What You Need to Know About MRT Stations in Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand has a reputation as one of the most trafficked cities in the world. Traveling by car or bus might waste a lot of your time and can also shorten your day.

In this blog, AIRPORTELs will guide you with the basic information about the MRT sky train you must know before riding in Bangkok. Let’s go!

What is this public transportation?

MRT or Metropolitan Rapid Transit is one of the modern transport systems adopted in Bangkok, Thailand. It is a train that can bring you to different places around Bangkok City and nearby provinces.

Moreover, the MRT is beneficial for foreign visitors who want to avoid traffic on the road, and this service is very useful for Thai locals who want to travel stress-free with a faster option. Further, the railways are both above and below the street level.

(MRT) Blue Line
MRT Sanam Chai Station

People can use the MRT to go to their workplaces during rushing hours without having to worry about sticking in a traffic jam.

For travelers who aren’t familiar with MRT yet, you’re welcome to read this article to get some general knowledge of how this transportation system in Bangkok City works. By knowing how the MRT works and the places each of its stations connects, you can enjoy your trip as much as you want.

MRT Purple Line
People Waiting for the Train

MRT Operating Hours

Its operating hours are starts from 6:00 AM to 12:00 AM daily. It currently has 2 lines in operation: Blue Line and Purple Line. The former runs from Lak Song Station to Tao Poon Station. And, the latter runs from Tao Poon Station to Khlong Bang Phai Station, these two lines connect at Tao Poon Station.

MRT Stations

There are currently 45 stations available for you to take a ride. It is 2 different train lines which are Blue Line and Purple Line.

The Handle Loop of the MRT Train

Blue Line

  • Hua Lamphong Station
  • Sam Yan Station
  • Si Lom Station
  • Lumphini Station
  • Khlong Toei Station
  • Queen Sirikit National Convention Centre Station
  • Sukhumvit Station
  • Phetchaburi Station
  • Phra Ram 9 Station
  • Thailand Cultural Centre Station
  • Huai Khwang Station
  • Sutthisan Station
  • Ratchadaphisek Station
  • Lat Phrao Station
  • Phahon Yothin Station
  • Mo Chit/ Chatuchak Park Station
  • Kamphaeng Phet Station
  • Bang Sue Station
  • Tao Poon Station

Purple Line

  • Khlong Bang Phai Station
  • Talad Bang Yai Station
  • Sam Yaek Bang Yai Station
  • Bang Phu Station
  • Bang Rak Noi Tha It Station
  • Sai Ma Station
  • Phra Nangklao Bridge Station
  • Yaek Nonthaburi 1 Station
  • Bang Krasor Station
  • Nonthaburi Civic Centre Station
  • Ministry of Public Health Station
  • Yaek Tiwanon Station
  • Wong Sawang Station
  • Bang Son Station
  • Tao Poon Station
People Walking in the MRT Station

MRT Fares

For 1 station:
Adult 15 THB | Children/ elders 8 THB
For 2 stations:
Adults 18 THB | Children/ elders 9 THB
For 3 stations:
Adults 20 THB | Children/ elders 10 THB

For 4 stations:
Adults 22 THB | Children/ elders 11 THB
For 5 stations:
Adults 24 THB | Children/ elders 12 THB
For 6 stations:
Adults 26 THB | Children/ elders 13 THB

For 7 stations:
Adults 29 THB | Children/ elders 15 THB
For 8 stations:
Adults 31 THB | Children/ elders 16 THB
For 9 stations:
Adults 33 THB | Children/ elders 17 THB

For 10 stations:
Adults 35 THB | Children/ elders 18 THB
For 11 stations:
Adults 37 THB | Children/ elders 19 THB
For 12-17 stations:
Adults 40 THB | Children/ elders 20 THB

MRT Card

The MRT provides a stored value card and it’s called the “MRT card” which works in the same way as the “Rabbit Card of BTS”. Any value that is added to the card is valid for 30 days. The card, however, expires 2 years after the last top-up date.

Food & Drinks and Pet

The Service Dog is Giving Care For Their People

Please keep in mind that pets aren’t allowed in the MRT unless they are service dogs. Besides, you can have food and drinks with you but they’ll not allow you to eat or drink while riding the MRT.


Toilet Sign

In case you want to use the toilet, the MRT toilet is available for you to use. But you aren’t likely to be able to notice it. The toilet isn’t easily noticeable. When it is in need, you can ask the security guard or staff to guide you to the toilet at any time.


For those who are concerned about stepping into the high stairs, the MRT also provides an elevator for you and serves handicapped people for more peace of mind and physical convenience.

The Thai Style Decoration in MRT Station

Tourist Attraction Spots Travel by MRT

1. Sanam Chai Station

The Siam Museum of Bangkok

You can see the ‘Siam Museum’, where all of the arts and ancient Thai staff are located in here. If you’re interested in the history of Thai people, this is the right place for you to explore. The museum operation hours are from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

2. Queen Sirikit Convention Centre Station

The Green Space in the Bangkok City

For those who want to sit and relax in a place surrounded by nature, you can visit ‘Benjakitti Park’. There is a huge space for you to get the fresh air and enjoy the beautiful view of the big trees. It will be open from 5:00 AM to 9:00 PM.

3. Wat Mangkon Station

Famous Bangkok, Thailand Street Food

The people are very excited about this famous road, where you can see the food alley along with the breathtaking night view of Bangkok City. ‘Yaowarat Road’ or ‘Chinatown’ of Thailand will allow you to see a lot of street food and restaurants. It is better to travel at night time, you might not want to face the hot weather during the day time, right?

So now you know the basic information about the MRT sky train in Bangkok City, it can make your trip go smoothly and happily. Riding the MRT can bring you to many tourist attractions in Bangkok, you can enjoy your vacation without any concern in Thailand!

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