The greatest street food @ Yaowarat

For decades, foreign travellers to Asia have always been surprised by the variety of exotic street food offered at Yaowarat.

In fact, when we consider BangkokThailand travellers have an incredible variety of street food to choose from. You can see the food on every corner being served by the Thais with a smile.

Street food yaowarat

Let’s Take a deeper look at the area of Chinatown in Bangkok locally known as Yaowarat. The vendors roasting chestnuts, succulent duck hanging from the windows along with the tropical spice, exotic seafood, sweet Thai desserts and the aroma of teas from across Asia is in the air.


Yaowarat can be accessed many ways including the local bus, MRT (subway), TukTuk, taxi and motorbike taxi.

Generally speaking, everyone recommends a TukTuk ride. Get out to stroll the streets and find food yourself shopping along the way. Let’s find out which dishes are under your nose. They are offered right at your fingertips every day and night.

Street food yaowarat

If you plan your trip in January or February while Chinese New Year (or any other major festival) is on in Asia you will see an unbelievable amount of street food for sale at Yaowarat all day and night.

Street Food at Yaowarat will never disappoint the taste buds, at any time of the year, but on special holidays the excitement to taste snacks, delicacies, special seafood and desserts while enjoying the festival, is everywhere.

Street food yaowarat


First and foremost, if you are a connoisseur of noodles, street food at  Yaowarat is the best choice because it has an ideal selection and quality for noodle lovers. They have many kinds and styles of noodles from the original Chinese style to the local Thai style.  Not to mention different tastes and spice levels abound.

One of the most popular Thai dishes known all over the globe is the common Pad Thai and duck noodles. Also, if you’re on a budget the noodles are wonderful to taste all over Yaowarat for a fast, low cost and nutritious bite on the run. They’re even more succulent and affordable in Bangkok’s Chinatown; the area that made them world famous.

BBQ Seafood from all over Asia

If you walk the streets of Yaowarat and you do not immediately smell the succulent BBQ seafood cooking that means you’re in the wrong area.

Follow the amazing aroma of a variety of seafood that is always available in Yaowarat. Of course, Yaowarat is not really close to the sea, however, the bounty of seafood has been transported fresh to Bangkok’s Chinatown from all over Thailand and Asia. Yaowarat has always been and remains a mecca for seafood lovers. The seafood BBQ can be found on every corner of this special area.

Street food yaowarat

Sumptuous Snacks

If you’re not that hungry and are interested in a tiny bite to eat many snacks are available to sample. Deep fried balls of all kinds of meat, taro, corn, banana and a variety of hot, fresh buns and many carts of roasted chestnuts can be seen, or if you just want some hot chicken to snack on it is in carts all over Chinatown and it is more affordable than fast-food restaurants.

Numerous Thai Desserts that Delight the Taste Buds

After you’re done with your main dinner dishes find some dessert in Yaowarat to make your stomach feel fresh. Almost all Thai desserts contain healthy and refreshing coconut milk as the main ingredient. As well, Yaowarat has a variety of Chinese-style desserts that can be tasted which are also very delicious.

If you don’t like sweets, an impressive variety of seasonal fruits are ripe and ready to eat. Notably, mango, mangosteen, durian, papaya, jackfruit and many others.

Don’t Miss the Dim Sum

If you haven’t ever had the chance to try Dim Sum, Yaowarat is an excellent choice of place to try the signature brunch and tea of China. In fact, The Dim Sum dishes of the Cantonese have sumptuous, steaming dishes and baskets of snack sized portions. Indeed, they roll over the carts one by one and you can choose which dishes appeal to you.


The Chinatown of Bangkok never closes. In fact, there are always dishes steaming and snacks hot on the cart. Not to mention the juiciest fruit of tropical Asia and countless sweet desserts waiting for you to enjoy.

Additionally, Thai locals like to share with foreign travellers. Therefore, if you get a chance, always leave time to explore the colourful, culinary vibrancy of the Thai – Sino connection known widely as Yaowarat.

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