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Frequently Asked Questions about AIRPORTELs Storage Service.

Check here for FAQs for delivery service

Check here, if you have questions of your booking

A: You may visit our counters directly during service hours. However, we strongly suggest you to have a booking to ensure that a space is reserved for you. You can just drop and go with no hassle!  

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A: No, there is no restriction for luggage storage. You can store any size and type of luggage (except prohibited items!) Note that service fee applied to different types of luggage is different! Check our latest promotion for storage service

A: AIRPORTELs services are based on the number of pieces of luggage for every 24 hours. We also have long-term storage discount. Check it out with our latest promotion!

Note that service fee applied to different types of luggage is different! Check here for more info.

A: Yes, both of our airport counters in Bangkok open 24/7.

At Suvarnabhumi airport, we are on the B floor near to Airport Rail Link train station. Click here for the instruction at BKK.

At Don Mueang airport, the counter is next to Gate 9, 1st floor, terminal 2 (Domestic terminal). Click here for the instruction at DMK.

A: We provide services at the most popular malls and airports not only in Bangkok but also other popular destinations, such as Phuket and Pattaya.

Check our locations to find the nearest one to you in Thailand.

A: Yes, you can ask your friend to retrieve luggage instead. Please email us your order ID, passport no., and your friend’s full name and passport no. 

A: If your luggage isn’t at our 24-hour airport branches, please check the service hour careful at where you keep! The service fee is based on every 24 hours since your drop-off time. For further conditions, please check here

A: No, we are in the passenger terminal in the airports. You must hold an appropriate visa to enter Thailand. 

We only suggest you to use storage service if you have more than 3 hours during transit/transfer flights to queue up to enter (passport control and customs clearance). 

In addition, there is NO facility for luggage storage in the security area in both Suvarnabhumi and Don Mueang airport in Bangkok. 

These questions and answers about AIRPORTELs service. We hope you enjoy to use our service.


Tel: +66 6321-666-99
Website: Luggage Delivery Bangkok
Kakao Talk: AIRPORTELs

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