Where to Find a Public Phone or Free Wi-Fi in Bangkok When You Urgently Need It

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A public phone and free Wi-Fi might be something you’ll ever think of using no matter if you’re in your country or staying in any foreign country. Why? Because you already have your own mobile phone with a SIM card that comes with an internet package. So, you’re likely to see no necessity to use the public phone But who knows? Your friend might accidently get hit on the head by a stone and knocked unconscious or your daughter might have food poisoning and at that moment, unfortunately, you’re out of credit and/or you can’t use the internet any longer.

In that case, if you happen to be at a place where public phones or free Wi-Fi is available (and you’re aware of its availability in that place), you’d be able to contact other person or a related center or organization that can help them. That’s why you need to know where such services are provided, just in case. This article presents where to find them in Bangkok in the case that you urgently need it.

Public telephone in bangkok,Free Wifi

Public phones

Public phones, although you can hardly see them these days, are available at most department stores in Bangkok and they’re usually installed near the rest rooms. So, if you know where the rest rooms are, it’s 97.123456789% possible that you’ll find the public phones. Sometimes you might also see some public phone booths on a footpath. Whenever and wherever you see them, you’re encouraged to memorize their location.

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As for the free Wi-Fi, most of the time it is available at a number of coffeehouses and department stores. Besides, the major tourist attractions in Bangkok that has free Wi-Fi include Sanam Luang, the Grand Palace, Khao San Road, Chatuchak Market, MBK Center, Central World, Siam Paragon, Siam Center and Siam Discovery.

The free Wi-Fi can also be found at the airports, BTS and MRT stations and some transport stations. Check to see if any free Wi-Fi network appears in the list of available networks on your phone. Usually, the names of the free Wi-Fi networks contain the words “Free Wi-Fi” so you should be able to recognize them at once.

Free Wifi2

By the way, remember that this kind of service isn’t and never is totally free as you’d probably have thought it is. It’s “conditionally free”. This means you must do something first in order to be able to use the internet.

AIS free Wi-Fi service

If you find the AIS free Wi-Fi service, you must register for a username and a password in order to access the network. However, with this service, you can only use the internet for a limited period per login. In order to re-access the network, you need to log in to it again. The major mobile operators in Thailand, namely, AIS, dtac, TrueMove H and TOT, all provide free public Wi-Fi services in many areas of Bangkok.

You can check them out on your phone, or if you run into a sign with the word “Free Wi-Fi” preceded by a mobile operator’s name, or similar, that means the free Wi-Fi is available there.

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