

  • Yes, it does. This card is called “Rabbit”. Any value you add to this card lasts 30 days.
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What is the lifetime of a Rabbit card?

A Rabbit card is valid for 7 years after the issuance date. If we change our destination, You have to pay an extra fee only when the price for the station where you get off is more than your original destination.

Who can we contact in case of any problem?

  • The security guards and staff people in the ticket rooms can help you.

What are the operating hours of BTS?

  • BTS operates from 6am to 12 a.m. every day.

Are pets allowed in BTS?

  • No, they aren’t unless they come with the blind.

Does BTS have an elevator?

  • Yes, it does. An elevator is available at all stations except Saphan Taksin.

What should we do if we drop our belongings on the railway track?

  • Never pick up the fallen belongings. You should ask the security guard for help. This is for your own safety.
Luggage Delivery

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5 Tips to help you navigate Bangkok taxis better

Taxis in Bangkok are bright and colorful; blue, green, yellow, orange, pink… the list goes on. The color of a taxi doesn’t have any impact on prices. They all offer the same service.

The color is only to indicate which company they are from. Since taxis are one of the most common ways travelers choose to get around when they visit Thailand, AIRPORTELs would like to share with you some tips to avoid taxi scams in Bangkok.

Bright and colorful taxi in Bangkok, Thailand

There are plenty of good taxi drivers in Bangkok. However, there is no guarantee that you will find one. Even though it clearly states that they are Taxi Meters, some drivers rarely offer this option, especially when you are a tourist. Here are 5 top tips to help you navigate Bangkok taxis better:


1. Make Sure the Meter Is On

Bangkok, Thailand taxi meter

According to Thai laws, the taxi fee is based on the meter counted. It starts at 35 THB and should go up in increments based on distance traveled and time elapsed. However, when it comes to tourists, some drivers offer a fixed price instead.

Sometimes the driver will let you get into the cab first before demanding a fixed price, which can be a real pain especially if your luggage is already in the trunk. Therefore, before getting in a cab, you should ask them to make sure they will provide you with a meter-based ride.

If a particular driver refuses you, don’t worry. There are a lot of taxis in Bangkok. Just wait for the next one to come along.

2. Taxi ID Number

Credit: Carro Blog, The taxi license number

When you use a taxi, inside the cab you will see there are some little stickers on each door. It’s good practice to take a photo or make a note of the sticker which indicates the license number.


In case anything happens, you can report it to the Department of Land Transport hotline number 1584.

3. Know the Spot You’re Heading To

Taxi, bus, and other cars on Bangkok road

You need to check on the taxi driver whether they’re going to drop you at the right place or not. Opening or checking on Google Maps might help you identify and recognize by looking at different buildings that the taxi is passing. Just in case the taxi driver is trying to use the longer way to arrive at the destination so that you might need to pay extra.

4. Prepare Your Fee

Thai Currency

Once you’re going to arrive at the destination, you have to check on the meter and prepare the right amount of money to pay for the taxi driver. You can also give them tips too, but make sure that it is because of your satisfaction with their services.

5. Booking through Grab Application

The Grab application offers ride-hailing and ride-sharing services

Some drivers are registered with booking applications like Grab. You can download these applications on both IOS and Android systems. There is information about the driver provided. It also provides a range of fees which show you how much it will cost. Plus, there are passenger promotions including a discount for first-time use.


Many travelers like using the taxi as their best way to travel in Bangkok City, but they might not notice that some drivers might charge you an extra fee or try to extend the traffic way so that they can gain more money. Be careful and have a good trip visiting Bangkok City!

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Experience “Broadway” with the Bangkok Cabaret Show

Bangkok Luggage Delivery Solution! 3 Reasons Why You Need AIRPORTELs

Cruise Through the History and Beauty of the Chao Phraya River

The Chao Phraya Tourist Boat (Blue Flag) cruises along the Chao Phraya River stopping at piers connecting to Bangkok’s tourist attractions.

The view of the Chao Phraya River Bangkok, Thailand

You can explore Bangkok City with convenience and safety through many different transportation methods. One of the transportation you must travel in this city is by boat. One-day River Pass holders can travel from pier to pier with no concern about purchasing boat tickets again or getting lost on the street.

Before stepping aboard, you can store your luggage at any one of these 3 AIRPORTELs storage counters located at major shopping malls in Bangkok, which are

  • Central World: Located on the 1st Floor, Groove Zone
  • Terminal21 Asok: Located on the 1st Floor, Toyko Zone
  • MBK Center: Located on the 6th Floor, B Zone (Free for 2 hours)

What is Chao Phraya Tourist Boat (Blue Flag)?

Chao Phraya Tourist Boat,Chao Phraya River
The pier map of the Chao Phraya Tourist Boat (Blue Flag) service

Route Map & Piers

There are boat stops at 8 piers along the Chao Phraya River, which connects to a bunch of the famous tourist attractions in Bangkok. Starting from the Chao Phraya Express Boat stop at Sathorn Pier where you can connect to the BTS sky train Saphan Taksin Station, the boat travels north stopping at several piers before making its way back to Sathorn Pier via the same route.

The tourist boat is on its way

The Chao Phraya Tourist Boat provides tourists with the opportunity to see Bangkok City from a whole new perspective. With one-day tickets, tourists can easily travel from pier to pier without having to purchase boat tickets again that day. Moreover, you can also get to know and see a lot of landmark temples and places around the Chao Phraya River.

Ticket Fares of Chao Phraya Express Boat

There are 2 Ticket Types, which are

Single-journey Ticket (50 THB). Valid for one “Hop off” only. Buy a new ticket to hop back on.

One-day River Pass (180 THB). Unlimited “hopping” within business hours on the purchase date.

Read more:


Temple Tour by the Chao Phraya River

Chao Phraya 9Temple Tour,temple tour

Departing from Sathorn Pier, board the boat at 9 AM. and flow to 9 noteworthy temples until 5 PM. A few morning highlights are the famously unique Fresco-technique murals at Wat Ratchatiwat Ratchaworwihan, an honorable temple to visit as its name means “The Temple Where the King Resides”, a 900-year-old golden Buddhist statue said to contain fragments of the Buddha’s bone at Wat Karuehabodi and more.

The Arun Temple (Wat Arun)
The Arun Temple (Wat Arun)

Start the afternoon by feeding fish and ringing the bell at Wat Rakang for a blessing. A subsequent stop takes you to the most well-known temple in Bangkok, Wat Arun, a stunning place of ancient and intricate designs with a long and intriguing history. The final stop lands you at Wat Yannawa, a temple that stirs up imagery of life in the Ayutthaya period.

Get FREE Luggage Storage and Book a Tour

mbk center,bag deposit
The AIRPORTELs counter at MBK Center

Store your luggage at MBK Center located on the 6th Floor, B Zone, and get 2 Hours of Free Storage. No matter the size or weight of your luggage, we offer the same price. Customers can entrust leaving their luggage with AIRPORTELs as we consider safety and customer satisfaction our highest priorities.

Your luggage will be kept in a proper storage room with 24-hour security. We are willing to take care of electronic devices such as laptops or sports equipment such as bicycles. Our service provides insurance of up to 50,000 THB on all items, available for both short-term and long-term storage.


In addition, AIRPORTELs also offer luggage & parcel delivery services to satisfy tourists who desire to deliver luggage and parcels to their hotel or the airport. Our counter is available from 10:00 – 22:00.

The Chao Phraya River at the nighttime

You can travel hands-free and worry-free when you have a certain transportation service and certain luggage storage counters. There’s nothing you can be this comfortable without these two services that we have in Bangkok, Thailand! Don’t forget to travel happily and be safe!

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3 Tips – Help you navigate Bangkok taxis better

Bangkok Travel – Tips, things and guide

What You Need to Know About MRT Stations in Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand has a reputation as one of the most trafficked cities in the world. Traveling by car or bus might waste a lot of your time and can also shorten your day.

For today, this blog is going to guide you with the basic information about the MRT sky train that you need to know.


What is this public transportation?

MRT is one of the modern transport systems adopted in Thailand. It is a sky train that can bring you to different places around Bangkok City and nearby provinces.

Moreover, the MRT is not only beneficial for foreign visitors who come to visit Thailand, but this service is very useful for Thai local who wants to travel too. Further, the railways are both above and below the street level.

(MRT) Blue Line
MRT Sanam Chai Station

People can use the MRT to go to their workplaces during rushing hours without having to be worrying about sticking in a traffic jam.

For travelers who aren’t familiar with MRT yet, you’re welcome to read this article to get some general knowledge of how this transportation system in Bangkok City works. By knowing how the MRT works and the places each of its stations connect, you can enjoy your trip as much as you want.

MRT Purple Line
People Waiting for the Train

MRT Operating Hours

MRT stands for Metropolitan Rapid Transit. Its operating hours are starts from 6:00 AM to 12:00 AM daily. It currently has 2 lines in operation: Blue Line and Purple Line. The former runs from Lak Song Station to Tao Poon Station. And, the latter runs from Tao Poon Station to Khlong Bang Phai Station, these two lines connect at Tao Poon Station.

MRT Stations

There are currently 45 stations available for you to take a ride. It is 2 different train lines which are Blue Line and Purple Line.

The Handle Loop of the MRT Train

Blue Line

  • Hua Lamphong Station
  • Sam Yan Station
  • Si Lom Station
  • Lumphini Station
  • Khlong Toei Station
  • Queen Sirikit National Convention Centre Station
  • Sukhumvit Station
  • Phetchaburi Station
  • Phra Ram 9 Station
  • Thailand Cultural Centre Station
  • Huai Khwang Station
  • Sutthisan Station
  • Ratchadaphisek Station
  • Lat Phrao Station
  • Phahon Yothin Station
  • Mo Chit/ Chatuchak Park Station
  • Kamphaeng Phet Station
  • Bang Sue Station
  • Tao Poon Station

Purple Line

  • Khlong Bang Phai Station
  • Talad Bang Yai Station
  • Sam Yaek Bang Yai Station
  • Bang Phu Station
  • Bang Rak Noi Tha It Station
  • Sai Ma Station
  • Phra Nangklao Bridge Station
  • Yaek Nonthaburi 1 Station
  • Bang Krasor Station
  • Nonthaburi Civic Centre Station
  • Ministry of Public Health Station
  • Yaek Tiwanon Station
  • Wong Sawang Station
  • Bang Son Station
  • Tao Poon Station
People Walking in the MRT Station

MRT Fares

For 1 station:
Adult 15 THB | Children/ elders 8 THB
For 2 stations:
Adults 18 THB | Children/ elders 9 THB
For 3 stations:
Adults 20 THB | Children/ elders 10 THB

For 4 stations:
Adults 22 THB | Children/ elders 11 THB
For 5 stations:
Adults 24 THB | Children/ elders 12 THB
For 6 stations:
Adults 26 THB | Children/ elders 13 THB

For 7 stations:
Adults 29 THB | Children/ elders 15 THB
For 8 stations:
Adults 31 THB | Children/ elders 16 THB
For 9 stations:
Adults 33 THB | Children/ elders 17 THB


For 10 stations:
Adults 35 THB | Children/ elders 18 THB
For 11 stations:
Adults 37 THB | Children/ elders 19 THB
For 12-17 stations:
Adults 40 THB | Children/ elders 20 THB

MRT Card

The MRT provides a stored value card and it’s called the “MRT card” which works in the same way as the “Rabbit Card of BTS”. Any value that is added to the card is valid for 30 days. The card, however, expires 2 years after the last top-up date.

Food & Drinks and Pet

The Service Dog is Giving Care For Their People

Please keep in mind that pets aren’t allowed in the MRT unless they are service dogs. Besides, you can have food and drinks with you but they’ll not allow you to eat or drink while riding the MRT.


Toilet Sign

In case you want to use the toilet, the MRT toilet is available for you to use. But you aren’t likely to be able to notice it. The toilet isn’t easily noticeable. When it is in need, you can ask the security guard or staff to guide you to the toilet at any time.


For those who are concerned about stepping into the high stairs, the MRT also provides an elevator for you and serves handicapped people.

The Thai Style Decoration in MRT Station

Tourist Attraction Spots Travel by MRT

1. Sanam Chai Station

The Siam Museum of Bangkok

You can see the ‘Siam Museum’, where all of the arts and ancient Thai stuff are located in here. If you’re interested in the history of Thai people, this is the right place for you to explore. The museum operation hour starts from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

2. Queen Sirikit Convention Centre Station

The Green Space in the Bangkok City

For those who want to sit and relax in a place surrounded by nature, you can visit ‘Benjakitti Park’. There is a huge space for you to get the fresh air and enjoy the beautiful view of the big trees. It will be open from 5:00 AM to 9:00 PM.

3. Wat Mangkon Station

Famous Bangkok, Thailand Street Food

The people are very excited about this famous road, where you can see the food alley along with the breathtaking night view of Bangkok City. ‘Yaowarat Road’ or ‘Chinatown’ of Thailand will allow you to see a lot of street food and restaurants. It is better to travel at night time, you might not want to face the hot weather during the day time, right?


So now you know the basic information about the MRT sky train in Bangkok City, it can make your trip go smoothly and happy. Riding the MRT can bring you to many tourist attractions in Bangkok, you can enjoy your vacation without any concern in Thailand!

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FAQs About BTS
Many Easy Ways to Travel from Don Mueang International Airport to Bangkok Downtown

BRT Bangkok, Thailand – Affordable Transportation

BRT, BRT Bangkok, BTS Bangkok, Bangkok traffic, Bangkok Transit
BRT Bangkok

BRT Bangkok: During rush hours in Bangkok, Thailand, public mass transits will be the best choice rather than getting stuck in the notorious traffic jams!

Baggage delivery service is an effective way to help streamline travel on public transport and is the best way to avoid the traffic.


What’s BRT Bangkok?

BRT is a type of public transportation that aims to solve the traffic problem in Bangkok, Thailand. Connecting to BTS, this smart mode of public transportation allows people of Bangkok to easily travel and more convenient.

BTS Bangkok, Bangkok traffic, Bangkok Transit
Transportation Bangkok

Traffic in Bangkok is problematic. Its citizens and travellers have to spend a lot of time on the road. Especially when it is in rush hour, you can stay in the middle of the traffic for more than 2 hours! This costs money and wastes your time significantly.


Bangkok has developed efficient public transportation to solve this problem. Most travellers are familiar with the BTS and MRT systems, however, less are aware that this also another choice; the BRT.

The BRT is a mixture of sky train transportation and road transportation. Since the BRT has its own lanes on the road that allows people to avoid traffic jam in this capital city. Moreover, the BRT bus is environmentally friendly and is also connected to the sky train, BTS system.

The BRT Station
The BRT Station

The BRT Station

The BRT offers up to 12 stations include ;

  • Sathorn Station
  • Arkan Songkhro Station
  • Technic Krungthep Station
  • Thanon Chan Station
  • Nararam 3 Station
  • Wat Dan Station
  • Wat Priwat Station
  • Wat Dokmai Station
  • Rama IX Bridge Station
  • Charoenrat Station
  • Ratchaphruek Station

along the road starting from Sathorn station to Ratchapruk station.  The connecting stations between the BRT and BTS sky train are at Sathorn station and Chong Nonsi station. For those who wish to continue the trip by using MRT, you can directly change from BTS Sala Daeng station and connect to MRT Si Lom station.

Affordable Transportation
Affordable Transportation

It’s Affordable

The price depends on the distance but it is still very cheap compared to other kinds of public transportation. Taxis can easily cost you around 300 to 400 THB and taking vans will cost you around 50 to 100 THB, but for BRT, you can spend less than 40 THB per trip! It is one of the best options if you are travelling to the riverbank of southern Bangkok.

Nevertheless, travelling with Bangkok public transportation is inconvenient when you carry lots of baggage. AIRPORTELs is your friendly option and we provide the best of the best baggage delivery between airports and hotels in Bangkok, Thailand. AIRPORTELs is the first baggage delivery service company in Thailand. In only 3 months, we have served more than 200 customers and more than 400 pieces of baggage were delivered safe and sound to either Suvarnabhumi Airport or Don Mueang Airport.


For more information about the BRT Bangkok service, please visit their website:

Recommend : AIRPORTELs Service

You can use AIRPORTELs by dropping your baggage at Asia hotel which is located next to Ratchathewi BTS station. At the AIRPORTELs service kiosk, you can simply drop off your baggage and our staff at the kiosk will help you quickly fill in some information, and you are ready to go!!


We aim to provide every traveller with the chance to enjoy the most of their trip and would like travellers to use public transportation at its best. 

For more information about AIRPORTELs luggage service, please contact us at

  • Suvarnabhumi counter at the basement at the airport station
  • Don Mueang Airport Terminal 2
  • MBK Center Counter, 6th Floor, Zone B
  • Terminal 21, Asoke, 1st floor, Japan zone
  • Central World, 1st Floor, Groove Zone (opposite Bangkok Bank)
  • Central Phuket Flores, G floor, (opposite Tourist Lounge)
  • Terminal 21, Pattaya 2nd floor, (Japan zone)

Or visit our website:

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Credit: aboutthailandliving, expatlifeinthailand

Navigating Bangkok with the BTS Skytrain: A Comprehensive Guide

I. Introduction

Bangkok, the bustling capital of Thailand, is known for its vibrant street life, ornate shrines, and heavy traffic congestion. One of the most efficient and convenient ways to explore this dynamic city is by using the BTS Skytrain system. Serving both tourists and locals, the BTS Skytrain offers a hassle-free transportation option that connects various parts of Bangkok. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about using the BTS Skytrain system, including purchasing tickets, reading maps, and understanding the different lines and stations.

II. Understanding the BTS Skytrain Lines and Stations

The BTS Skytrain consists of two main lines: the Sukhumvit Line (Light Green) and the Silom Line (Dark Green). These lines cover a vast area of Bangkok and connect major tourist attractions, shopping centers, and business districts.

A. Sukhumvit Line (Light Green)

The Sukhumvit Line runs from Mo Chit Station in the north to Kheha Station in the east, passing through popular areas like Siam, Asok, and Thong Lo. Some of the must-visit tourist attractions along this line include Chatuchak Weekend Market, Terminal 21, and EmQuartier.

B. Silom Line (Dark Green)

The Silom Line extends from the National Stadium Station in the city center to Bang Wa Station in the west. Key stops along this line include Siam (for shopping malls like Siam Paragon and CentralWorld), Sala Daeng (for the bustling nightlife of Silom), and Saphan Taksin (for access to the Chao Phraya River and Asiatique).

C. Interchange Stations

Two crucial interchange stations connect the Sukhumvit and Silom Lines: Siam and Asok. Siam Station serves as the main shopping hub, while Asok Station provides access to Terminal 21 and the MRT (underground train) at Sukhumvit Station.

III. How to Purchase Tickets

A. Types of tickets available

  1. Single journey tickets: Ideal for one-time rides, these tokens are available at ticket vending machines or station counters. Fares depend on the distance traveled, ranging from 16 to 59 baht.
  2. Stored value cards (Rabbit Card): These refillable cards offer convenience for multiple trips. You can top up the card with credit ranging from 100 to 4,000 baht, and they can be purchased at any BTS station.
  3. Tourist passes: One-day, three-day, and five-day passes are available for tourists, offering unlimited rides during the validity period. These can be purchased at any BTS station counter.

B. Ticket vending machines

  1. Choose your destination and the number of tokens needed.
  2. Insert the appropriate amount of cash.
  3. Collect your tokens and change, if any.

C. Buying tickets at the station counters

Simply inform the staff at the counter of your destination, and they’ll assist you with the ticket purchase. Cash is the primary payment method accepted at these counters.

IV. Reading the BTS Skytrain Map

A. Understanding the map layout and design

The BTS Skytrain map is designed with simplicity in mind, using different colors to represent each line. Station names and numbers are clearly marked.

B. Identifying station names and numbers

Each station has a unique name and number (e.g., Siam – S1). The Sukhumvit Line stations start with “E” (e.g., E1), while Silom Line stations start with “S” (e.g., S1).

C. Locating interchange stations and connecting transportation options

Interchange stations are highlighted on the map,

allowing passengers to switch between lines easily. Connecting transportation options, such as the MRT, Airport Rail Link, and Chao Phraya River boats, are also indicated on the map.

V. Navigating the BTS Skytrain Stations

A. Station facilities and amenities

  1. Elevators and escalators: All BTS stations are equipped with elevators and escalators for passengers’ convenience.
  2. Restrooms: Public restrooms are available at most stations, though some may require a small fee for usage.
  3. Information counters: For assistance, directions, or inquiries, visit the information counters located at every BTS station.

B. Safety and security measures

The BTS Skytrain is known for its safe and secure environment, with security guards present at all stations. CCTV cameras are also installed throughout the system to ensure passenger safety.

C. Accessibility options for disabled passengers

All BTS stations have wheelchair ramps and elevators, making the system accessible for disabled passengers. Priority seating is also available on the trains.

VI. Tips for a Smooth BTS Skytrain Experience

A. Peak and off-peak hours

During peak hours (7-9 am and 5-7 pm on weekdays), the BTS Skytrain can be crowded. To avoid the rush, plan your trips during off-peak hours.

B. Etiquette while on the train and at the stations

While using the BTS Skytrain, be mindful of local customs and etiquette. Keep your voice low during conversations, avoid blocking doorways or aisles, and give up your seat for elderly, disabled, or pregnant passengers.

C. Using mobile apps and online resources for route planning

Several mobile apps and websites can help you plan your BTS Skytrain journey. Some popular options include Google Maps, Transit Bangkok, and the official BTS website.

VII. Conclusion

The BTS Skytrain is an essential part of Bangkok’s transportation system, offering a fast and efficient way to explore the city. By understanding the lines, stations, ticketing options, and etiquette, you can enjoy a smooth and convenient travel experience. With this comprehensive guide in hand, you’re now well-equipped to make the most of the BTS Skytrain while discovering the vibrant sights and sounds of Bangkok.

more information about the BTS Skytrain in Bangkok:

  1. BTS Skytrain official website:
  2. Transit Bangkok (unofficial guide):
  3. Bangkok Mass Transit Authority:
  4. Bangkok Tourism Division:

Airport Rail Link Bangkok Thailand | AIRPORTELs Travelling Tips

AIRPORT RAIL LINK BANGKOK, ARL Bangkok, Public Transportation Thailand, Bangkok

ARL is one of the best ways to travel

Travelling by Airport Rail Link is very convenient. It’s a great way to avoid the infamous traffic jams and get into downtown Bangkok, Thailand.

The airport rail link is a railway project built to serve travellers from Suvarnabhumi Airport to central Bangkok. Travellers can save time on the journey into the city, and also they don’t have to spend a lot of money by taking taxis.

In the other countries, traffic will be bad twice a day during the rush hour. However, in Bangkok it will only be bad once day, except that lasts for 24 hours!

ARL Bangkok, Public Transportation Thailand, Bangkok

ARL offers the cheapest and the most convenient way to get straight into the heart of Bangkok without worrying about the traffic.

There are 8 stations along the way: Suvarnabhumi – Lat Krabang – Ban Thap Chang – Hua Mak – Ramkhamhaeng – Makkasan – Ratchaprarob – Phayathai. The train can take a maximum of 745 passengers.

It only takes about 40 minutes to travel between the terminal stations. This allows travellers to spend more time with the Bangkok vibes.

AIRPORT RAIL LINK BANGKOK, ARL Bangkok, Public Transportation Thailand, Bangkok

Travel with ease between ARL and BTS

However, getting onto the ARL might seem a bit complicated. But, it is as easy as BTS, the only difference being that the ARL uses tokens and the BTS uses tickets. Moreover, ARL and BTS are connected, travellers can easily hop on the BTS immediately once they have arrived at Phaya Thai station.

AIRPORT RAIL LINK BANGKOK, ARL Bangkok, Public Transportation Thailand, Bangkok

Nevertheless, there is one thing Airport Rail Link users in Bangkok who bring a lot of baggage or XL size baggage should know. At the end of the line at Phaya Thai station, there are no escalators to accommodate you. It will be tiring to carry the baggage downstairs by yourself. So be careful with this issue.

AIRPORT RAIL LINK BANGKOK, luggage delivery Bangkok, Public Transportation Thailand, Bangkok

Hands-free travel with AIRPORTELs

AIRPORTELs can solve this problem immediately. All you have to do is just let us take care of your baggage.

luggage delivery,luggage delivery phuket, AIRPORTELs

Read more about our Luggage Delivery Service

AIRPORTELs helps travellers get around easily in the Big Mango. By delivering your bags in advance, you can travel anywhere hassle-free.

luggage delivery Bangkok, luggage delivery, luggage storage Bangkok, AIRPORTELs

We know what it feels like when you want to travel and make the most of your day, but in reality, all you do is worry about your baggage. The solution? Just leave the baggage problems to us, AIRPORTELs.

For further information please contact:

Today, you can manage your time

Today, you can manage your time more efficiently by using our Luggage Delivery Bangkok and Luggage Storage Bangkok services after your plane touches the runway. You may walk freely to any local attraction, shopping mall, or restaurant without carrying any heavy, bulky luggage. Our service also allows travellers to carry just a laptop for important meetings. Even on the last day of the trip, travellers can deposit the bag at the hotel and travel around hands-free.

Platinum Fashion Mall – Bangkok Travel Guide 2022

If you are a shopping lover who is looking for one of Bangkok’s most comprehensive cheap shopping and fashionable shopping destinations, then the “Platinum Fashion Mall” must be the first choice that will not disappoint you. And these following details are all you need to know.

Platinum Fashion Mall – Bangkok

Platinum Fashion Mall, or Platinum Mall, is a fashion hub and wholesale & retail shopping paradise located in the center of Pratunam, which is well known as a prominent shopping district and is probably the largest garment business spot in Bangkok. More than 2,500 stores on 7 shopping floors supply numerous fashion apparel products and goodies. A collection from Thai designers, traditional designs, the latest international fashions, and trendy wear that will tempt your pocket. A variety of products for all ages and genders at reasonable prices. You will indulge in shopping tirelessly until you splash on the apparel, but it is definitely worth it!
Many categories are available, such as working outfits, sportswear, event dresses, pajamas, lingerie, bikinis, evening dresses, shoes, bags, jeans, and children’s clothes, leather goods, including make-up, accessories, and more.

(Image credit :


How to get there?

Getting to the Platinum Mall is quite convenient as the area has a variety of nodes and public transportation such as buses, BTS Skytrain, Boat services, and Taxis.

  • Bus: The bus stop is directly in front of the mall; take the following bus lines: 2, 11, 23, 60, 79, 93, 99, 113, 505, 511.
  • Train: Get off at the Chidlom BTS Station, take Exit No. 6 heading to The Central World, then follow the Skywalk (elevated walkway) until you reach the entrance of the shopping mall.
  • Boat: Khlong Saen Saep canal boat service; get off at Pratunam Pier. This is the terminal boat station, and the shopping center is just across the pier.
  • Taxi: Location – 222 Petchburi Road, Ratchthevi, Bangkok 10400

Google Map Location :

For private car trips, the mall offers parking spaces for up to 1,500 cars and motorcycles.


Zones and Floors (Food, Clothes, Shoes)

The A floor is for women’s clothes and jeans; the first to fourth floors are for women’s clothes; the fifth floor is for children’s wear; and the sixth to seventh floors are for parking.

The B floor is a women’s clothing and jeans store; the 1st–3rd floors are women’s clothes and jeans; the 1st–3rd floors are women’s clothes, the 4th floor is a men’s clothing store; the 5th floor is a jewelry and gift shop; the 6th floor is a food center; and the parking lot on the 7th floor.

The new building is organized into Zone 3. Floors 1 and 2 of this zone are women’s fashion; the 3rd floor is everything about bags; the 4th floor is for leather goods; and shoes are on the 5th floor. Floor 6-7 is located at the Novotel Bangkok Platinum Pratunam Hotel.

In addition to various fashion stores within the mall, there is also a large food court on the 6th floor of Zone 2, which can accommodate about 1,500 hungry shoppers. Moreover, there are also popular food shops, restaurants, coffee shops, bakeries, food trucks, and other facilities such as banks, money exchange services, cash machines, shipping companies, and pharmacies available within the mall, as well as prayer rooms and mobility services.

(Image credit :

Besides the regular shops that are open every day, the mall will also hold special events in the activity area. It can be a festival-themed event like Songkran, Halloween, Christmas, or the New Year festival. The events will include boutiques presenting products related to each theme. Sometimes it’s a seasonal culinary event like a vegetarian festival, a food festival from different parts of Thailand, a fruit festival, etc. There are often fashion shows and musical performances within the context of the event. These events are distributed throughout the year, enlivening the shopping atmosphere. Hence, you will never get bored of shopping there.

(Image credit :


How to walk: Shopping Tricks & Tips:

Select comfortable walking footwear because you have to walk and carry heavy shopping bags along with you. Wearing padded shoes will keep your feet and heels from getting hurt at the end of the day.
Having a roller shopping bag will help you enjoy more shopping. However, if the bag is too large, it may interfere with other buyers.
If you find products that you are unsure about purchasing at that time, note or remember the store code and floor carefully because it’s not easy to find a shop among thousands of stores.
Although most of the items are wholesale, try to sharpen your bargaining skills. You might even get one item at a wholesale price. Just try!
Be careful of your valuables while shopping, because in crowded places, there may be an unwanted person behind you.

Opening Hour

  • Sat, Sun, and Wednesday: 08.00 – 20.00
  • Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday: 09.00 – 20.00

Platinum Fashion Mall is a must-go if you want to shop till you drop.

The products and facilities supplied in the mall can ensure that once you enter the mall, your shopping will not be interrupted. It is suitable for shoppers of all styles. Either purchasing for yourself or for retail sale, the Platinum Fashion Mall is the Must Go if you want to shop till you drop!


Hotels near platinum mall: Stay close to the Platinum Shopping Mall

There are also several hotels in the neighborhood, ranging from 3 to 5 stars. The following is a list of nearby hotels that have received high reviews from guests, and the price is approximately 1,000–2,000 Baht per night (list in no particular order).

With thousands of shops to explore, you might not be able to complete shopping in the Platinum Mall in a day. If that’s the case, finding accommodation nearby would be a good option. The Novotel Bangkok Platinum Pratunam is probably the nearest and most convenient one because the hotel is just above the shopping floors. You can easily store your shopping bags in the hotel room and get back to shopping with ease just by taking the elevator.


Many Easy Ways to Travel from Don Mueang International Airport to Bangkok Downtown

Although Suvarnabhumi Airport has been operating for many years and served as Thailand’s main international airport, Don Mueang Airport is still a hub for both domestic and international flights, facilitating travelers from various cities to Bangkok. But what can you do when you arrive at this airport on a day when no one picks you up? If this is your problem, don’t worry because today we have the solution. We will show you many easy ways to get from Don Mueang Airport into Bangkok by public transportation without having to deal with anyone.

The MRT Red Line

The new-opening Red Line of Bangkok’s Sky train system is now ready to provide convenience to everyone with the walkway that allows you to connect to the sky train station immediately after landing. You can go there by following the road signs posted along the way. When reaching the station, you can take the train by getting on at platform 3 or 4. The train will take you to Bang Sue Grand Station, Bangkok’s new travel hub, where you can connect to many transportation services such as the MRT Blue Line (Chatuchak Park Station), SRT, Airport Rail Link, and the future high-speed rail system. Right now, the SRT red line consists of 10 stations: Bang Sue Grand Station, Chatuchak, Wat Samian Nari, Bang Khen, Thung Song Hong, Lak Si, Kan Kheha, Don Mueang, Lak Hok, and Rangsit. The red line’s service time is from 5:30 a.m. until midnight, making it one of the best ways to travel from the airport into the heart of Bangkok and connect to other mass transit systems.

New BMTA shuttle services

            It is the service provided by BMTA to facilitate travel from Don Mueang Airport to various routes in Bangkok. There are currently four lines available.

  • A1: Don Mueang International Airport to Mo Chit BTS Station and Mo Chit Terminal. It is suitable for anyone who would like to connect to the sky train system. Buses are available every 15 minutes with a flat rate of 30 THB.
  • A2: Don Mueang International Airport to Chatuchak Park and Victory Monument.Buses are available every 15 minutes with a flat rate of 30 THB.
  • A3: Don Mueang International Airport to Pratunam and Lumphini Park.Buses are available every 30 minutes with a flat rate of 50 THB.
  • A4: Don Mueang International Airport to Khao San Road and Sanam Luang.Buses are available every 30 minutes with a flat rate of 50 THB.

The timetable may not be precise as described here, but there will be buses in service continuously. Besides these 4 lines, other buses are also available, such as;

  • # 29-to Victory Monument, Siam and its terminal is at Hua Lamphong.
  • #59-To Victory Monument and its terminal is at Sanam Luang.
  • #187-to Si Phraya.
  • #510 & 538-to Victory Monument.
  • # 523-to Mo Chit BTS Station.

The advantage of traveling by bus is that it is inexpensive, around ฿10 for a non-air-conditioned one, and there are many lines covering all areas in Bangkok. However, the downsides are that it might take a long time to wait, it is sometimes too crowded, especially during rush hour, and it is not suitable for people with luggage. So, if you would like to avoid such downsides, we have a better option recommended for you.

Airport LimoBus Express 

If price is not something you are concerned about, and you are willing to pay a bit more for the convenience, we would like to recommend you our shuttle service. Our service is one of the good choices for people with luggage. With just ฿150 flat rate, you will be able to travel comfortably on a 33-seater air-conditioned shuttle with free Wi-Fi service throughout the trip.

Our service time is from 10 a.m. to 1 a.m., and our shuttle will depart every 30 to 60 minutes. There are currently 2 lines available.

  • Don Mueang-Lumphini Park; this line also passes Ploenchit Station, so you can connect to many transportation options, including the sky train, the subway, and Bangkok BRT.
  • Don Mueang-Khaosan Road; its terminal stop will be at Wat Chana Songkhram, near Khaosan Road.

Khaosan Road is one of the well-known tourist attractions in Bangkok. There are many guesthouses for you to choose, many bars for relaxing, and you can easily visit many other interesting places around.

You can reach our service on the first floor of the arrival terminal (terminal 2, gate 14) or the first floor of the departure terminal (terminal 1, gate 7).

Taxi Services

There is a taxi queue organized for travelers at the airport. There is a waiting area with an additional fee of ฿50 where you can take a seat and watch TV while waiting. However, if you feel that it takes long time to wait, especially during festive period, follow us, we would like to recommend you another taxi stand, although walking further, but surely less crowded.

During crowded conditions, you can get a taxi in front of the Amari Don Mueang Airport Hotel. Please be careful to follow the road signs because the walkway is quite complicated.

One thing to consider when getting a taxi in Bangkok is that some taxis may refuse to take you to the destination for many different reasons depending on the driver. Besides this, sometimes you may have to wait longer than usual for a taxi due to traffic jams, such as during rain or rush hour, and there are many other reasons why there will be fewer taxis than usual. So, if you feel that you can’t wait for a long time, the best thing to do is to find an alternative that is faster and more convenient.

We hope you will have a nice trip and everything will go smoothly. But one more thing: If you are concerned about your luggage, such as not being able to take it with you, “AIRPORTELs” is here to help. We are ready to provide you with a luggage storage service and deliver your luggage safely to any destination. For more details or to book the service online, please click:

Luggage Delivery and Storage Lications

– Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK AIRPORT)
– Don Mueang Airport (DMK AIRPORT)
– MBK Center
– Terminal21 ASOK
– Central World