7 Shopping Items Korean Travelers Should Buy From Thailand

Thailand becomes one of the most attractive countries for many travelers from all countries, Especially South Korea. There are a lot of Thai products that are well-known for Korean travelers.

Let’s grab a pencil and notebook to take notes on shopping items in Bangkok now!


7 Shopping Items

1. Instant Noodle

Instant noodles Tom Yum Goong flavor

As you all know that instant noodles might be a basic food that you can have at home at all times in many Asian countries. But do you know that Thailand is one country that was guaranteed by tons of visitors that we have the yummiest food in the world?

That is the reason Korean travelers buy many Thai instant noodles back in their country! There are plenty of Thai flavors such as Creamy Tom Yum Koong, Yen Ta Fo, Salted Egg, and Minced Pork. For those who don’t like the spicy taste, you can try the Mince Pork one. You can find this product in general stores, 7-11, and department stores.

2. Dried Fruit

Thai-style dried fruits

You will see a bunch of fruit stalls during your vacation in Thailand for sure. But fresh fruits are not the only tasty and easy to find in Thailand, you can also find many delicious ‘dried fruit’ too. You can buy guava sliced, lime sliced, strawberry sliced, and rolled banana with sesame.

There are many spots where you’ll be able to find the dried fruit shops. You can find them on the street food valley, 7-11, or in department stores in Thailand.

3. Baked Squid

Baked squid

You might have seen many Korean Idols holding a ‘baked squid’ snack when they come to visit Thailand. Most of them are certainly in love with the spicy taste of a low calory snack! The well-known brand that they love is ‘Bento’ which it comes in 4 flavors. For example, Hot and Spicy, Namprik Thai Original, Super Spicy Seafood, and Sweet and Spicy.


But if you’re not too excited about the spicy snack, you can try the lower level of spiciness by picking up the Hot and Spicy flavor. Just give it a try with this snack and we’re sure that the ‘baked squid’ won’t let you down! And you can find them in general stores, 7-11, and department stores around Thailand.

4. Fruit-shaped Soap

Fruit-shaped soap in Chatuchak Market

This product is quite popular among many tourists who visit Thailand. The ‘fruit-shaped soap’ is a unique product that you can purchase in Chatuchak Market. They can give you moist and soft skin with a very good scent. It comes in a variety of shapes such as mangoes, pineapples, coconuts, and mangosteens.

5. Toothpaste

Darlie toothpaste in the department store

Surprisingly, lots of Korean travelers are satisfied with Thai toothpaste under the brand ‘Darlie’. You can find a bunch of toothpaste taste of ‘Darlie’. For instance, mint, green tea, charcoal, and herbal salt. You can feel the frozen sense within your mouth and the freshness after brushing your teeth. There are available in general stores, 7-11, and department stores in Thailand.

6. Nasal Inhaler

Poy Sian nasal inhaler

Thailand always comes with hot weather, so the ‘nasal inhaler’ is a significant item you should never miss during your trip to Thailand. It helps to freshen your breath and boost you up from the exhausted feeling of getting too hot. You can buy them from general stores, 7-11, pharmacy shops, and department stores around Thailand.

7. Elephant Pants

Elephant pants in the local market

When you first step into Thailand, you might notice that you are hit with the heat wave and feel like a summer breeze at all times. Choosing the right dress or costume is the best thing you can prepare before going outside. The ‘Elephant pant’ is one of the best pants to wear since it has very lightweight and matchable with a normal T-shirt.

The ‘elephant pant’ is sold in various spots, you can find them at the department store or clothing store in every market.


There are plenty of Thai products that will impress you with the price and quality. Most of them are not in the high range price and you can also find them in many places around Bangkok City or even in every province in Thailand. We hope you enjoy the trip to Thailand and enjoy shopping for these items above!

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