Bangkok Travel – Tips and Advice

Experience Bangkok travel without the burden of luggage. Travelling in Bangkok is convenient and comfortable even for the first-timer. Here are some tips and advice for things to do in the Big Mango.

1.What you will need for entry

While some nationalities may receive a 30-day visa exemption on arrival at international airports, such as Suvarnabhumi (BKK) and Don Mueang (DMK) International airport, or 15-day one at a land border, other nationalities should apply for a 60-day tourist visa in their country of residence or check if they can be granted a visa on arrival. Make sure your passport is valid for at least 6 months upon arrival.

2.Flight tickets

Low-cost carriers, such as Thai AirAsia and Nok Air, don’t always offer the cheapest options! Full-service carriers, such as Bangkok Airways and Thai Airways are good choices for comfortable air travel. Besides Bangkok travel, travellers have various choices for destinations such as beaches, mountains, heritage spots, natural sights and the countryside. Tips for flights involves purchasing suitable weight packages. We wish you good luck and hope you get a great deal!


In Bangkok, travellers have various choices, ranging from 10 USD to 1,000 USD per night, from more than 2,000 hotels. Enjoy the holidays with the easiest and most comfortable way. AIRPORTELs serve same-day luggage delivery at ALL the hotels in Bangkok with booking in advance, while you may easily enjoy the service by staying with one of AIRPORTELs partners. 

4.Currency Exchange

Things just don’t go easy for first-timers, and there are several recommended dealers for currency exchange in Bangkok. The good news is that some of them are near popular attractions! You may visit the place without making a detour.

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No one can really get rid of the internet nowadays! Who doesn’t want to stay connected and show your friends how happy you are. Though hotels and cafés in Bangkok provide free Wi-Fi, it’s better for you to have your own internet source! To help you pick the best local sim card, AIRPORTELs have collated some essential information for travellers.


To make your Bangkok travel more comfortable, you could choose to have a limousine or take taxi all the time. However, keep the notorious traffic jams in Bangkok in mind. On the other hand, you can follow the local way to get transferred with the waterway or bus.


Be smart when you are travelling! Though Thai people are friendly and nice, you may face some awkward moments with miscommunication. We know it can be fun at times, but it can also be annoying or even dangerous. Make sure to use some of the latest travel apps to help you get around.

8.Cultural issues

Thai culture is very unique. The only way to understand it is to experience it for yourself. You may learn some stories before starting to travel. Lead your own journey, and show your friends how smart you are 😉

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Where can you find Free Luggage Storage in Bangkok City?

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